Arrange marriage love – Ragsan – 10

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Ragini was waiting for sanskar.
Rag: m getting nervous. Wat he’ll do now? how wil I respond. Not getting anything.
She heard him coming. She sits properly adjusting her veil. Sanskar comes to her. He sits on bed.
San: wat r u thinking? Its our first nite. I want to know wat u r feeling.
She was quite.
San smile: m also idiot. Wat type of question m asking. Obviously gud only I think. Wel.. u may b thinking that as its our arrange marriage, I may tel u , lets b frns til we understand each other etc. I wont tel like that. Coz u r not my frnd.
He goes near her. He saw her shivering. He cud listen her heart beat.
San: u r not only my frnd, my lover, my gf and my wife too. so we wil complete our marriage when u’ll tell u love me.
He saw her still quite.
San: u can speak up. Now we r equal. U can share ur thoughts with me. (after little pause) sry I think I hurt u suddenly by telling like that. Sry again. But its true that I love u. now go and change.
She got up and opens her bag. She was searching something. He got up and gave her nite dress.
San: b comfortable. Its our room.
She smiles and goes to change. He too changes. She comes and sleeps on one side of bed and looks at him. seeing him still standing.
Rag: u said its our room. We can share anything. U can sleep on other side of bed. I don’t mind. I trust u. no need to sleep on couch like in films.
He smiles and sleeps at other side.
San: thanks.
Rag: no need of thanks. Gn
San: gn.
Both sleep at opposite direction.
Rag in mind: thank god. I was so scared. But he is good. Thanks for understanding me sanskar ji. I love u too. gn.
San in mind: sry for scaring u ragini. Thanks to u that u accepted completely as husband. Love u so much.

Both sleep.

Next mrng ragini woke up and saw sanskar sleeping down.
Rag: so cute. After telling also he slept down. But that was not needed sanskar ji.
She goes to get fresh thinking not to disturb his sleep. She got fresh and come outside and saw sanskar sitting on bed.
Rag: gm ji.
San: gm. So how was ur first sleep in this house.?
Rag: gud. I slept peacefully. And u?
San smiles at her: me too. its not my first sleep here.
Rag: oh sry. But y did u slept down?
San: simply. I’ll get fresh.
He goes to get fresh. Ragini was getting ready she gets swara’s call.
Swa: how was first nite ragu?
She teases her.
Rag: shut up swara. Stop teasing me. U know he’s very understanding.
Swa: oh accha… how? He dint do anything?
Rag: no. he gave me time to get adjust in this home.
Swa: so sweet of my jiju.
Rag: u know one more thing. After telling also to make me comfortable he slept down on floor.
Swa: wat?
Rag: yes. Nite I told him that he can sleep on bed. He slept too , but later he slept down.
Swa: idiot rago. Wat u did?
Rag: wat I did?
Swa: still u dint get?
Rag after sometime: oh shit… swara wat I did. M scared. How to face him.
Swa: really u made ur first nite too different and memorable.
She heard him coming out.
rag: he’s coming. Cal u later. Bye.
Swa: bye.
He was getting ready infront of mirror. He saw her tensed face through mirror.
San: wat happened ragini? Y u r tensed?
Rag: m sry sanskar ji.
San: for wat?
Rag: u very wel know for wat.
She bends her head down. He looks at her.
San serious: from when u r having that habit?
Rag: don’t know.
San laughs loudly: but ur kick was very hard. My back is paining still.
Rag: sry ji. Actually sometimes I do. I don’t know how. I kicked swara too many times. That’s y some time we share different bed. I don’t remember anything.
San: u kicked me in mid nite and don’t remember anything. Well its ok. I understand. U r new tangaballi girl.
Rag: don’t tease me sanskar ji. M really sry.
San: its ok.
Rag: really u r not angry on me na?
San: no. how can I b angry on my such a beautiful loving wife whom I love so much.
Both share an eyelock. It broke by some noise.
San: lets go down. All must b waiting. But ragini, it means daily I have to get ur kicks? Baap re, wat abt my back then?
Rag: pls sanskar ji.
San: ok baba sry. Lets go.
Both started to go. Again san says.
San: do u know wats more funny thing.
Rag: ??
San: u kicked me and u think I was only sleeping down and asking y m sleeping down.
This time both started laughing .

hope u liked it.
love u all…

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