Are we destined for each other?????(We knew each other!!!?)

He has taken two days leave from the office. So, to reduce the work he started doing his works there itself. Not only that, the work also will keep him away from the sorrow of his mom’s anger.

He loved her a lot. She was his everything. He even looked after Omru when Jhanvi and Tej used to fight. How did he know how to look after? It was all because of him mom. He looked after them, how Pinky looked after him. She never used to shout at him and this was the first time. So, no wonder if he felt guilty. During his birthday, his mom used to give him something related to dance. It all started from a radio, then a tape recorder, video player till a music player, it was according to the technology changes. None of the other members will give him this, except his mom. How much he missed his mom, when she used to massage his head when he was tensed, when she used to look after him even now if she had fever, he also remembers her reaction when she saw him at the hospital when he was injured. It was just a small scratch on the head, but her hug that time was like if she got something she lost for years, it was just 2 hours. Tears are forming in his eyes, each time he remembers his mom. Now he knew why she is rightly called Mom. She really wanted to look after Omru but she knows if she looks after them then maybe the position Jhanvi had on the kids will be taken over by her. She knew Shivaay was right person. She and Shakti were the ones who helped Jhanvi and Tej in their problems.

Anika gets up from her sleep. Shivaay helps her get up.

S: Are you ok?

A: Is something wrong with me?

S: No, nothing. You just slept because of the effect of medicines.

A: I was just thinking how you can act so well. Why did you cry?

S: (changes the subject)You thought only you know acting? Even I know it. I used to act in school dramas.

A: (she knew he changed it, but she played along) Even I used to act. I used to act since I was in first std itself.

S: But our school didn’t have drama act for kids.

A: I was in ABC International School till my 4th std.

S: Oh…..Even I was there. I have some photos with me, do you want to see?

A: Yes!

He takes out a small album from the cupboard. He opens it and explains all of the experiences in each photo. It includes his eager to go to school, then how he used to cry for not going back home those days and then Pinky had to pull him from there, how people were eager to see a person different from them – his blue eyes and many more stories. But one photo caught her eyes. It was a picture of a girl in ragged clothes from the story of Cinderella.

A: Where did you get this picture from?

S: Why?

A: Just tell me.

S: This is from the school! This was my first drama and I was the prince. She was the first girl which I was could never take my eyes off.

Anika was so happy. A beautiful smile appeared in her face.

A: You know even I was there in the drama.

S: That girl is pretty even in her rags, rt?

A: She should be.

S: (thinks: Isn’t she a wife? Why is she not getting jealous when I am telling her the truth.) I am not joking.

A: Neither am I!

S: You know her? Where are you in these pics? I do have the video if you are not there in the photos.

A: Before that, I will just show you something.

She takes a bag from the cupboard and takes out a book in which it is written – “Memories With Mom”. She sits with him and takes a photo in which a lady is dressing up her kid in rags, the same lady dressing up the kid in a beautiful blue dress.

A: (She points at the kid) This is me and (points at the lady) this is Ma.

S: You? (shocked) That means we know each other from that time itself.

A: Yes!

They started jumping on the bed.

A: I know you!

S: You know me!

A: I know you!

S: You know me!

Suddenly, Rudra opens the door seeing all this drama

R: What happened to Bhaiya and Bhabhi? I think both have gone mad. (He calls them) Bhaiya! Bhabhi!

They stop and got down from the bed.

S: Rudra?

R: Are you people mad? If you hadn’t listened when I called, I would have thought you people have gone mad.

S&A: Me? Mad? No Way!

R: (He goes near Anika) Bhabhi, till now I thought my brother is mad and now I understand even you’re mad. (Shivaay widens his eyes) Whatsoever happens, I need this mad Bhaiya with me.

A: Take him, I don’t mind, but tell him to give my pillow at night.

Shivaay and Rudra goes out of the room. Anika goes to freshen up.

After Dinner:

A: Where is my new saree?

S: Which one?

A: The one I wore yesterday.

S: I am going to throw it. The moment I see it, I remember what happened yesterday

A: Ok, then I will throw you also. Because the moment I see you, I remember the dreaded hospital.

S: No…..not me!

A: Then not this saree! This is gifted by my Pinky ma (Shivaay’s mom face changes when he hears Pinky’s name and Anika notices it) and Jhanvi Ma. I will never throw it. (She keeps it inside the cupboard)

Shivaay goes to sleep on the bed. Anika came and started making the pillow wall in between. He takes one pillow and,

S: Do you think we need this anymore?

Are you all ready for their happy moments?

When will Pinky and Shivaay talk to each other??

NOTE: I have not mentioned what happens in between some conversations. Some parts are not explained, for example, Tej-Jhanvi problem. But it will be explained in Rikara and Ruvya parts. TO SHIVIKA FANS: there will be some Shivika moments in Rikara parts but main focus will be on Rikara

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