Are you liking Silsila’s current track?

Colors’ Silsila is going through highly dramatic twists. Mauli has started getting hints about Kunal and Nandini’s affair. She rebukes the truth. She doesn’t want to accept that anything such can really happen. Many concerned people warn Mauli about Nandini again and again, but Mauli remains into her bubble of belief that her best friend and husband can never cheat her. Rajdeep even produces evidences before Mauli to make her accept the truth. He brings Kunal and Nandini’s pictures. He wants Mauli to oppose their affair, but Mauli is on a different note. Mauli doesn’t want to spoil her relationships by believing someone like Rajdeep.

Mauli eradicates her doubts so that she doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. Little does she know that Kunal and Nandini are really cheating her. Mauli gets back-stabbed by Nandini. Kunal and Nandini feel they aren’t wrong to have a love affair, since emotions can’t be justified. Kunal has developed love for Nandini. He doesn’t know if his emotions are right or wrong. Same is the case with Nandini, who also dwells with self-justified feelings. Kunal doesn’t think of Mauli. Since the truth can’t be buried behind hundred walls, Mauli learns about their affair and shatters. This changes their relationships completely and forever. Are you liking Silsila’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Interested only in maulis track after leap

  2. Interested only in maulis track, show us how mauli going to live her life

  3. Riana

    Definitely unliking the current track… Cant carry on with this thing although i know its reality and even i feel connected towards mauli… Kunal & Nandini’s affair came towards mauli in a very disgusting, heartless and painful way…. Where on one side mauli was praying to bappa to bless their relation kunal on the other hand was enjoying applying colors on nandini’s face !!… Actually i find nandini more confused about her feelings although she knows kunal is mauli her bf’s husband, she still romanced him !… Rajdeep is a dirt i dont wanna talk anything about him and i do not support him whether he did good or bad.. But for mauli i feel like she need to be strong and face the ugliest phase of her life… Nandini should stop this and move on in her life… Kunal should apologise for what he did and then start a new beginning with mauli after a while… I dont support EMA !! 🙂

  4. Riana

    Spoilers says that this drama is heading for a 2 years leap !! 😵😵😵😵

  5. What rubbish frame is this, piece off shit. Your friend helps and you cheat on her. Bullshit

  6. Make them to realize value of marriage and friendship…. more then trust of is wife loving caring…. give justices to the role of mauli.😊😊.. Teach lesson to cheap people kunal n characterless 🐍🐍🐍nandini… Stop their disgusting lovey dovey extra martial affair… both of them shud suffer wt they did to mauli back stabers😠😠😠…. They should beg on feet of mauli for betraying her…. Don’t spoil the relationship and friendship by creating non sense story n don’t give wrong message to society…. Better stop these serial show…. It’s just a serial but it’s giving wrong message viewers also don’t create this type stories once again…. Make kunal n mauli pair again kickout these nandini.👿👿👿👿… can’t see mauli crying n suffering like a hell it’s hurts to see her like day😫😫😫😫…. Mauli love u so much 😍😍😘😘😘love u mailing…. Hate u kunal n bleedy b*t*h nandini 😠😠😠😡😡

  7. Don’t like the these serial only…. Please change the track of these serial give justice to mauli…. Else stop these serial for betterment✋

  8. We can’t expect makers to give Justice to mauli, as per story cheaters are main leads here so makers will justify only them not mauli.

  9. It’s just a show people, purely entertainment only. And please don’t try and be so high & might, this is a reality today, not only in Bollywood but in real life too. Marriage has no value for today’s generation, it’s just a piece of paper. This happens in real life….I know people having extra marital affairs all the time with no sense of guilt or remorse. The society today has become very selfish, everyone does what they want right or wrong !!! Everyone lives for the moment and does what makes them happy with no regard for anyone else’s feelings……..this is the 21st century and coming centuries will be worse !!! So just go with the flow and watch the drama unfold….again pure entertainment only !!! NO need to hate on the actors playing the characters……I applaud colors for showing today’s reality as opposed the BS Saans/Bahu crap which no longer exists….

    1. Yes its a show which ppl watch and these are the shows only which give message to the society… So what is wrong should be shown wrong .As a villain in movie or any tv show does wrong things or something which is not wright or disgusting so he is called the villain.

    2. Yes its a show which ppl watch and these are the shows only which give message to the society as well… So what is wrong should be shown wrong .As the villain in movie or any tv show does wrong things or something which is not wright or disgusting so he is called the villain not because his name is villain.

  10. It’s so typical
    After all its just a serial and what are they showing just the dark side of the society
    Human brain are so judgemental kitna bhi inkar kar lo yeh toh hona hi tha sabko pata tha serial lunch hone wala din se toh abb yeh not justified wala drama really no need please friends grow up

  11. Watched few episode and I regret watching this disgusting, wrong message to the society but since these cheaters are the lead character they makers will turn mauli to negative character and and soon we will start disliking her 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Want to watch only mauli scene , it should be gud if she get the news of her pregnancy and start new life with happy family without kunal .
    It will be awesome to see when kunal regret to have nandini in his life

  13. The only thing that will save this show is if Nandini was negative all along, or Mauli betters herself and rises above both of them. I think Kunal and Nandini deserve each other, they are both thoughtless and selfish.

  14. Whatever they showing is actually current track in our daily life… we can’t blame any makers of the serial… because it’s happening in daily life… they just showing its. That’s all. .

  15. Story of Sridevi and boney Kapoor
    How Sridevi deceived her friend Mona who gave shelter to the former one and then got pregnant without Mona’s knowledge

  16. Frankly this show is letting people know you can blindly trust anyone’s an eye-opener, first of all the great Nandini mam betrays her best friend she doesn’t even feel ounce of guilt or use her waterworks or so called Dari hui ladki avatar while having skinship with the mahaan Kunal but later on when mauli founds their affair she feels all those things really what a bestie yar? And even she justifies her realtion with Kunal is right in front of her ex husband like really? heights of shamelessness
    that mahaan saint Kunal says “tried to control” ROFL moment of the episode I mean is he , his feelings for mauli and character are that weak ? Just by seeing Nandini enjoying in rain he forgot about his marriage ,family and all .. I mean my doubt is that the relation which started with lust is more powerful than kunal-mauli’s love and marriage? And even breaking her best friend’s marriage she calls Kunal continuously to know whether he is okay ?(literally she is behaving like chipkali from that day onwards)lol nandini..if the way you took efforts to know about Kunal’s whereabouts and well-being are really so great😂🤣 I think atleast she should’ve tried 1% of those efforts to justify so called “saccha pyaar” to mauli ..because she has right to know that she is not wrong in trusting you two hormonal adults but those two are wrong who can’t control their lust and hormones and broke mauli’s trust as well as heart.., and the great Kunal doesn’t even try to stay away for that Nandini and her thoughts even after all this drama he saw that he literally broke mauli seriously if Nandini is his love of life ..,and so called true love then he should free mauli asap from this stupid marriage and let her lead life in peace .. and he and his nandu can live in shit and do their skinship without working and can throw his doctor degree in dustbin …but is he really regretting? I don’t think so !

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