Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 8)

Epi 8

starts with arjun holding rads hand tightly….she ask him to leave her hand and tries to remove his hand,atlast arjun leaves her hand and ask HOW DARE ARE U,TO RAISE HAND ON ME?, she replies…..HOW DARE U CAN TOUCH ME?….ARJUN SAYS SHUT UP am ur senior,give respect and talk…..she says respect should come from ones heart and not by force….their heated argument continue,all students gather around them.

Tittu ask wat happened rads?
Rads tells that arjun misbehaved with me,so i gave answer by my hand,all the junior start to laugh at him…..whereas neil says HOW DARE U TO SLAP UR SENIOR SAY SORRY TO HIM?……RADS says no,i cant and start to walk with her friends……arjun looks at her angrily….neil tries to console him,bt in vain.

Arjun in clg gym,getting out his anger on punching bag,he was shirtless,neil ask HOW LONG WILL U KEEP PUNCHING…ARJUN,

Arjun: no girl raised her hand on him,bt tody he got slapped by the junior student
Arjun: no neil….i can never leave her nor forget her slap…..i will teach her lesson..
He says wait radhika am coming for u and give one strong punch to bag.


Its ni8,rads and tittu are discussing abt slap scene…
Tittu: u should havenot slapped him rads
Rads: then wat,he vll do whatever he wants,bt i have to remain silent na…tittu
their argument continues,tittu becomes tired and says NO ONE CANT COMPETE U RADS IN TALKING,BETTER U GO PARTICIPATE IN ANY DEBATE….She tickles her and make rads to laugh…tittu says when ur laughing u looks beautiful…so keep laughing rads….they both hug.


morning,in clh,arjun and rads coming in opposite direction,one guy comes running and push rads….rads falls on arjun…anger eyelock between two…rads get up to leave bt arjun whistles and gather all people around them and tell that tis girl wantedly comes and fall on me always….she s trying to trap me on her net,he start to insult her more…
Rads has tears on her eye and tells that she s not that type of girl

b4 rads could answer,all start to gossip abt her badly…rads feels bad and runs from ther,,,,arjun smirk with his cute smile.

arjun-rads argue,arjun out of anger holds her neck and pins her to wall.

Credit to: Deepa

  1. Awesome deepa!!!

  2. Hey Deepa what a hot rivalry btw senior n junior….keep gng bud

  3. superb deepa…thanks for 3 chapter at a day…tight hug for u

  4. Luv u deepa wht a story ya……really intersting

  5. Hey deepa, asusual loved this episode.

    Hey , I know Rads and arjun later reherse for a dance performance.

    This is a request to you to please add some beautiful romantic song for their performance.

    Just imagine the dance performance in your words. Love totally spread in the air.

    Love you dear , Keep writing. And Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooved this episode.

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