Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 4

The episode starts with Vansh saying to Priya that everything is happening just like movies except one thing. He come closer to Priya. Priya gets shy and closes her eyes. Vansh whispers in her ears, today is not the time baby and opens the door of the car. He says in case you forgot, your dad must be waiting for his good daughter, you should leave from here I have someplace to go. She opens her eyes and blushes. She runs out of the car feeling shy and enters her house. Vansh smiles and leaves from there. Priya goes to her room after saying hy to her dad. She locks her room door and thinks why she closed her eyes, what he must be thinking of me. What was I thinking at that time, her heart starts beating fast? Vansh comes to his hotel again and changes his cloths. The same from morning comes and hug him from behind. He says baby. You are still here, I thought you will be busy in meeting. She replies “she was busy but I had to meet you so I completed my work early” why you asked? are you not happy to see me. He turns around and grabs her and says no darling, I didn’t mean that. Infect I am glad you are here. I have some good news for you. She asks him what it is. He shows her the ring, she gets happy and says wow, what are you planning to do. He holds her hand and put that ring on her finger and looks on. She gets happy but suddenly Vansh removes that from her finger. She asks why you are taking it back. He replies because it’s not yours, simple. I brought this today for someone special and you my baby (while touching her face) isn’t special anymore and pushes her away. She says what type of joke this is. He says go and ask your dear dad about this, I am sure he will tell you this, now if you please excuse me, I am going to take bath, it was such a long day and I need hot water bath. But by all means if you want to join me, please. She leaves from his room. He goes for the bag, while taking bath he calls Priya. She sees the call from some unknown number and wonders who can be call her at this hour. She picks the call and says hello! Who’s this. Vansh replies, you forgot your fiancé so soon. She blushes and says why you called me at this hour. He asks why! Can’t he call his fiancé anytime he wants? She says who’s fiancée? We just met today, we are not in love relationship yet and you are forcing me to be your finance. He says wow! So, someone wants to be my girlfriend before becoming my wifie, that’s interesting. Surely, we can be boyfriend-girlfriend if you want and if you remember we already completed first step towards that. We gone for the long drive, twice (mentioning about his morning incident and in the evening drive for the party), you gave me flower (the flower she gave to him in Raichand Manson), I brought you dress, we had dinner together. I am sure it pretty much covers everything what boy and girls do in their first date. So, from now on, I declare you as my girlfriend, problem solved. She says I must say you are surely something, I met many boys in my class but you are different, you are quite fast. Vansh replies, I am one and only piece which shiv ji made just for you my Priya madam. By the way where is my sasur ji (father-in-law)? I think I should meet him tomorrow to make our relationship official. She says it’s a difficult task to impress my father, all my exes failed to do so, let’s see how MR. Vansh Raichand aka VR going to do it. He replies Vansh always loves the challenges and I will accept this challenge this too. He cuts the call and start thinking, how will I impress Mr. Aggarwal now.

Next morning, Raghav, Mr. Raichand and every other board member are waiting in the conference room for vansh. He comes on his bike and ask his manager to park his bike, he is in rush for the meeting. He enters the building; everyone starts greeting him but he ignores all of them and keep moving for the conference room. Suddenly he gets the call from someone, he then smiles and says now meeting will be more interesting to attend. He enters the room and everyone stands up and greet him. He then says them to please be seated. He goes to his chair without greeting Mr. Raichand and sits on his chair. Mr. Raichand ask everyone to please start the meeting. Meeting starts, everyone is discussing the ongoing financial fraud in their office and ask Mr. Raichand to do something on this matter immediately. Vansh start laughing suddenly. Mr. Raichand ask him to behave, what’s the matter now. Vansh says when the guilty himself ask the judge to investigate the case, don’t to think it’s funny. The other person asks what do you mean by that, Mr. Raichand see what your grandson is saying. I am with you since the beginning and he questions on my work. Vansh says first of all we are in meeting so stop mentioning me as his grandson and secondly, Vansh Raichand never say something without proof. He asks his secretary to attach this pen drive and show everyone what Mr. Kapoor is doing in all these years. They all see how the stocks were missing and all that money was going to some anonymous account. Vansh says when I investigate further, I found out that my dear sasur ji (Mr. Kapoor), oh correction here! my dear ex sasur ji contribute a lot for Raichand Hotels so they must think to keep few shares for himself, right Mr. kapoor? He stands up and says Vansh Raichand can stand anything but traitors have no space in his office. So, Mr. Kapoor will you resign your seat yourself or we have to ask for voting? your choice, after all you were once my future in law. Mr. Kapoor leaves from there feeling insulted. Vansh remember his night with his ex-girlfriend (Mr. kapoor’s daughter), how he made her drunk and gets all the information regarding there various accounts. He says to Mr. Raichand, some people their whole life couldn’t able to understand who are friends and who are their enemies. He leaves from there.

On the other hand, Priya is getting ready as Vansh said her that he will come in the evening for dinner and to meet her father. Vansh is on his way to go there, suddenly he gets the call and take a U-turn. He comes to his ex-GF home, where she locked herself and behaving immaturely. He knocks the door and ask her to open the door. Don’t think to do something stupid. He kept on knocking the door while she cuts her wrist. He tries to open the door forcefully. In the end, the door opens and he sees her standing, he gets relief but suddenly he looks on the floor all covered with her blood. He then takes her to the hospital while on the other hand Priya and her dad is waiting for him. He is in hospital waiting outside the operation theater. He gets the call from Priya, he says sorry, he can’t come today due to some emergency and says to say sorry to Uncle from my side and explains him the situation. Priya says don’t worry I knew it you must be busy. So that’s why I didn’t prepared much. You take care of your work, we will strange the meeting some other day. She cuts the call and saw all the preparation she did for him, all are waste now. But her dad cheers her up and says it must be something urgent otherwise he would surely come. Don’t worry, papa is here with you, we will celebrate your first big order, come and sit. They carry on with the celebration while Vansh is waiting in front of OT.

Precap- He is front of Priya’s home with different types of food stalls, all are decorated and he is carrying a mike and speakers on his car’s back seat. He opens his car’s sun roof and ask Priya to come outside.

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