Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 23

The episode starts with Vansh coming back home and hugs Ridhima. Ridhima hugs him back and ask him where were you gone? Vansh says please forgive me love, i forgot something so i went to brought that. He gives white lilies to her, she was surprised as it was first time he is giving flowers to him and he didn’t get mad seeing flowers like last time. He says from now on we will always be together, i will never leave you even for a single minute. He gets a call from his cousin Raghav, he tells him that grandpa is admitted in hospital due to sudden heart attack. Vansh laughs and says that man has heart ? I am surprised. Raghav says i am serious Vansh, he is critical and only wanted to meet you. Vansh says what type of plan are you guys trying to play here? Aren’t you all happy that i am living seperately? Oh i see, you all maybe heard of me getting married and starting my new family, that’s why you are playing news tricks, you all can’t see my happiness right. He cuts the call, Ridhima says to Vansh you shouldn’t have said such words to Raghav, after all he ( grandpa) is your elder, your grandpa. You should respect them, trest them nicely. Vansh recalls his childhood moments when grandpa use to say him unlucky( as he thought he is the reason his son (Vansh dad) died) and treat him like sh*t and even use violence.

Vansh sees the mark on his hand and show that to Ridhima. He says you once asked from where i got this injury, right? That is the blessing i got from my elders. He recalls in his birthday when Grandpa pushed him away and he get injured due to broken glass piece. My childhood is not that fairy tale Prince charming type, rather than a nightmare. There were nights when i couldn’t sleep, i missed my parents and there was no one to console that poor child. I was not suppose to go on any function and party because they never treated me as their family. I am surprised that men like him… No no no monster like him is admitted in hospital due to heart attack, maybe because they saw me living happily without them and that is the thing they can’t handle.

Ridhima says i can understand your feelings but still you need to meet him once. She says i know its not easy to forgive him and i am not saying you to do but still meet him, try to listen him once, atleast for our baby’s sake. I don’t want that you will have any regret latter on if anything happens to grandpa and you couldn’t make it to meet him in his last moments. He is your dad’s dad, atleast do it for your dad. If he sould be alive today, he would like to meet his dad right! So as their child its your duty to fulfil their comand. Please lets go and meet your grandpa, please. Vansh with teary eyes says ok, just for the sake of my dad and our baby. But i will kot stay there for long, we eill just go to the hospital and then back to our home. There’s is no way i am entering their home again. Ridhima nodes yes, promise and hugs Vansh.

Precap- they come to meet grandpa in the hospital. Grandpa with teary eyes ask forgiveness from Vansh.

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