Are we destined for each other?????(Forgetting The Birthday!!!?)

A: What happened the Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi forgot his birthday?

Everyone started laughing.

R: Bhaiyya, I know this happens.

O: It happens, when you sit in front of the laptop and only see the days passing!

A: Poor Billu, leave him alone! My cute billu(pulls his cheek), lets cut the cake.

S: I was already stressed up with the happenings these days and you are teasing me because I forgot my birthday! (makes up a pout face)

D: Billu, won’t you cut your cake today? (teasingly)

Shivaay smiles. Then he cuts the cake and feeds them the cake . Shivaay goes to the room, with all the gifts he got.

Anika gave him a new electronic watch which has a picture of the Oberoi family.She knew his priority was family.

Pinky gave him a new book on dance. She knew one of his passion is dance.

Om gave him a picture which he himself had painted for Shivaay. It was a picture of a happy joint family. He knew that his dream is to see their family live happily.

Rudra gives him a phone. He knew that his brother will break his phones, because of this behaviour, he won’t be able to call everyone at the right time. He also knows that his brother won’t destroy any gift given by any one of the members of their family.

Shakti gave him an idol of Ganapati. He knew that his son has faith on Bappa since childhood.  

Jhanvi gave him a new book. She knew his son will love to write his happiness and cherish it (Yes, guys he writes a diary).

Tej gave him a new responsibility to try to bring a new hotel in his (Shivaay’s) name. He knew that his son love challenges and would like to try to get new opportunities.

Prinku gave him a new flavour of tea. She knew he loved experimenting with new flavours of tea whenever he is happy.

Dadi tied a sacred thread on his hand. She always want him to be safe.

He never like opening his birthday gifts in front of anyone. So, whenever he gets a gift, he opens it in a room with utmost privacy.


Shivaay and Anika were on the bed.

S: I didn’t get my birthday gift.

A: I gave that watch as a gift for you.

S: I need one more gift from you. Only you can give it to me.

A: What?

S: I need you. Are you ready for it?

A: Let me think. It will  just take 5 mins

S: No, it takes longer time.

Anika looks at him surprisingly.

A: Ok, I am ready to it.

She started removing his dress. He even removed his dress.

That’s it, Guys. No peeping into privacy. 

So, it’s time for us to shift our focus on Rikara. 

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    going good….. loved it

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    Gifts are so awwwwwdorable…Lovely Episode..

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