Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 16

The episode starts with Kabir entering the restaurant while Vansh was attending call and they both didn’t saw each other. Kabir sees Ridhima sitting alone on the table and goes to her. Ridhima gets shocked seeing Kabir there and asks him Why is he here? I am HOW is he here ? I thought we decided to meet each other on dinner. Kabir says so, aren’t you happy to see me. We are meeting each other after 1 whole year and rather hugging and kissing me, you are complaining for meeting you earlier ? Why you asked that btw? Did i spoilled your date with another man ? Vansh comes there and says Kabir, why you came alone? Where is the most beautiful girl in the world? Kabir here she is ( pointing towards Ridhima). Ridhima gets shocked. Vansh asks him, are you drunk or what, she is my girl, my fiancee. Hw goes near her and holds her hand, Ridhima is still trying to understand that what is happening here. Vansh says, Ridhu dear meet my dearest friend cum brother from another mother, Kabir. Ridhima gets shocked again ( ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ p.s its even funny for me to think of her expression right now, like WTF happening here๐Ÿ˜‚) Kabir says holds her hand too and says brother, she is my girl whom k met 2 years ago. Vansh says but i met her way before you because she is mine soulmate and kisses Ridhima’s cheeks. Kabir pulls her toward him while Vansh pull her toward him.

Ridhima gets fed up and explodes. Stop it guys, what are you both doing and am i the only one who has no idea what’s going on? How you both no each other abd why you both are acting like child over me. Vansh and Kabir both laughs at her and Kabir says because you get pranked, we already knew that you are my Ridhima who is getting married to Vansh (even though its fake engagement but still). Flashback shows that yesterday at dinner Kabir saud the truth that he already show the article online and for you kind information Mister Bramchari (Bachelor) the girl you got caught up is my girl. Vansh gets shocked and ask him What/how/Why/When ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. Did destiny played a prank on me. From the entire world, the girl with whom i had to play fake engagement is your girl ? My brother’s GF, Bhabhi ji๐Ÿค” ( he said that bhabhi ji in a fun way btw). FLASHBACK ENDS. Vansh says so we thought to play a prank on you too and that’s why we planned this double date and all. Ridhima punches both of them, liars. She goes from there. Kabir says go Vansh bro, my SIL is in bad mood, go and apologize to her. Vansh looks on. Ridhima is walking in the road, checking her phone for the cab. Suddenly Vansh comes on his car, oh hello, madam, mrs., Love, Ridhu, oh god what else should i have to call her. Oh bhabhi ji ( SIL), Ridhima stops and turn around, what do you need now. Go back to you dear friend and say to him also no need to call and text me. You both live together IDC i am going to shift from your house today.

Vansh send her pic, she sees it and suddenly get ready to sit in his car. Vansh says now that’s like my good girl ( Actually the pic was of the contract papers). Btw, since when did you both guys are couple and moreover, why didn’t you said anything about this earlier when all this contract drama was going on that you already was in relationship? Ridhima says because she didn’t knew at that time that Kabir will be back so soon and she thought it just the matter of few months, once the situation gets better she would have declare there brakeup publicly and than never see each other again. Vansh gets upset for a second but didn’t let her see that. Vansh says now that we ran away from our lunch date, now where should we go. Ridhima says i want to go home. Vansh says ok then we will go to fair( as he said earlier that he will not follow her command). They reach to the fair and Ridhima sees all that marey land and other rides. She saw air balloons and runs toward them to catch them while Vansh smiles seeing her behaving like a child after entering the fair.

Precap- They are in the ride and Vansh gets afraid and holds Ridhima’s hand while closes his eyes.

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