are Daughters REALLY BURDENS?: chapter 2 (pregnant once again)

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A week later:

Gauri has been feeling pain in her stomach abd kept vomiting, she also felt dizzy that she couldn’t play with munni.

Insu’s room:

Alu: why did you call me here?

Insu: they have done it again.

Alu: who?

Insu: mama and papaji.

Alu: and what did they do??

Insu: that chi chi thing. Baby making process.

Alu: oh no!

Insu: hmm?

Alu: if mana gets pregnant, papaji will do all those weird antics which the people here say will give birth to a son.

Insu: and if mama doesn’t give birth to a son this time, papaji will kill her.

Alu: relax insu, besides mama is just vomiting and feeling dzzy. She is probably not pregnant.

Insu: phir bhi, if she is, papaji will kill her and us if it is a girl again.

Alu: good point.

Another week later:

Munni: a.

Gauri: good girl and yeh?

Munni: b!

Gauri: fantastic.

Om came in and saw gauri trying to teach munni.

Om: arre what’s the point in teaching her? She won’t be needing a b c d in her life. She will just get married and have children. No point in teaching her.

Gauri: aisi maat say karo. Bacchi hai.

Om: fine sorry!

He goes on the sofa and picks up a newspaper and starts reading it.

Om: gauri, tea!

Gauri: ji.

She stands up and stumbles a bit as she took duckling steps. She took one more step and then…….

Munni: mummy!

Om threw the newspaper on one side and rushed to gauri on the floor unconscious. Insu, alu and mishti came in the living room, shocked.

Insu whispering to alu: now watch, doctor will say she is pregnant.

alu whispering: arre chup raho na. You are worrying for no reason.

Om picked gauri up in bridal style and quickly took her to their room, insu called the doctor.

Outside rikara’s room:

The doctor was busy checking gauri and the girls were outside with om.

Mishti whispering: don’t tell me it is another baby.

insu whispering: tell me something not related to babies.

The doctor came out with a big smile on her face.

Docotr: congratulations!! She is pregnant.

The girls were shocked. Sure they were hapoy that another baby was going to enter their lives but if it was a girll that what was worrying then. Om looked happy and the girls knew why.

Precap: ‘it will be a boy’

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  1. Jasminerahul

    thanks for updating it.I was waiting for it for a long time.sad that om feels that girls studying is a waste n they are just a marriage material.gauri pregnant are tensed now

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

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