Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 18

The episode starts with Vansh coming into the room, suddenly he slips and in between he holds Ridhima’s hand for support but they both fell on bed. Ridhima is now over Vansh and they both had a romantic eye contact for few seconds. Then Vansh pushes her away and stand up. But unfortunately, his towel fells down and Ridhima gets shocked seeing him in that state, even Vansh felt shy and grabs the towel again. He then says a joke that “bade bade shehro mein aisi choti choti bate hoti rehti hn senorita”. Ridhima run outside the room while vansh keeps on holding the towel. Ridhima closes the door from outside and says by the way that towel was mine. Vansh says we are going to be husband and wife soon, this stuff happens on couples, its normal. You can use mine if you want, I don’t mind. After a while, they both were having their breakfast, Ridhima finished her meal and was going to the kitchen suddenly she feels Dizzy and holds the table for support. Vansh ask her what happened, she says nothing she is fine. Vansh says yeah, he can see that clearly how fine you are. It’s all because of your diet and all. You should take a healthy diet rather than just focusing on maintaining your figure and moreover, figure won’t help you, first learn some acting if possible, may be that will help you in succeeding in Industry.

Ridhima was going to argue with him but suddenly runs toward bathroom as she felt to vomit. Vansh calls the doctor and thinks, oh god now I have to even take care for her too. Doctor comes there after a while and checks Ridhima. After proper checking she says, don’t worry Mr. Raichand, it’s good news. Soon you are going to become father. Both Ridhima and Vansh gets shocked and Vansh says doctor, you are kidding right! How can I become father and she is going to my baby’s mother? She! He and Ridhima remembers the night when they were drunk before all this fake engagement drama started. Vansh asks the doctor that please recheck, you might have got the wrong idea. Doctors says she check her thoroughly and that’s the sign of pregnancy but for confirmation I suggest you to come to my clinic where I can do proper tests. In the afternoon, they did some tests and the reports confirms the pregnancy. Ridhima thinks now what will happen to her acting carrier and most importantly, why it had to be with Mr. Khadoos. They both came outside the hospital and was ready to go home. Suddenly Ridhima notices children playing in the park and gets emotional. Vansh sees that too and thinks maybe it’s not that bad too to be a Dad. Infect I am feeling blessed that soon I will have my own family. Even though my family will be little bit psycho (mentioning Ridhima here).

They both come back home and Vansh ask Ridhima to take proper diet from now on as you have a responsibility here. I know we both had our future plans and we didn’t expect this to happen but now what can we do. In my opinion I guess we have to re think about our engagement. This time I won’t command you or force you, it’s totally going to be your decision, whether you want this child or not, I will support your decision. Ridhima looks on the change in Vansh in recent days. She thinks it might not be that wrong to have this child. Maybe they going to be perfect in our own imperfect way.

Precap- Vansh and Ridhima announces this big news to their managers and they were surprised too. Kabir feels a bit sad, though he was happy for his friend.

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