Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 15

The episode starts with Vansh coming back home and ringing on the door and Ridhima was sleeping on the chair while waiting for Vansh. After hearing the bell, she wakes up and goes to open the door. Vansh ask her what took her so long to open the door? did she forget that I wasn’t back home yet. Anyways today my mood is very good so I don’t want to start the argument here and also be ready tomorrow we are going on a date, so you be looking beautiful. Ridhima looks on, Vansh mentioning their Date is a big news for her. Then she remembers that she already said yes to Kabir for date. She tries to say no to Vansh for the date. But he pulls her closer, turn her around and hugs her from behind. He while faking his smile says to Ridhima, what did I just said to you? Today my mood is very good than why you are trying to ruin my mood? Don’t force me to show you the contract papers where you agreed to go on every date/party with me and you can’t back-off from it. So, my love, you basically have no choice to say NO. He pushes her away, so be ready at noon and I don’t want to hear any excuses in future. Don’t forget we are in contract relationship…CONTRACT not real one so doesn’t try to question my commands. He comes to his room and says to himself, what does she thinks of herself, how dare her saying no to me. Tomorrow I will show you what it’s like to be in real relationship with VR. Ridhima thinks what will she do now. She can’t refuse Vansh demand and she also can’t say no to Kabir, we are going to meet after 1 year.

She thinks that she can’t argue with Vansh here but she can try to postpone her meeting with Kabir. She calls him and ask him if they could postpone their meeting and rather than having a lunch, they can meet for dinner? Kabir says no problem, I can understand. Work should be our first priority; don’t worry I will try to postpone our double date with my friend and will meet at dinner instead. He cuts the call, Ridhima thinks he didn’t even try to convince me to come not even for the single time, for him work always his first priority, it was 2 years back and it is now as well. She comes to their room and sees Vansh sleeping on bed without even changing clothes. She gave blanket on her and thinks one side there is Kabir who didn’t even try to convince me to come and on the other hand, there is Vansh, who literally forced me to go with her. Seriously, can’t they behave like normal human beings, why they have to be so childish. She goes on the living room to sleep on couch. Next day, Ridhima is taking a bath and Vansh runs toward the washroom as he is in serious situation right now and he can’t hold more. But Ridhima didn’t listen the knocking and the door wasn’t even locked so Vansh enters the door and sits on the toilet seat. Ridhima gets shocked to see him entering the washroom without her permission. So, she questions him, where is his manners? Don’t you know you shouldn’t enter the washroom if someone is already present there. Now please leave the washroom. Vansh says madam, relax, first of all it was an emergency and I knocked the doors for like hundred times but you didn’t respond, secondly the door wasn’t locked, third and the very main reason I DON’T CARE who is inside or not. This is my apartment and there will be my rules. Moreover, I am not interested in looking at you specially right now when I have my own business to handle, he poops. She covers her nose and says eww. Oh god when will be our contract over, this man is intolerable.

Vansh smiles and thinks it’s just a starting love, there are many more things to come ahead, be ready. At afternoon, they get ready for their date. Ridhima is looking way too hot and beautiful. Vansh looks on and says wow, now you are looking tolerable. See, I already suggested you to take the bath regularly (commenting on her lack of cleanliness habit) now you can see the difference by yourself. Shall we leave and they leave for the restaurant. They reach there and Vansh ask Ridhima to sit while he is going out to make few calls. He goes out, on the other hand Kabir enters the restaurant without noticing Vansh there. Kabir sees Ridhima sitting alone on the table and goes toward her.

Precap- Kabir congratulate Vansh and Ridhima for their engagement and tries to look happy while Ridhima looks on.

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