Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 14

The episode starts with Vansh following the shadow and coming out from his cabin. Suddenly the shadow disappeare but vansh keep looking for that guy , someone from behind jumps at him. He turn around and grab that man from his neck. The guy start shouting, its me… its me…. Kabir. Vansh removes the mask and says Kabir! and smiles. When you came back from paris and what’s with this whole drama. You know me these tricks won’t scare me. They both hug each other. Kabir says i thought to give you a little surprise, after all we are meeting after 2 years. By the way ( he twists Vansh hand) why didn’t you ever call me since then and always rejected my calls,why? Are you fed up from your old childhood friend? Vansh replies it’s not that brother. I was busy with ky work and all and moreover, i thought you also must be busy with your shoots and all, so i thought to don’t disturb you. Come on, first lets go and grab something to eat. I haven’t eaten anything since morning and you must be hungry too. Kabir says but today’s treet will be on me, I have another surprise for you. First lets go from here, your office feels exactly like you, old and boring.

They come to a restaurant, vansh looks around and says your taste didn’t change a bit, even after coming from Paris you still likes Indian fast food!! I was hoping that you will take me to some high class restaurant but again its our usually Dhaba. Kabir says oho, mr. Ameer zade( even you didn’t change at all, still the same old guy who judge everyone from their money. Vansh says except you. Kabir says yeah yeah whatever, first come and sit. Don’t embarrass me infront of them, see they all are starring at us. He covers his face with face mask. He says don’t forget, i am a star now. What if someone recognised me, i want my personal space too. Now will you please come and sit or I’ll leave from here. Vansh says ok sir, i am sitting, happy!! I was just saying about the dhaba and you took it far away and lectured me. Anyways, now tell me what’s your surprise you was talking about. Kabir says, your dearest friend finally decided to break the heart of millions of his female fans and wanted to give his own heart to someone special. I finally decided to propose her…. My one and only love…Ridh…. ( But Vansh gets a call and answers it) it’s Ridhima’s call and she asked him, when he is gonna come home? Vansh says oho, someone is becoming bossy now. Have you already accepted me as your future would be husband ? Kabir looks on surprised as he didn’t expect Vansh to be in relationship with someone. Vansh says don’t worry, i am with my friend so i will come home late, have you dome your dinner ? She looks at the arrangement she did for their dinner and says yes, of course, why would be i remain hungry for you. I already had my dinner. Its just this place is new for me that’s why i thought to give you a call. You carry on with your dinner and enjoy with your friend, bye. Vansh thinks wow, someone is waiting for me at home, its a new feeling and smiles. Kabir sees him and asks him someone is getting a call from her gf… Who was she? What she do? Why didn’t you told me earlier? Vansh says so.many questions. Don’t worry i will introduce you with her tomorrow. You also call your gf and ask her to join us. Kabir says fantastic, good idea, It will be a double date.

On the other hand, Ridhima looks on the food and all she ordered and organised for her and Vansh. She thinks why did i even done that? I must be out of my mind to even think you getting a a good start with him. I am with Kabir and only he can be my future husband. Ridhima!!! Delete all the dirty thoughts you have for that Mr. Khadoos. Kabir calls him and ask him baby, where are you ? Ridhima replies i am at my home? Why? Btw how was your flight ? All good? Kabir says yes my flight was good but i missed you all the time when i was in aeroplane. All the time i thought now its time when i will see my love. Btw, what’s your plan for tomorrow ? Ridhima says nothing, i am free, why you asked ? Kabir says today i met my dearest friend and surprisingly, he is also in a relationship . So we decided to go on a double date tomorrow if you willing to come. Ridhima replies oh ok, good idea, even i missed you alot. It will be good if we go for lunch and moreover, its the same friend right? Whom you always kept on praising, he is this, he is that, right? Kabir says yes he is the same, so its final we are going on double date tomorrow. He cuts the call and finals the double date with Vansh. Vansh says great, lets see how pretty your choice is.

Precap- Vansh asks Ridhima to go on date with him tomorrow as a couple. His friend wanted to meet her. Ridhima thinks what would i do now, both kabir and Vansh asked me for date ?

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