Are you all excited for the next episode of Brahmarakshas 2

Are You All Excited For The Next Episode Of Brahmarakshas 2?

Brahmarakshas 2 is the sequel of the blockbuster series Brahmarakshas which starred Krystle  D’Souza and Aham Sharma.

Brahmarakshas revolved around Raina, a young girl, goes to Kamalpura with her friend for a wedding. However, when the bride is killed by the Brahmarakshas, she marries Rishabh to exact revenge on the monster.

Brahmarakshas 2 stars Pearl V Puri, who is known for his role Mahir in Naagin 3 and Nikki Sharma.

The first episode of brahmarakshas 2 aired on 22 November 2020 .

The show was much awaited by the viewers since the first promo was out.

The first episode of brahmarakshas 2 showed how  an ordinary man was becomes a brahmarakshas and after 16 Years , it shows Angad and Kalindi who were childhood friends.

Angad is shown as a flirt football player,while kalindi is shown as a sweet girl…

Angad’s father wants him to get married to his friend’s daughter kalindi, while he is not interested. Finally,they decides to go to India for attending his relative’s Marriage.

At last , It shows a roar of Brahmarakshas.

Are You All Excited For The Next Episode??I am really  excited…..

Keep hooked for the next episodes…….

Keep Watching………

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