Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 5

The episode starts with doctor coming out of the OT, vansh ask them about Anjali, how is she? doctor says she is fine, not to worry. It was just a cut not too deep; she will be conscious anytime. He leaves from there. Vansh goes to her room and see her laying. He goes near her and thinks what doctor said about the cut. He thinks if the cut wasn’t that deep then how come there was lot of blood on the floor, what type of game you are playing my love. He then stops the blood flow and take out an injection from his pocket. He says you wanted to die right! So as a good boyfriend my duty is to fulfil your wish. He injects her with poison, he says within few minutes all of your pain will be gone and you will be gone for a long vacation. Anjali then opens her eyes and tries to call nurse. Vansh then grabs her and says what so rush dear, don’t you want to die peacefully, should I grab your neck? Anjali pushes him and says you are totally mad and rings the bell to call nurse. Vansh says relax the injection was empty, but just for now. In future if you ever try to cross my path again or tried to fool me with your stupid tricks then remember one think, I can be good for those who are good with me and worst for those who even think against me. He then leaves from there while Anjali looks on. On the other hand, Raghav meet Mr. kapoor and says to him he didn’t knew Vansh was gonna do this. I tried him to distract his mind from this matter but I guess he was already aware of the situation. Don’t worry I will talk to grandpa and I am sure he will call you back in the office. Mr. Kapoor says and what about Vansh. He rejected to marry my daughter and humiliated me in front of all board members. I want him to on his knees and say sorry to me. Raghav says don’t worry Vansh always do however I say, he will come to you and will apologies in person. He then leaves from there and call vansh to arrange a meeting. They are in café talking about what happened yesterday in office and also what he did on function. Vansh replies your brother decided to get married and with the girl he chose not the one which Mr. Raichand chosed for me. Moreover, Mr. Kapoor was cheating us and you know right I don’t need such people in my office. He then takes a leave from there saying that he has some urgent work to do. Raghav thinks it was the first time he gone against me, how come it happened.

Priya is in her room thinking about yesterday event, how he promised to come to her house and have dinner. She thinks why I was so disappointed when he didn’t show up, maybe he was really busy in something. She hears the songs playing downstairs on street and thinks what type of function going on in her society. She comes outside in balcony to see and get surprised to see Vansh standing in his car, opening sun roof and holding a mike. She sees all the decoration he did, plus all the fast-food stalls. Vansh shouts Ms. Priya Aggarwal come downstairs, our yesterday’s meal is pending. I didn’t know your favorite dish but I knew you like stall food so I brought all the stalls for you, it’s a dawat-eh-ishq madam, come. Priya goes inside and gets excited to meet him. She then looks on mirror and applies some lipstick and all. She thinks her dress is perfect right! Anyways let’s go downstairs. Vansh invites neighbors and poor people too, he says them to eat whatever they want to without any fear. Priya comes downstairs and ask him what is all this. Vansh says my way of saying sorry. I know you must be disappointed little bit when I canceled the yesterday dinner. By the way where is my future sasur ji, I want to ask your hand from him. She says first of all what so rush for marriage, first see how far can we go and if we were compatible enough for each other only then I will agree for marriage, secondly, he is gone out of town for few days and will come next week. Vansh ask how come he left his favorite daughter alone in this big city, she replies I am not the only daughter he loves; he is gone to meet my sister. She is in Mumbai.; Vansh says means I have to wait for a week now. Anyways it’s for you, so I can wait even for years. By the way come it’s our second date, what you want to eat. They both enjoy eating and each other’s company.

After some time, he says come I want to show you something, they leave from there in his car. They reach on a cliff and Priya sees city from there. She says it’s so beautiful. Vansh says I know, whenever I feel lonely, I come here, sees the view and it feels whole world in below me. She grabs his hand and says today you are not alone. He replies of course today I am with my queen. He grabs her and come closer to her. She feels shy. He comes closer, she closes her eyes. He kissed her (shayad song from movie love ajj kal plays in background). He asks her do you want to dance? she asks here? he says why not, tum yaha ho, asmaan yaha hein, taare yaha hein aur tumhara chand (mentioning himself) bhi toh yaha hein. Kio yeah chand pasand nahi aya? (English translation- you are here, sky is here, stars are present and most importantly you moon is here. Don’t you like this moon). She hugs him and says I like you…. but. he asks but what. She says don’t you thinks it’s moving fast. I am afraid that someday you will be fed up of me and will leave me alone. He touches her face and says look at my eyes. I promise you if you hold my hand, I will never leave it. No matter how bad will be the situation, I will always be with you and kisses her forehead. They start dancing on the song shayad playing in the car. They are on their way to her home suddenly they met with an accident. Both are injured very badly. Public gather around them and one of them calls the ambulance. They both are laying on road holding each other hands and looks on. Ambulance came and take them both to hospital. They reach the hospital; doctor takes them to different OT’s. operation is going on Mr. Raichand and other family members come there and wait outside the OT. After some time, doctor come out of the room, Raghav ask doctor how is my brother. Doctor says your brother is fine for now but they have to examine him a little bit more to be 100 percent sure. All the family members are relieved.

Precap- (5 years from now) Vansh shifts to his Mumbai branch and start handling work from there. He is stricter and angrier by his nature.

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