Are you excited for big twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala?

Star Plus’ Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is running for one hour this week. The show is bringing interesting twists. Sikandar gets determined to find Kulfi’s real father. He knows the fact that Kulfi’s mother is no more. He doesn’t accept Tevar’s claims. He wants Tevar to go for a DNA test if he is really Kulfi’s father. Tevar doesn’t want to prove anything, since his heart has accepted Kulfi as his daughter. He showers all the love of the world on Kulfi. He really takes cares of her. Tevar smiles with her, cries with her and starts to bond with her. Tevar expects Kulfi to accept him as her father soon.

Sikandar doesn’t want any fake person to force relations on Kulfi, like David has done in the past. He wishes to keep Kulfi away from all the problems. Sikandar feels a big responsibility towards Kulfi. He observes Tevar’s genuine concern for Kulfi. But, he wants Kulfi to live with her real father. Sikandar tries to know Tevar’s past. He wants to prove the planted evidences fake and get Kulfi freed from Tevar. Sikandar pledges to unite Kulfi with her real father. Sikandar and Kulfi’s bond will be known to one and all soon. The drama is getting more intense. Are you excited for big twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. but..what’s the big twist???

  2. Hope it’s a good twist. All I am seeing is bad prevailing , and only lies.

  3. Of course! It should be a good and positive one let negative either die or throw away ,
    where is situ ? He has left Kulfi like that and not seen he has to come and meet kulfi,,,,,,

    1. hi
      Opinion about kulfi episode kulfi should now her own father soon as a small child cannot accept everyone and the true love of nimrat is getting spoiled so let her know her father or in leap the kulfi should be Shruthi Sharma so that SikaJi can understand the truth.Why both Tevar and Kulfi should be cheated again when everyone know this father and child is not true. I feel pity on Tevar again cheated by Lovely and Minti. …….. mmmm

  4. Yeah but love the way tevar loves kulfi😍😘 though sikandar is her real father it’s best for her to stay with tevar because she is being happy now adays staying away from cunning lovely and amyra

  5. Tevar is the True Father

    Big twist is that Sikko Sikander brings Kulfi home and further destroys her childhood!

    If anything, there should be leap where Kukfi is raised in loving, nurturing environment. She can then defend herself against those yentas.

    And then she can come to terms with Sikko Sikander merely being sperm donor, whereas Tevar is Father by heart.

    Tevar should be the Father at Kukfis wedding to Rohan.

    And they lived happily after after!

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