Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 22

The episode starts with Ridhima and Vansh seeing each other in the airport. They both run towards each other. They both with teary eyes looking at each other and then they both hug. Ridhima is kissing all over his face, feeling glad that he is totally fine. Vansh consoles her and says don’t worry hell isn’t welcoming me right now and i am not ready to go heaven alone all by myself. So the only place left for me is this earth, so you have to tolerate me a little moreπŸ˜‰. Plus i am not planning to take one way ticket to hell before seeing my baby and touches her ( Ridhima’s) belly. Ridhima punches her and says how can you crack a joke in such a situation. Vansh holds her face and says my love don’t worry i won’t make you worry me again in future, i promise and kisses her forehead. His manager Ryan says sir we should leave from airport now, people gathered around us and taking our pics, it may became a scene. But Vansh gets on his knees while holding Ridhima’s hand. He says, i was rude, heartless person whom you made a “person with a heart”. I was holding back my past, you helped me to let it go and move on with life. I know you weren’t my first love but one thing i can promise you that you will be my last. I don’t know any cheesy words what your reel heros says to the heroine but one thing i know is that “my knees are paining a lot can i get up and continue with my confession? πŸ˜…. Ridhima laughs with a teary eyes and nodes yes. He gets up and says Miss Ridhima Aggarwal, would you like to be my Mrs. Ridhima Vansh Raichand ? Will you be my SOULMATE? Ridhima nodes yes i will. Vansh put the ring on her finger. He kissed her forehead and then her chicks and finally they both hug each other. Everyone arround them claps for them.

On the other hand Kabir while leaving the country sees the confession of them which got viral online and thinks finally lalla and majnu are together, he wishes for their better future together. Vansh and Ridhima goes to the farm house to keet the old man. Ridhima reveals that this person is her step-dad. She tells Vansh that her mother was a widow, who had no shelter, roaming around here and there while carrying me along with her. One day we met him, he gave us shelter and food. His wife was also passed away at that time, he had a girl, she was around my age. With the passing time we both became good friends and then one day mom and dad both get their marriage registered. We all four were very happy together. I wanted to do acting so i came to mumbai alone. Even then he supported me with money even though he was having difficulty to arrange money but he did for me. Priya and i were like more than real sisters. 5 years back, she was going to marry some guy, she was really happy at that time. She regularly called me and constantly talk about his fiance. But… One day she and her fiance met with an accident. After hearing this news dad couldn’t handle the news and he get paralyze attack. Since that day his condition didn’t get better.

She show him their family picture hanging on the wall. Vansh gets shocked realising that his Priya and Ridhima’s priya is one girl. Ridhima is her sister. He goes from there without saying a word to Ridhima which gets Ridhima’s confused. Vansh comes outside, ask the driver toh give him the keys of the car. He drives the car for the first time in five years. He speed ups the car and thinks of Ridhima and Priya. He says i put that family in such tragedy. Uncle was laying down on bed because of me, Priya died because of me, Ridhima suffers all this because of me. He speed up the car, he wants to go away far away from them so that they can live there life happily. He thinks of the day they met with accident. He imagines Priya sitting on the seat. She says to him don’t take wrong decision just because your tragic past. I was your past, you can’t change that what happened with us but you can change future. Think about Ridhima, think about your unborn child, how will they live without you. Are you that weak that you sre trying to give up so easily. The man whom i loved was not coward who ran away from responsibilities, he was the brave man who confessed his love openly in front of whole world. Vansh thinks when he proposed the news of thier engagement in the Award function. Priya says sometimes we make decisions which we further regret like you are regretting now for what happened five years back. Don’t make the decision that you will regret your whole life by going away from Ridhima. Vansh realises his mistake and turns around the car. He promise Priya to take care of his Ridhima and their child. He turns to see Priya but she was gone. He smiles and thanks her for helping him realising what’s right. He says i will remember you forever in my heart, although this heart is now belongs to someone else. I will be sincere with her and leaving my past behind for my better future.

Precap- Vansh hugs Ridhima and says i am sorry for……

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