Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 19

The episode starts with Ridhima and Vansh calling their managers about pregnancy news and they were also surprised after hearing this. Ridhima’s manager was even making a joke about how much her and Vansh relationship is developed because there were days when she didn’t even want to see him and now, she is pregnant with his child. Anyways, but have you decided about what will happen to your career? You worked so hard for becoming famous and now, if the news leaked than all the director, producer will avoid you taking as a lead role, but yes, I forgot about your Mr. Oh ji, he can produce your films. On the other hand, Ryan is saying to Vansh that sir, I am so happy for you, finally you will have your own happy family. Vansh says yeah, but he is still confused whether Ridhima will be good choice for a life partner or not and moreover, she behaves like a child than how will she manage to take care of our child, that’s why I think we should reconsider our decision about this child. Ridhima listens all this and feels sad as she thought He doesn’t like her and he doesn’t want this child. She leaves from there. Vansh didn’t notice her leaving and continue talking to his manager. Ryan says to him in his point of view, Ridhima is the best choice for you. See after her coming in your life you didn’t needed to visit therapist, your phobia of driving is also improving slowly. Who knows one day she will help you forgot about Pri…. Vansh stops him in between and says doesn’t matter how good she is but no one can remove Priya from my heart but it’s true, Ridhima succeed in getting a place in my heart somehow but I will also keep Priya’s memory with me till death and after death. He cuts the call and sees Priya’s picture which he kept in his wallet. He says Priya, I know I promised you to forgot you and start my new life which is the same I am doing but I can’t simply erase you from my memory.

It’s true, I started having feelings for Ridhima but it doesn’t mean that I will throw you away from my heart. “Kioki tum wo thi jisne mujh jaise khali dil wale bande ko pyar krna sikhaiya, Aur Ridhima wo hn jisne mujhe Pyar mein jina sikhaiya” As you were the one who taught me how to love and she (Ridhima) is the one who taught me how to be in love. He calls Kabir to give him good news but he also knows that Kabir also likes Ridhima. Kabir first of all congratulate him about this good news and also says to Vansh that I know what you must be thinking that I like her and so does you. Yeah, as a boyfriend I am heartbroken but it doesn’t mean that I am not happy for you as a brother. I know since childhood all you ever wanted is family and today you got it finally. I am promising you that I will never come in between your happiness. He cuts the call; he looks sad but he tries to put a smile on his face for his brother’s happiness. He says they both are happy together and as a lover, all I wanted is to keep her happy and now she is happy, so I must be happy too. Smile Kabir smile… your love can’t be selfish… so smile for them and he smiles too.

On the other hand, Vansh looks for Ridhima to confess his feeling for her but she isn’t home. He tries to call her but she isn’t even picking his calls. He calls her manager and asked about Ridhima but even she didn’t have the idea. She says there is one place where she may possibly go and gives him the address. He comes to the location, there is a farm house. He enters through the main gate and comes near the entry door. He sees the home unlocked and enters inside while calling for Ridhima. He keeps on calling “Ridhima are you there”. He goes upstairs where he sees Ridhima taking care of someone. He gets shocked to see another person.

Precap- Vansh ask Ridhima, who is she and how she know about Priya? And why she taking care of that person alone in this farm house. What relationship she had with that person.

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