Arrange marriage love – Ragsan -1

one of my sis requested to write story on arrange marriage. I gave the first part. I’ll try to give my best. Hope u’ll like it.

A group of boys were playing football. One boy is leading the team. All were cheering for him.

After few minutes of time they won the match. All make Thier captain sit on their shoulders.

‘hey hey stop guys. It’s not only me. Credit goes to all of us. It’s possible just coz each and everyone’s dedication. So it’s all for our team.

Boy1: sanskar (yes it’s sanskar) u have a call.

San: but my mobile. Oh shit it’s switch off due to low battery. Now definitely I’ll get scoldings.

He goes and takes phone.

San: before scolding me listen that we had match and we won. Due to low battery mob was off.npls don’t scold.

He said in very speed. He heard many people laugh from other side.

Sanskar’s mom: we all know. We saw live match on TV. We called u to congratulate to u and ur team. Pagal beta. Pata jai lab sudhrega.

San: thanks mom. Thanks a lot.

Mom: there’s news for u.

San: wat news?

Mom: u get fresh first. I’ll call u in the evng. Bye.

San: bye mom. Love u.

Cuts the call.

San: Now Wats that news? I hope that news wud b in my favour.

Yug(played by Rohan): hey. Wat happened? Wat news ? Any gud news?

San: don’t know Yaar. It wud b gud only. Family always wishes gud for their children.

Yug: let’s go. Final exam time table came. Have to see when it starts.

San: ok


Sanskar maheshwari: final year MBA student. He loves his family most. Modern look but down to earth.

He’s staying in hostel. Yug is his friend class mate and roommate.


At night sanyug r in room after dinner. They were talking abt Thier exams.

Sanskar’s mobile rings.

Yug: hey put on speaker. Even I want to listen.

He put it on speaker.

Mom: sanskar. Had ur dinner? When is ur exam?

San: had mom. Next week our exam starts. Already started preparing.

Mom: I know u’ll score. After u r my son. Son of Annapurna maheshwari.

San: mom. Wats that news?

Ap: very eager to know?

San: u very well know if something left in middle then I can’t concentrate on anything. Whether it’s related to college or family.

Ap: ok ok. We have seen girl for u.

San: wat?

Ap: wat wat. U don’t want to get married or wat? Maa ji has seen girl. We all liked her. When u’ll come here after exam we will go to her home. Don’t wry. After ur ok only we will go further.

San: but mom.

Ap: I’ll call u again. Ur dad came. I’ve to go.

She cuts call.

Yug: lucky bro. Marriage ha?

San: yug? Don’t joke Yaar.

Yug: y u don’t want to get marry?

San: it’s not like that. But don’t know m feeling it’s too early.

Yug: everyone feels like that only. As ur mom told if u like then only they’ll get u to marry her.

San: there’s no chance of saying no.


San: I mean. My family always selects best. Mainly my daadi. Kokila maheshwari. She’s very traditional and strict in culture. But loves us a lot.

Then my daadu Alok maheshwari(Alok Nath). He too loves us also. Little bit he scares of daadi. U know sometimes we both do many things like nite party. Movie without telling anyone in home.

Both smiles.

Then my dad dp maheshwari. Always busy in business. But when family matter comes he gives it first priority.

My lovely mom ap maheshwari. Pampers and loves her children a lot. Sometimes she gets little scoldings from daadi for not being strict.

Again they laugh.

My chachu ram maheshwari and chachi Sujata maheshwari. Both never differentiate between Thier children and us.

Laksh is one year younger than me.

My cousins Mohit(Mohit) and Maya(Jennifer). Both r twins. Both r only one hour elder than me.

We all cousins loves eachother very much.

Yug: such a nice family.

San: ya. But don’t know how wud b that girl who enters my life.

Hope you liked it.

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Love you all ????

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