Are we destined for each other?????(Memories)


Shivaay returns from office. He sees Anika writing something on her notebook. The last time he saw her writing is few months before.

S: What are you writing?

A: I am planning

S: What?

A: A wedding!

S: Whose? You got a new contract?

A: Yes, it’s of my cute friends Sid and Mallika.

S: You people were a group, rt?

A: Yes

S: I remember our first official meeting.

A: Even me, the first time when Om introduced me to you. How weird I used to feel after 12th even though me and Om were in contact through my fake account.

S: I do remember, it’s the same name as your pen name, Shika

A: I had a fake email account

S: Ok, what about your first book? Did your parents know about it?

A: No! It was when Om urged me to publish my book. Gauri’s parents helped me in publishing it.

S: Didn’t you feel like cheating them – I meant your parents?

A: Why should I? This was the only way to keep me happy. If I didn’t have the least idea of this, I would have buried this talent also inside.

S: I really loved your non-fiction book. Remember the fight we had, when I was shocked realizing that you wrote that book.

A: Yes, that expression on your face is something which I will never forget.


It was when Anika came to Oberoi Mansion to meet Om casually. She wanted to just discuss with Om for Sid-Malli engagement. It was when she was returning back home, she bumped into him, Shivaay.

A: I am sorry!

S: Don’t you have eyes?

A: I told I am sorry.

S: Why can’t you walk properly?

A: You have a problem with my walking. I was looking at my phone at that time and didn’t notice you, what about you? You were looking at your phone and walking. Ok, then also I said sorry. Why are starting a fight? You don’t have eyes, because you were born blind, rt? I forgot it! So, say sorry!

S: I am not blind and I won’t say sorry.

A: You’re literally a bhagad billa!

S: Watch your words! Don’t mix English with your low-class hindi.

A: Mr, English Professor, you have a problem with my language! Why are you bothered with my problems? I don’t have a problem with my walking and language, then why should you?

S: Your English is stupid!

A: That’s why my first book had ratings more than 4.5 out of 5 stars

S: That maybe some fools would have rated it.

OmRu were watching this fight.

O: Shivaay, even you like this book.

S: Which one?

O: India – the one you see from foreigners or the one you see from there?

Shivaay looks shocked.

A: (she shows her logic sign) See, some people were telling only fools will rate my book. Now it turned out, he himself was a fool!

S: You!

He moves out of the scene bashed.


They laugh.

S: Seriously, even though I went from there bashed, I read that book more than 10 times.

A: Because it is said books are meant to read once, rt?

S: Yes! You went out today?

A: No

S: Why?

A: First I thought of going out, but then if something again happens to me then I will have to hear all your lectures at a go. That’s something which I can’t bear. I remember you used to give a lot of lectures to Omru and our gang on our hygiene.

S: You people used to eat Pani puri from street which is unhygienic.

A: Ok, I am not starting it again. You go freshen up.

S: Ok

Shivaay goes. At that time, she takes out the last page of the book and scribbles something.


Shivaay was getting up ready for his work. He wore the blue suit which Anika kept for him as usual. His dress is never chosen by him, it will be either Omru or Pinky or Anika. It’s because he loved to wear what they like. Today is a special day for him, but not this time because his mom is not talking to him, so he didn’t even notice the speciality. Everyone is busy today. So, he silently eats his food and goes out. That’s it guys, stop acting busy. He went.

A: He went, let’s start our preparations.

What are the preparations for????????

P: Yes, this should be the happiest birthday for him.

Tej and Shakti have gone to office, so that he doesn’t get suspicious.

All others are at home busy with the birthday preparations. They all did the decorations, packed the gifts and baked his favourite flavoured cake – Chocolate. He is little childish, when it comes to his likes and dislikes. After making the preparations ready,

R: Bhabhi, who should we tell is unwell?

A: Whose name should we tell?

P: We will tell my name.

A: That’s good, he will come. We will say that doctor already came and checked her. Then also he will anyway come.

O: That’s a good idea.

J: Then call him, Ani

Anika calls him.

S: Hello.

A: (worried voice)Shivaay, Pinky Ma….(cut off by Shivaay)

S: What happened to Mom? (Others giggle; the phone is in speaker mode)

A: You just come home.

S: I am just coming. (He hurries back home, by the time Shakti and Tej returns)


Shivaay goes home. The lights were off. He opens the switch to see. He gets surprised. He sees everyone smiling confused he looks at Pinky. He goes to Pinky.

S: Mom, are you alright? What did the doctor say?

P: I am ok. I am alright, Shivaay. (smiles)

Shivaay looks at her. He was waiting for this moment, the moment when his mom forgives him. Tears started filling his eyes.

P: Why are you crying? I have forgiven you, rt? Don’t spoil your mood today.

S: Mom (hugs her)

The family was happy in their reunion.

P: Happy Birthday Shivaay!

S: Birthday?

A: (howls) What happened, the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi forgot his birthday?

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