Are you excited for upcoming twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala?

Star Plus’ Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will be bringing a big revelation in the special episode, going to air in the coming week. The promos are already out, which shows that Kulfi will be learning the big truth of Sikandar being her biological father. Kulfi has been searching for her father ever since she left from the village post her mother’s death. Kulfi is aware that Tevar isn’t her real father, but she loves him for all the love he is showering on her. Tevar’s unconditional love gets acknowledged by her. She also regards Sikandar close to heart. She has always wished that her father resembles Sikandar.

Kulfi’s wish turns true when she learns this pleasant news. Kulfi and Sikandar’s special bonding is the highlight of the show. There will be more of their cute moments and realizations. The actors’ natural performances and emotional tracks are much appreciated. The show looks more promising after the big revelation. Kulfi’s changing terms with Sikandar will be seen. Much drama can be expected in Kulfi’s life. Sikandar and Tevar’s friendship doesn’t remain the same. Are you excited for upcoming twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. most irritating serial..

  2. Yeah right, and you believe this. This show will not reveal anything. With a family wimp liars who are only good at deceiving their son what can you expect. If Kullfi ever finds out, Sikandars mother will beg her and make her promise to never tell him, emotionally blackmail the poor child. What’s exciting about that kind of abuse.

  3. i really wish of what will be happening
    next the writers dont make tevar a bad
    man coz that will be disgusting.
    i wish whatever truth comes may he
    still be the good man

  4. Please,dear writer, stop abuseing little girl and kind man’s story but still people watching everyday and it’s effects on their mind.Televison is big part of peoples life now .

  5. Everyone knows about the relationship between kulfi & slander except them only. On 5th Dec episode kulfi will get to know about the truth but she will not reveal it to sikander. These people are making fool of us. Most irritating serial.

  6. I feel kulfi and tevar’s relation is best and pure relation in this show. I never want kulfi to go to sikandar. And hope tever will always remain same.

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