Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 7

The episode starts with vansh coming to the shoot location. He sees all the setup and all. The director comes to him and greet. He asks vansh to please come and sit. This is our first shoot and it’s our pleasure that you came for visit. Tell me what you want to drink, tea, coffee or some juice. Vansh says its ok I don’t need anything; I just came to visit and ask if you need anything. Director replies no no everything is fine but thanks for asking. Vansh ask where are the lead actors. Director calls Ridhima and the other male actor. Male actor comes and introduce himself. Then director says here comes our actress too. Vansh turns to see her, suddenly Ridhima foot slips and she unintentionally drops the coffee on vansh. Vansh first hold Ridhima from slipping and then he sees his coat. He gets angry and shouts at her “don’t you have eyes or you don’t know how to walk properly. Ridhima gets angry too, she says who are you mister to talk to women like this. What type of tone you are using? Vansh says the type of you understand. Director shouts at Ridhima and says he is our film Producer; is this the way you talk to your heads. Say sorry to him. Ridhima says no way, I don’t care if he is a producer or what, I don’t take any insult when I didn’t do anything wrong. She leaves from there. Vansh asks the director to change her right now otherwise you should start finding new producer. He also leaves from there.

In the evening, Ridhima is in her home. Her manager comes and says what was all that in the morning. How can you spoil the things for yourself? Don’t you know how did you get this role and now it’s almost gone. Ridhima says I know I sometimes lose my temper but you should had looked the way that man was talking to me as if I was some kind of daasi or something. Ridhima Malhotra can’t stand the insult. She lays down on bed. She asks her manager, I spoiled everything, right! And gets frustrated. She says find out some solution how can she gets the role back. Her manager says, there is only one person who can give your role back and he is the Producer Vansh Raichand. Tomorrow you should go and visit him in his office, maybe he spares you and give you your role back. Ridhima says no ways, I can’t stand him anymore, even thinking about him makes me angry. But her manager somehow convinces her to visit him with flowers.

On the other hand, Vansh comes to club frustrated and angry on Ridhima. He calls the waiter to give him something strong today. Some lady comes to him and starts flirting. Vansh says madam, this is not the right time for such thing, if you want, I can offer you a drink but don’t expect me to take you home. I am already very frustrated please leave. She goes from there and says wear do. Vansh hears her but controls himself and continue drinking. Next day, he is in his way for office and he thinks about how he gets angry on Ridhima, it was just an accident. She didn’t do that intentionally. He calls the director and tells him to take her back on role. He thinks I was angry on something else and throw my anger on her. He comes to his office and is waiting for the elevator. Suddenly he notices a guy coming outside from the elevator, wearing cap and hoodies and covering his/her face with mask standing next to him. He thinks who is this strange guy and what he is doing in his office. He was going to ask that guy but suddenly he gets the call from his manager, then he ignores the guy and took the other elevator. He enters his room and sees the red roses bouquet, he then remembers Priya giving flower to him and then again delivering the flowers in his old house. He gets angry and throws that flower on ground and rubs them with his feet. He calls the secretary and ask her who brought that flowers for him and how you let him enter my room. Don’t you know I hate flowers and specially the red ones. He sees the apology letter on his desk and reads it. He says wow, first she spills the coffee on me and now she made me angry by delivering this blo*dy rose.

The stranger guy/girl was Ridhima, she wears that hoody and mask due to her privacy. She calls her manager and says work done and thanks for letting me know about his favorite flowers. I am sure now his mood will be change as who doesn’t love flowers. She cuts the call and leaves from there on her car.

Precap- there is a party organized by Vansh for the all cast and crew members. He is waiting for Ridhima to come and thinks now I will tell you how one does the apology.

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