are Daughters REALLY BURDENS? characters

i have realized i haven’t done the characters yet. so here are our characters.

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omkara singh oberoi a.k.a om, age: 34: husband of gauri and ‘father’ of insiya, aliya, mishti and munni. he wanted to be an artist but his life is ruled by his father hence he is a businessman. very shrewd and arrogant. mostly listens to his father. thinks of a girl’s position in society in the wrong way. thinks a girl should only learn cooking. thinks a girl should get married at a young age and borne a son for her husband. this is his thinking. loves gauri a lot but doesn’t have any love for his daughters.

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gauri omkara singh oberoi, age: 29: wife of omkara singh oberoi and mother of her four daughters who she loves to the moon and back. she loves om but is scared of him because of his thinking about girls. wanted to become something but her fate is cursed. does not want her daughters to marry at a young age like she did. feels ashamed in herself as she hadn’t gave om a son yet. everyone in the family ignores her because she hasn’t borne a son but daughters. hates everyone’s thinking about daughters being a burden.

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insiya omkara singh oberoi a.k.a om, age: 14: eldest daughter of rikara. loves her family and longs for her father’s love. she gets scared of her father a lot. has a passion for singing but being a girl, her dreams will never get fulfilled.

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aliya omkara singh oberoi a.k.a alu, age: 13: second daughter of rikara. loves her family but longs for her father’s love which she might never get. she does get scared of om. wants to be a daughter but being a girl child, her dreams are ashes.

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mishti omkara singh oberoi a.k.a misty, age: 10: third daughter of rikara. loves her family but wants her father’s love badly. scared of om like hell. she loves acting and want to be an actress but since her fate is cursed, her dreams will never happen.

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shaida omkara singh oberoi a.k.a munni, age: 3: the youngest daughter of rikara. very sweet and innocent. longs for her papa’s love and loves everyone in her family.


tej and jhanvi: omru’s parents

shakti and pinky: shivay’s parents

shivay, age: 37

anika, age: 34

bhavika sharma as naira, age: 16: shivika’s daughter

yash mistry as sanjay, age: 15: shivika’s son

aryan (the one used for ishqbaaz), age: 11: shivika’s son

arishfa khan as aarti, age: 12: shivika’s daughter

rudra a.k.a rudy, age: 33

bhavya, age: 30

shivansh kotia as naksh, age: 9: ruvya’s son

faisal khan as suraj, age: 13

ruhanika dhawan as ruhi, age: 8


note: shivika and ruvya’s daughters have the right to learn because at least their mothers have borne their husbands a son. but rikara’s daughters aren’t allowed to go to school.

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