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Hyperventilating.. that’s what I was doing,probably what everyone does at their wedding.

And there he stood , as majestic as I saw him on the first day of our meeting and it’s making me feel nostalgic all over again.

On the 4 of July , while dad was unpacking , I was strolling the grounds and suddenly realised that since we were in town I could go and see my mom more often. I was elated by that thought, cause my dad never let me come here except on her birthdays .I don’t blame him, after all he lost his best friend and loving wife ,most importantly his soul mate,no one could take her place .I used to see how dad used to cry in secret when he thought I was asleep, but sometime I used to think would anyone live me like that? Would I have what mom and dad had ? What haunt me more is will I love that person enough to live without him ?maybe no , I probably can’t do what dad did .

Across the street I saw the biggest and brightest lilies , I ran and suddenly another hand touch my wrist and then I realised it was for the lilies and when I saw the owner of that strong hand I almost wished it was me and not the lilies. ‘MOTHER ‘ I told myself and said “Sorry , but I got them first ”
He glared at me , as if I am going to have to give them to him. He annoyed me with that stare . How can someone do that , with a stare? I asked myself .

“No way sir , that’s mine ” I turned my face towards the cashier and she stared at him too.

“But” she said

I told myself that young cashier may have fallen under his spell but I am immune , or so I told myself. Immediately I got defensive
“Will you make my bill or not , can I see the manager” I yanked some money at her .
She made some clinging noises and opened the cash register and gave me the change and invoice.

“Thank you” I said with contempt , she was supposed to be fair. And for what are those flowers anyway , maybe his wife , maybe girlfriend,maybe mother I secretly hoped and thought how the girl didn’t think like me and convinced myself that maybe she hoped mother too ! Any way I came there first and some how she fell for his chiseled jaw and perfect smile and decided to give him my flowers. I just couldn’t take it anymore when she was apologising to him. I rushed out of the store and went to see mom

Someone was following me , I stopped and they would too. I saw a large figure following me.

I turned around and saw there he was , I never noticed under the jacket he was ripped , totally the gym type . Was he going to kill for flowers? I being all prejudiced went straight to him and trying to be bold I said.

“Hey , why are you following me. Don’t you have anywhere else to be? Or do you just follow around any new girl in town . There is no way I am giving you the flowers”I blurted . Then I thought did I want him to follow me? why? Is it just me or the fog in the morning that’s clogging my brain.

He just stared for a second and showed me another bouquet that was in his hands and walked ahead.

I felt bad. Was some he loved dead too and did I just take their favourite flowers. I kinda jogged my way up my mother and knelt down and suddenly tears started coming out of my eyes.

“Mom I miss you , you would have never let me do that. I am so sorry I behaved terribly today. I hope he forgives me.”

Later I went home and helped dad prepare for tomorrow nights welcome party.

I ran upstairs and checked if there was anything left unclean before the guests start pouring in . The music began after sometime and I went down to play just with my dad.

“This is sanskar , he is Roopa’s son. Do you remember her , your mom’s best friend, she was you favourite and you hers. You and sanskar used to fight for her cookies , he was your childhood best friend ” and so on and on.

I lost him at best friend ! What ! That guy , the guy who tried to take my flowers and what I owe and apology .

He looked flawless , that’s what describes him ,maybe impeccable too! Why am I using so many words to describe him ?I even use these words , maybe I don’t even remember me. This guy does something to me , every time we meet and the funny thing is he doesn’t utter a word.

On the bright side friends don’t need apologies , so maybe I can let this one slip , my pride told me . No I told myself.

“Hello” he said sternly as if he was a machine .

‘Great , that’s do friendly. I am sure dad must have forced us to play or I must have done it for the cookies’ I told myself . There is no way I was friend with him . But now I am crushing on my childhood machine .

“Hi” I said cooly . “We’ve met . I apologise for the thing with the flowers , they were for my mother and I get a little protective towards family.”

“Me too” he smirked.

Sanskar’s point of view

I saw her crying at the grave of her mother , I know now who she is , my childhood love , well the only person I loved . I didn’t recognise her , but seeing her at Sneha aunty’s grave ‘I knew that the connection
I felt was not wrong , or else how I Sanskar kapoor would lose anything when it’s for my family’. ‘look she is talking to her mom out loud just like me, I have never seen anyone do that before, I guess I am not the only one huh! Bro , sometimes your so quiet and I miss you a lot .

I saw her walking home with her head down as if she lost a war .

There , the day machine lost control , laughed and became human and the day I lost control of my heart and started falling .

A few months later,

Where exactly I fell I can’t tell into his arms or his charms , but I fell alright! And found myself irrevocably in love with him.

I am seeing him today after 3 days ,
“hello” I slid my hands in the curve of his elbow .

“I have something very important to tell you”I told into his intensely looking eyes.

“I feel like I am falling into water and only you can save me . I think you should know, I waited long as it is , u know we know each other for months only , but I have fallen in love with you. I was hesitating, but I can’t wait anymore . So I thought you should know”

He laughed.

“I know and I love you too! I thought we were clear on that . I always loved you , since I saw you talking to your mom in the graveyard”

Kneeling on one leg,
“But know one thing please give me the privilege of proposing you so that after a decade I can narrate all those happenings to our little princess or champ”.

“Haha but I was the key to open ur locker of feelings .”

“Okay u won  , now can u please accept so that I can get up because already my knees are aching . ”

“I  ‘m really sorry sanskar exclaimed ragini taking him into a bone crushing hug .

They were walking towards his house where a man came running to them .

“Sanskar , ur brother has come to meet u !!!”

Hearing this ragini was horrified . Both went with him . Seeing that person sanskar went and hugged him .

Hey sushant ,how are u ???  Is there anything important ???

Yeah sanskar , the time has come for you to come. Next week u should come and join the army force once again .

Ragini ‘s world collapsed . Sushant bid them bye and went off . Ragini fell down on her knees . Sanskar neared her and sat down . Yeah ragini , I ‘m a military officer ragini .

“Sanskar see i hit the rock bottom ” ragini was sobbing hardly .

“See ragini , believe your love . Believe your soul ”

“What if u didn’t return back Sanskar ???”

” See ragini , your mom was a school teacher . She also died . See ragu , we will live according to the destiny ‘s game . So don’t blame the job ragini . I may return or not but u should be a strong female . My ragini who is bold and never shed tears for those silly things. I may die  someday there ,but u should be happy with our happy moments . I know u live for me so be cheerful . U know what all those days I joined in army to kill those traitors because of whom my brother lost his life . But see now I have a reason to return to home . I ‘ll never let u down .Be happy ragini ” advised Sanky  while wiping her tears and kissed her forehead .

Next day sanky was ready in his military uniform , ragini ran to him and hugged him .

Ragini ‘s POV

” Don’t cry ragini . Believe in your love . My sanskar will come . Even if he doesn’t return I should be a bold girl . Till yesterday I was worried  so much because of my mother’s death . I was very much immersed in those pain  that I forgot the reality . I ‘ll be my Sanskar’s bold ragini. I ‘ll fight for our love sanskar . ”

She moved her delicate fingers across his medals clad chest as she bade him goodbye.

Unsure if he would see her again , he planted a kiss on her forehead and turned abruptly to the door .

No bullets had hit him so hard as much as his ragini ‘s tears .

She wiped that lone tear that escaped her eye cherishing those memories when his hoarse voice again hit my vocal cord.

“Ragini ”

Yeah it’s  real . My Sanskar has come for our marriage . Now my life will be complete with him , with my soul .

Hot tears gushed out flowing through her cheeks .

She came running towards me with all her strength and threw herself in my arms.

Ragini ‘s POV :

“As I saw Sanskar , my world stood still. I was falling on my knees weakly . I ran towards him and hugged him crushing his bones.  I felt safe and secluded in his arms . My world “.

Varshni .

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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb dear

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      Thank u so much dear !!!

  2. A.xx

    loved it and love how they met xx

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!! They were childhood neighbours and then they met first in the flower shop

  3. Naz_Temish

    This is mind blowing….feelings are well equipped…,,,superb varshini

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!! I ‘m really glad that you liked it

  4. Aanchal

    Love it

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!!

  5. Shrilatha

    Superb dear this should be a tribute to all the ladies who lost their love yet remained strong for the sake of their families…

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!! Yeah I thought I could do some justice to their feelings.

  6. Lovely7

    Wow? awesome

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      Thank u so much dii

  7. Inu

    Superb epi. Nice description.

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      Thank u so much akka !!!

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      Thank u so much dear !!!

  9. Loved it

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      Thank u so much dear !!!

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much !!!

  10. awesome

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      Thank u so much dear !!!

  11. fabulous dear

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      Thank u so much dear !!!

  12. Awesome

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      Thank u so much dear !!!

  13. What a great os.U portrayed all emotions perfectly.Loved it <3

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      Thank u so much dear sissy !!!

  14. superb

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      Thank u so much dear sissy !!!

  15. Asra

    fabulous dear…loved it alot dear…

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much dear !!!!

  16. Bela

    It was a beautiful OS Varshini. I really liked it???

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much Bela !!!! I ‘m eagerly waiting for you to update ur ff ‘s

  17. Wow awesome

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      Thank u so much !!!

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    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much sissy !!!

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much sissy !!!

  19. Awesome vanu diiiiii..
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Love you ??????

    1. Varshni

      Thank u so much Mickey . I ‘m really glad that you liked it. Actually this was for champion writer os competition . I hope it ‘ll get a good place I don’t know . Fingers crossed !!! Love u too baby sissy ???

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