Are we destined for each other?????(Rikara Starts! : Bestie – Brother Marriage!!!?)

Sorry for giving a short update!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you like this part of Rikara. If not, I have  another plot with me!

It was their bestie’s marriage with his brother. He was standing near his brother and she was near her bestie. They were looking at each other. They knew that they shared more than friendship, even though she never understood and he couldn’t figure out as he never thought that way. They knew each other since 8th std. She knew him and he knew her. They are very different.

He never knew why he felt something bad when she is dating Ajay and she never knew why she felt bad when he is dating Riddhima.

They were looking at each other. They noticed that they wore the same colour dress even though they never talked about it.


He went to her and,

H: Hey! How’s life with a boyfriend?

S: As usual! We broke up!

H: (happily) You guys broke up?

S: For this why are you reacting like this?

H:( shows a serious expression) You guys broke up?

S: Yes! He wants me to adjust every time. I don’t want that. He should also adjust with me.

H: That’s true! Both of you should have a mutual understanding. Anyway, even I broke up with her.

S: Seriously?

H: Yes

S: Why?

H: She wants me to look after her stuff, as if I were her servant. It’s so boring with her. She is irritating.

She laughs. Seeing her, even he laughs.

S: When can we meet after tomorrow?

H: On Sunday! I am having an art exhibition on XYZ place.

S: Oh really! Then I am ready.

H: Ok, then bye, see you tomorrow!

S: Sure! Bye!

They never knew why he/she is special among their group. They always felt a spark between them. It is something they can’t explain. Even though, she was in a relationship, she always felt something to him. This was also felt by him. But they never talked to each other.

They met each other the next day, but it was for their bestie and his sister-in law Ani. Ani was in trouble because his brother’s girlfriend was Tia.

She doesn’t like Tia because of her attitude. Tia is such a drama queen. They were friends before, but when she came to know about Tia’s real colours, she left her. Tia only used to make friends with rich brats and used to insult others especially Ani.

He doesn’t like Tia especially when he sees her clinging his brother, Shivaay. He knew Tia was behind them because they were rich.

And, about art. That’s what he and she love immensely. If he was a painter, she will add meaning to his painting exactly the way he wants.

Even when he needed to know the truth which Ani was hiding, he confronted her, not Mallika or Sid.

They were always there for each other. When she was in trouble due to the accident, the one she called was him, not her parents. She never knew why she called him.

The first question she asked him was how did he get such a silky hair.(Adaptation from ishqbaaz). He laughed at it and told her the truth – it was hereditary.

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