Are we destined for each other????? (Torturing him like he tortured her!!)

Shivaay had a lot of emotions in him, the anger to that b*t*h who hurt his jaan, the guilt which he felt not being with her when she really needed him, sad that she is suffering every time.

Shivaay got up from Om’s lap.

S: Om, show me the police station where that bastard is arrested!

O: Shivaay, I know you’re angry but this is not the time to react. Anika is serious.

S: If you don’t tell me, then I will find it myself.

Om understood trying to control him is not good right now. He knows that bastard should get his punishment , but it should not affect Shivaay’s or Ani’s life.

Shivaay bribes the officers to take Vikram to a house with his hands and legs tied.

Shivaay got inside. He could see the beast in front of him trying to struggle so that the ropes would break open.

He first dragged Vikram to the corner and pushes him to the side. He then bashes the b*t*h. He throws the things kept there. At last, he takes out the belt he had on the waist and started lashing him taking it as a whip.

Vikram crawled like an earthworm, to escape from the blows. He cries for help. He then acts not to do this again.

S:  You thought I will fall for your acting, Mr. Daksh Khurana.(How did he know it?)


When Anika went to open the door and escape, he pulled her back,

D: Trying to escape, Mrs. Anika!!! That too from this Daksh.

A: You??!

Shivaay hears this as the video vs was on.


S: I will make you cry like you made her cry. I will make you understand that you will never repeat this mistake as I am going to let you suffer. I will make you only suffer and not die. You will regret your actions from now.

He tortured him, till he lost his consciousness.

G: Bade Bhaiyya, Anika di had got her conscious. Please come fast, she is screaming your name for a long time. She didn’t even allow us or the doctors come near her. Please come before things go out of control.

S: I am coming.

Shivaay then locks the room and gets out. He again bribes the officer and runs to the hospital.


A: Don’t come near me. I told don’t come near me. Daksh don’t come near me. Shiv….Shiv… Help me,He is coming to me again. Shiv…

Om  tries to go near her.

A: (She imagines that as Daksh)No!!!!!!! Don’t touch me. (Screams)

Om goes back. The nurse comes near her.

Anika sees Daksh in her and started throwing things at everyone.

A: Get out from here. I told get out….out…

She throws the water bottle, medicines, food and everything near her. Just then Shivaay comes. He was shocked.

S: Anika, calm down. I am here.

Poor girl!!! She is not even in the state to hear him. She again throws things at them.

Shivaay then crawls down on the floor and reaches near her bed. He forcefully hugs her.

S: Anika, I am here. Nothing will happen. See, you know me, I am back.

Anika calms down. She hugs him.

A: Shiv….He is here, kill him now. Tell him to get out. I am getting scared.

She cries. He signs the doctor to do it.

The doctor then goes and injected the sedatives in the drip.

Few moments, he felt the grip getting loosened. He slowly makes her lie on the bed.

The cleaners came and cleaned the room, but he stayed there.

O: Shivaay, you go and take a bath. She will sleep for 2 hrs like this. Meanwhile, Gauri is here, she will take care of her. I will go and finish the hospital formalities.

S: I am not going anywhere. You know how she was reacting.

O: Shivaay, I know it. She will not wake up now. Go and freshen up. It’s a hospital.

Shivaay nods and goes.

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  1. ItsmePrabha

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      Thank You, di!!!! Don’t worry, Daksh will be tortured more!

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    Amazing chappy dear…… Loved it…. Hate Daksh and still shocked about Anika… Loved Shivaay’s caring attitude… Too adorable… Am waiting for next chapter…

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      Thank you so Much!!!!

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    It is nice

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