Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 13)

Starts with rads getting ready for clg,she is abt to put lipstick,just then she thinks abt arjun and their first kiss and yesterday almost kiss…those incident again and again flashes in her mind….somehow she manages to get ready and leaves for clg..

They reach clg,rads is walking in campus,arjun is standing in corridor,leaning his back to wall and talking with neil,suddenly he realise her presence and turns around to look at her,he sees rads,PE LIKHI song plays in bg…rads feels someone is seducing all her senses,heavy air makes her hair to fly,she adjust her hair and sees arjun staring at her…she stops walking,stands there and looks at him,they both immersed into eachother eyes.they forgot that they are in clg,,whereas the bell make them to break their senses,arjun and rads go to their respective class.

Rads enters classroom,charu waves her hi,rads who is lost in arjun din notice her,she goes and sit in bench,tittu and misha looks at rads surprised.rocky arrives there and tells UR MAM IS ON LEAVE 2DY,SO U ALL SHOULD MOVE TO COMPUTER CLASS…
Tiitu out of exitement shouts,hey…jolly…..v can bunk….
Rocky: hey,hello,listen…u cant bunk,incase u bunk i myself tell ur mam not to give ur internal marks…wats upp?tittu murmurs something…rocky gives her cold look and tells all of them to move fast…they leave for class.


all students arrive at computer class.rads,tittu and misha sit…classes is going on…rads feels some hot and warm breath on her bare back,the hot breath touches her softy skin,this makes rads for her hormones to raise,she feels the breath is becoming heavier and heavier in her soft skin,she feels uncomfy and this hot breath make her drove cozy,she turns and is shocked to c arjun at back of her….she turns around,being shivered,arjun is completely appalled by her presence,her smoothy and soft skin,drove him more madly,neil looks at arjun staring atrads…by seeing rads uncomfy,tittu ask what happened?…rads nods nothing….she cant even talk,because she is hold by our arjuns intense proximity…class get over….all start to leave for break.

At canteen,tittu and misha are discussing abt rads,
Tittu: wt happened to this chasni? Y she always daydreaming…
Misha: even,i too noticed it tittu,she is like something,these days….dont knw wats wrong with her
Tittu:hmm..lets find out…come on,lets go…


rads in classroom,thinking,oh…my god,wats happening with me?…y am getting attracted to him,y i cant control my feelings,y am always thinking abt him …she comes out of dilema,makes up her mind and says NO RADHIKA,UR HERE TO STUDY,U SHOULD CONCENTRATE ONLY ON STUDIES AND NOTHING ELSE…ITS GOOD IF U STAY AWAY FROM HIM…she looks on.

arjun gets restless thinking abt rads.

Credit to: Deepa

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    fabulous emotional driven for both radhika and arjun.
    i like the first look of love of arjun and radhika in clg.
    interesting and loving it deepa
    great great job

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    loved this episode keep going dear.

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