Are we destined for each other?????(Back To Home??)

Anika jumps out of the car. Shivaay stops the car. He goes out….


She opens her eyes slowly adjusting to the light; the place is not familiar to her. A bulb is lighted on top of her. It somehow felt like the room, where the police used to question the criminals, in movies. She couldn’t understand how she reached here. She struggled to remove the ropes tied on her hands, but it went on becoming tight. The last thing, she remembered is jumping out of the car, but how did she reach here? She also noticed a bandage on her head and her head is aching badly. She saw a dark shadow nearing her.

DS: You thought you could overcome me? Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t admit defeat this fast.

A: Why did you kidnap me? Just leave me.(She didn’t want to say it, she want to ask how he is)

S: You expect me to leave you so that you can perform the stunt again.

A: I left you for your safety and you’re behind me! Shivaay, just hear what I have to say, untie my ropes and leave from here.

S: Why should I hear something from you? When it doesn’t matter to you what my opinion is, why should I hear yours? You can at least hear what mom said. No, no you will always hear only half the situation and move off as if we are nothing to you.

A: So, you expect me to stand and hear what she is saying and melt there itself with others sympathy? I have some self-esteem, should I let it go down. And I am not a person who plays with others life. If I had to, I would have stayed there. My mom’s death was all because of me, hadn’t I asked for the chocolate that day, she would have been there by my side. My mom’s sister can only be like a mother but not her. This guilt has been killing me since that time. So, I don’t think so anything will happen if I weren’t there. If I had the courage to suicide, I would have done that. (He keeps his finger on her lips)

S: Now, shut up and hear what I have to say! The one whom you consider as your mom doesn’t consider you as her daughter. She was making you depressed by the method of making a wound, healing it a bit and then deepening it. Her only aim was to get the property on your name written by her sister, i.e., your real mom Gayatri. She was jealous of your mom. Separating you from me is the only way to do it. And ultimately she won half the battle, all because of your broken attitude is the cause of it.

Anika was shocked. She didn’t expect it.

S: Your real mom’s sister’s name is Savitri. She changed her name to Gayatri when your mom died. Your dad never wished that you know about it because he thought you will get affected by it. Ma knew the truth already; in fact our marriage was fixed before itself. Your mom and my mom were thick friends. She knew this truth already. She begged in front of you not to go because of it. You didn’t even consider her pleadings. You only consider about one point. Had you considered about my mom, I wouldn’t have done this.

Anika looked down. She wanted to hug him and say sorry. She knew getting forgiveness is not such an easy task. She was again the reason for the destruction of her love story.

A: (stammers)I…am….sorry.

S: If sorry could fix everything, then this wouldn’t have happened.

Shivaay removes the ropes, he has tied on her hand. Anika takes her bag and was about to go.

S: Where are you going?

A: To my house.

S: You will have to return to Oberoi Mansion.

A: How will I return back? Will they be ready to acknowledge my presence?

S: It’s only because of them; I am here to take you there. Mom may forgive you, but I won’t.


Anika got up early. She woke up to see him sleeping. She was scared at first, but then she gave a peck on his face. After some time, he gets up to find his black coffee on the table. He drinks it.

S: You made the coffee, it is not the right taste. You have added sugar in it. Next time, no sugar!

A: Ok, Shiv

S: Every time, “Ok, Shiv….Ok, Shiv” When are you going to change? Don’t show your glum face to anyone else. To others, let it be like before.

Anika nods her head. She gets out of the room and went to Pinky’s room.

A: Pinky ma, may I come in?

P: Sure, Ani. What happened?

Anika touches her leg with tears. Pinky was astonished.

A: Ma, I am sorry. This is all because of me. I am sorry, my words were like insults. I don’t want to trouble anyone with my presence. That’s why, I have said those words. Pls forgive this daughter. I don’t deserve a mom, like you. You should get someone better, I am a cursed person. (She cries)

Pinky instantly pulls her up.

P: It’s ok, beta. She has turned you like this. What is your fault in this? Don’t come here with these emotional talks. You’re my daughter, my Shivaay’s wife, and what is your mistake in this, if I was in your situation, I would have done the same. Now, show your khidkitod smile and wipe your tears.

Anika wipes her tears and smiles. Such was the bonding between them. They hug each other.


Shivaay returned from his office. He knocked the room, but no one was opening it. He again knocked, but it was the same response. He opened the door to find Anika dancing along the music from her headphones. It seemed like a sad music. He was looking at her moves; they were perfect, like it was before. He remembered staring at her dance moves in a group dance, during school annual day functions. Suddenly, she stops and removes the headphones.

A: Oh, I am sorry.

S: It’s ok. You dance well, soft moves. Can I hear the song you were hearing?

She hands over the headphones. He hears it, and recognizes it. The headphones were playing “Roke Na Ruke Naina”.

S: Emotions!

Anika gets him his tea (NOTE: Here, Anika drinks black coffee and he drinks tea).

A: Tea.

S: Thank you! (sips) You have added too much sugar. I just need moderate.

A: Ok, Shiv. (pause) Shiv, can we be like before?

S: No!

A: I know, I am wrong but pls give me chance.

S: No way! You will cheat me again with your emotional behavior and I won’t forget what you said to Mom. (He removes his shirt, and she notices a bandage on his hand)

A: What happened to your hand? Is it fine, now?

S: How does it matter to you?

A: It matters to me, that’s it.

S: Why?

A: It is not going to change, how did this happen?

S: It doesn’t matter to you if I am alive or de(she covers his mouth)

A: No, don’t say about death.

S: If you really cared for me, then you would have stayed till I come.

A: I do care for you, that’s why I even left the house. I don’t want you to be in danger. (tears started brimming her eyes)

S: Liar! No, you left the house because you don’t care about me. You are very selfish. (He knows where to hit)

Anika kept quiet. She knew if she says a word more, it is not going to affect him.

S: Don’t fast for tomorrow, I know you don’t have faith in all in this religious stuff. I can’t take one more headache.

She knew it’s their first Karwachauth after marriage. He believes in this, should she keep this fast or not?

Will she keep this fast or not?

Will this Karwachauth reunite these two lovers?

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