Are you enjoying Bepannaah’s current track?

Colors’ Bepannaah is bringing an interesting track. Aditya and Zoya get well clued about their enemy Rajveer. Initially, Rajveer tried to create misunderstandings between them. Aditya and Zoya have made their love vows so strong that nobody can shaken the foundation. They are pretty sure that it would be easy to handle Rajveer. Zoya gets troubled when Rajveer’s plotting hurts Aditya. She falls weak finding Aditya and Hooda family in trouble. Zoya gets strength from Aditya, who believes in her. Aditya wants Zoya to face Rajveer.

Aditya and Zoya hide from the world and secretly romance. They don’t miss a chance to spend time together. The secret romance of newly weds seems to be working right for the show. Aditya’s new side is seen by his mischief. Zoya also presents a bold fighter spirit. She becomes more confident by Aditya’s support. Zoya enters Rajveer’s territory to fail him. Zoya tries to win Rajveer’s trust so that she can know about his revenge motives. She finds this the most difficult part. Aditya and Zoya battle Rajveer while keeping up the fun. Are you enjoying Bepannaah’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Ya I am enjoying the current track cause we are getting close scenes 😚😚😋😋🤣🤣

  2. Ya I am enjoying the current track cause we are getting close scenes 😚😚😋😋🤣🤣 I agree

  3. Yes I am enjoying the current track and hope to see more excited episodes as now.

  4. No, this new track is totally stupid. Whole show is besharam crap and stupid. I started watching show from the beggining because I wanted to give it a chance.. at the start, that was my favourite show. Great cast, great acting skills, everything was just perfect. Then, after 30-40 episodes show started to be very boring and annoying. That whole crap with Aditya feeling love for Zoya and making her realise that is very stupid… First, I never saw in Zoya’s eyes love for Aditya that I saw in his eyes many times. So, Zoya does not love Aditya. She wanted to be just friends with him and she didn’t intend to marry.. but her Abbu… The most annoying person in this show… Then, she left Arshad that day and left with Aditya just because he was her last option. She didn’t want to marry Arshad, so there is Adi. Then… That whole stupid drama… after that, Anjana was finally exposed and everyone has easily forgiven her. She killed Sakshi, Pooja, Yash and their child with no guilt.. but they have forgiven her just because she is a mother. She is not mother, she is bl*ody psycho!!! (Actress is very good and I really like her a lot, but that is her role in this serial) even after that, she hates Zoya and plans again to kick her out. Firstly, Zoya was trying to defend Yash and Pooja at the court.. she was again Mahaan, and I think it is just because of her saas Madhu. And now, there is no Madhu…. There is new saas Anjana the Killer; Zoya is now with her and so easily forgot everything. I agree it is not good what Pooja and Yash did, but death.. no, not at all!!! Anjana should be severally punished. Zoya earlier was so annoying while fighting for Yash and Pooja.. and now.. she just doesn’t think about that. Then, Rajveer and his Nani.. my God. CVs are trying to make them bad, so that Anjana looks like good and nice maa. I am sure that Rajveer is Harshavandan’s illegimate son that he didn’t accept. Rajveer’s maa died.. and now Rajveer is shown as bad. Anyone would be mad and angry if on his place!!
    And then, we have AdiYa that just think about romancing… Everyone say their love is big and their jodi is amazing, but my opinion is NO. Their jodi is very bad..
    I think this show needs to end ASAP. Really, it lasted so long.. it started in March and now it is November, this should end before start of 2019. So that we can have some new shows.. also, TRP rating is not so good. CVs don’t know what to show, they tried everything, rating is bad even now. That means it should end

    1. Soooooo trueee my exact thoughts

  5. Yes, I’m loving these moments as I gave a feeling they’ll be gone soon for a while and we’ll have an emotionally draining track which I hope will be nothing compared to Arshad’s presence.

  6. I am loving this show. The ones who don’t enjoy may switch on to other channels.

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