Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 2

The episode starts with Priya giving lilies to Vnash and wishes him happy birthday. Vansh sees the flower and take it but deliberately throws on ground, rubs it with his shoes and says birthday my foot. He sits in his car leave from there. Anamika comes there and says don’t feel sad about his words, that’s his sadness which comes out as an anger. Since birth he had the traffic history so that’s why he doesn’t let anybody saw his weakness, after all he is a businessman. By the way you are here to deliver lilies right! Please come inside. They went back inside. She delivers them the order and take a leave from them after getting paid. On his way she sees Mahadev’s temple and ask the cab driver to drop her there only. She gets out of the cab and goes to the temple. She prays for her father good health and ask shiv ji to give her blessings on her new business. She turns back to go but suddenly remember Vansh and prays from god for his happiness. She says how come a person with so much comfort in his life still begs for his happiness. I don’t know about him that much but Shiv ji he wasn’t that bad by nature and I know my shiv ji always help those who helps others. Today he helped me in her delivery although he could have been easily left me alone on the road but instead of that he helped me with my delivery. I wish that today on his birthday he meets someone who can help him in coming out from his sadness and tries to show him how beautiful is your world is. She goes from there after praying. On the other hand, Raghav comes to the Raichand mention and sees that all decoration is done and gives all the credit to his Mom. He asks Anamika where is Maa. She replies that Maa went for buying some gifts for grandpa. She also mentions that Vansh Bhai was also came today after so many years. He asks really? But how come he changed his mind, in the morning he made that cleared to me that he is not going to attend today’s ceremony … strange! Anyways where he gone now. She replies that I don’t know much but he left in anger. He says ok now I get it where could he be gone. Don’t worry he will be back before award function starts.

On the next scene, we see Vansh driving recklessly on highway and overtakes every car. He reaches to his destiny. It’s an old house, looks like locked for many years. He tries to open the lock but didn’t have that courage to open it. He comes here every year on his birthday and every year couldn’t able to open that door. While on the other hand, Mr. Raichand is shown coming out from his room, all dressed up and ready to go for the award function. He calls everyone in the house and says them to come downstairs if you all are ready to leave for the function. Everyone comes downstairs and wishes him happy birthday but he looks more excited for the award function rather than his birthday. He says everyone to let’s go we can do this birthday and all after the ceremony. He goes outside and sits in his car. Everyone sits in their cars and they all left for the function. At the function, every media reporter is present, they all are excited to see Raichand family. Other businessmen are coming in the function, media covers that too. Raichand comes on the function, everyone goes to them and start asking random questions. One of the reporters ask him about Vansh. Where is Vansh Raichand ? After all today’s ceremony is all about him. Mr. Raichand says that My grandson is very busy person, even on his biggest day he is handling his work in the office. Don’t worry he will come on time, till than you should cover all other guest also. He left from there. He says to Raghav find out Vansh ASAP. How can someone be so immature to be late on such a biggest day. Raghav nodes and goes to call Vansh. Vansh sees the call but throws his phone on ground angrily. He says they all this face Dad not me (talking while seeing his dead parents’ picture). He questions them why you left me alone in this greedy world. Why can’t we go back to where we all three were together in this small house. Even the house was small but here we were happy together. Why you did this to me. And mom you, why you left your Vanshu alone. Why don’t you come back and hug me tight again as you used to do me when I was child? He comes on his knees and cry out loud.

On the other hand, Priya is also comes there holding a bouquet of red roses. She shocks to see Vansh there and thinks what is he doing there all alone and on his knees. She goes near him and touches his shoulder. He looks up and sees her, he hugs her legs tightly. She looks on what is he doing. She first tried to push him but sees him crying didn’t do that. She rubs his head lightly and tries to console him. He comes to his senses and pushes her. He says sorry for my behavior, today I am not in my all senses. He takes the bouquet from her leaves on the door. He thanks her to come here, not every delivery guy comes on this remote area on one call. She says its ok, it my new business and I have to carry as much order as I can to expand my business. He compliments on her work and says I like those girls who are self-independent, well done. He then asks her how you manage to come here without your 2nd hand car (making fun of her damaged car). She says thanks to some arrogant person I am here without my car, by taking lift from strangers. He says my dad used to say that one should not take lift from strangers, especially when the area is not familiar to you. He offers her to come with me, he will drop her at her home on his way. First, she tries to reject but after Vansh insisted her so much that’s why she agrees for the lift. On their way they both started talking with each other informally. She says that few minutes back who was talking about not taking a lift from strangers and he himself offered me lift. He replies that I only said as a gentleman, I didn’t knew convincing you will be piece of a cake for me and more over you are safe with me, I don’t flirt with older girls, commenting about her age. He also blinks his eyes. She says haw! You are anything but a gentleman. A true gentleman never mentions girl’s age. He replies even I didn’t, I just said I don’t date girls older than me, here I mentioned myself younger. she gets confused and then vansh blinks his eyes. She by mistake asks him about that old house and for whom you order those flowers and why you order them instead of carrying that while coming there himself. He replies that flowers were for my mom dad, actually roses are my favorite, so on every birthday mom dad used to decorate the house with roses petals and even orders red velvet cake, can you imagine. I like the red color so they decorate each and every corner of house with red color, he gets sad but one day they left me and never came back. She touches his shoulder and says don’t feel upset, even though they are not with you but they must be seeing you from sky so for them you have to be happy today. He nodes and for changing their mood, he again tonts her that you also talk like my grandma AUNTY JI. She punches his shoulder. He gets serious and says we are not that close that you can touch me every time. She suddenly gets sad but he laughs and says look at your face I was just joking. Beautiful girls have full pass to touch and kiss me anywhere anytime. So go ahead even you wishes to kiss me too I want stop you. He poses for a kiss but she gets shy and looks on the other side. She says you are such a flirt, how come anyone starts flirting after getting so serious, he replies this is Vansh Raichand you are talking about. I control emotion before they try to control me. He offers her to come and attend tonight’s ceremony with him. She refuses and says she has to go early at home otherwise dad will be getting tense for me. But he touches her hand and makes sad eyes and says today I need a friend with me to support me. Please I insist. If I would have any friend with me, I wouldn’t asked you to be my partner for tonight but sadly this world is all greedy of money, no one is my true friend here they all are with me due to my money and fame. He continuously insisted her, finally she agrees to go but says first I need to take permission from my dad, if he agrees only than I can come Ok. He says more than ok and smiles.

Precap- All are waiting for Vansh to come one stage but he isn’t there even now.,..

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