Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 17

The episode starts with Ridhima and Vansh coming to the fair. Ridhima sees the balloons in the air and runs to catch them. She jumps and catches the balloons and then gave it back to the kid. She then sees the merry go round and insist Vansh to take ride with her on that. First Vansh rejects to go on such childish rides but after she insisted with baby face, he agrees to come. They both take the ride and Vansh keep looking at Ridhima’s smiling face as she was enjoying the ride very much just like some small kid. They go and try different rides and, in few rides, Vansh gets scared and closes his eyes while holding Ridhima’s hand. Ridhima looks on as she didn’t expect that rough and tough guy like Vansh can also behave like child sometimes. Ride ends and everyone start getting out but Vansh still closes his eyes, Ridhima says to him you can open your eyes, the ride is already finished. Vansh open his eyes and gets out of it. He is still holding her hand without noticing it. Vansh says now if you are done with your rides, can we go and eat something as I am very hungry right now. Ridhima says ok, let’s go. They come to a restaurant and first he orders a lot of food for himself and then ask Ridhima to order something for herself too. Ridhima looks on surprisingly as Vansh ordered almost all the items which were in the menu and still asked her to order her food separately.

After a while, their order comes and they enjoy each and every dish as it was going to be their last day. After they finished with eating, Vansh requests waiter to pack few foods too. Ridhima thinks we just had our dinner, now for whom he is ordering so much food? Maybe for his so-called girlfriend Akanksha. They take the order and leave from there. Vansh then stops by some place and gives the food to poor people. Ridhima looks on as she was seeing a whole new Vansh today. Till now she was thinking Vansh as an arrogant rich businessman who don’t care of someone else but himself. But today she gets to see the soft side of Vansh which he hardly shows to someone. She slowly starts liking him without noticing. They come home after sometime. Vansh says to her, you can sleep on bed with him, there’s no need to sleep on floor or couch anymore. Ridhima tries to refuse it first but Vansh comes back to his older self and says it wasn’t a suggestion but an order so follow as I say.

They both sleeps on bed tonight. Ridhima was feeling uncomfortable first but then Vansh tries to talk to her and tries to comfort her. After a while she falls asleep and so does Vansh. In night while sleeping they both hugged each order unknowingly. In the morning Ridhima opens her eyes and notices Vansh looking at her angrily, she gets shocked and ask him what’s the matter. Vansh says now you didn’t even know what she did last night? Flashbacks shows in night Ridhima in her subconsciousness kicks Vansh and throws on floor. Vansh tries to sleep again on bed several time but every time Ridhima acts the same way which irritates Vansh. Luckily after a while he gets to sleep on bed again. Flashback ends. Ridhima says sorry to him and says that’s why she was insisting him that she can sleep on couch because of her bad sleeping habits. Vansh says lesson learned “never tries to be a gentleman in front of you” He then goes to washroom for bath and says to her, don’t try to sneak-peak in the washroom as then he will not control himself and she will be responsible for what will happen after that. Ridhima gets shy and says no no. I don’t have such agenda; you can take bath freely.

Precap- Vansh comes to their room and accidently slips and pulls Ridhima along with him over bed.

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