Ardeep~Naina Re (4~The Burning House)

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Virat threw Deep in Roma’s feet.

V: apologize

Aarohi boiled in anger and held Virat’s collars.

A: dare u to do that to him again, he’s my husband, not a toy.

She helped Deep to his feet and they both went to their room and closed the door with a bang.

A: himmat to dekho in sab ki, khud ka dosh or ungli ab bhi tum par uthaatay hain
(Look at their daring moves, they’re likely to be blamed and still pointing at u)

D: jab ek ungli mujh pe uthaatay hain to 3 ungliyaan waisay hi inki taraf uthti hain
(when they point one finger at me, other three fingers themselves point at them)

A: oh my mastermind Deep, u r right.

D: OK let’s get over this pain in an easy way

A: and what is that?

D: we will drink together

A: lekin drink karengay to zorr zorr se baat karengay, aawaz bahar jayegi, mera hai na bhed khul jayega

(but if we drink we will talk loudly and our voice will reach outside. My secret will be open)

D: to chalo kuchh or kartay hain
(So let’s do something else)

A: is waqt mere liye ye jaan’na bohat zaroori hai k Niku, Chawani, Ranger or Chintu theek hain k nahi
(Right now its important for me to know if Niku Chawani Ranger and Chintu are OK)

D: achha, to ye baat khaaye jarahi hai, ruko
(Oh so this is what is eating u from inside, wait)

He called Chawani on video call.

D & A: hello

C: hello didi. Hello jeeju, Niku ki tension mat le, Niku ek dum theek hai, vo ek dum baby jaisa soraha hai, dekh
(Don’t be tensed for Niku, he’s fine. He’s sleeping like a baby, look)

He showed them how he was sleeping peacefully.

A: Chawani, thank u iska khayal rakhne k liye, tum bhi rest karlo
(Thanks for taking care of him. U too rest)

Video call ended.
D: khush?

A: bohat khush, Deep, mujhe ek or baat batao, meri bhabhi kahan hai?
(Very happy, tell me one more thing, where’s my sister in law)

D: bhabhi bhi theek hain, maine unhay kisi hotel mein chhupa dia hai. Vo wahan se bahar nahi aayengi kiun k unko pata hai k yahan kitne dushman bharay paray hain, har jaga, har taraf
(She’s also fine, I have hidden her in some hotel, she won’t come outside as she knows her enemies are here, everywhere on every side)

A: lekin hosakta hai vo Niku ko dhoondne ki khatir bahar ajaein, Deep mujhe nahi lagta vo ziada derr wahan rahengi. Please chalo na Niku ko unse mila detay hain, agar humne Niku ko unse mila dia na, to ek bachay ko uski maa mil jaegi or mujhe bhi kisi baray ka saya mil jaega.
(But it can happen that she comes out to find Niku, I don’t think she will stay there for long, please let’s go and make her meet Niku, if we make her meet Niku, so a child will get back his mother and I will also get an elderly person’s shadow)

D: achha chalo
(OK let’s go)

They unlocked their room and saw no one was in sight so they tiptoed downstairs and reached the main door, they went outside readily and sat in the car and drove off.

A: Deep agar aaj tum nahi hotay na, to main is dunia mein akeli reh jati, na hi Niku se mil paati, na he apni bhabhi se
(Deep if today you weren’t have benn there then I would’ve been alone in this world, I couldn’t even have met Niku or bhabhi)

D: lekin main hoon to tumhe, Niku or bhabhi ko kuchh nahi hoga
(But when I m there then nothing will happen to u, Niku or bhabhi)

She smiled.

He took her to a hotel and he went directly to the room where bhabhi was. He unlocked the room by the master key and she saw her looking at a photo which had her, Niku and Aniket (Aarohi’s elder brother).

A: bhabhi

She called and her sister in law Riddhi immediately looked at her as she heard her call her bhabhi after a long time. Both of them came to each other and shared a much awaited hug.

A: bhabhi I missed u

Rid: I missed u too, pata nahi kya kya hua hoga tumhare saath jail mein, tumhara bhai bhi margaya, Niku bhi pata nahi kahan chala gaya, main bhi nahi aa saki tumse milne, sorry, main to aana chahti thi lekin Deep ne mujhe rok liya, ye keh kr k vo sab samajhte hain main mar chuki hoon, usne to mujhe goli maarne wali fake video bhi banai
(Don’t know what would’ve happened with you in the jail, your brother too died, don’t know where Niku went, I also couldn’t come to meet u, I wanted to come but Deep stopped me saying they think I m dead, he even made a fake video of shooting me)

Aarohi recalled Tara showing her a video of Deep shooting Riddhi.

R: main supreme court mein ja kr appeal karungi
(I will go to supreme court and appeal)

D: tum appeal to us waqt karogi jab zinda rahogi
(U will appeal only if u will stay alive)

Deep shoots Riddhi and fake blood oozed out of her chest.

A: to vo video jhoota tha
(So that video was fake)

Rid: han

A: bhabhi, Niku safe hai
(Niku is safe)

Rid: thank God, lekin vo hai kahan par?
(But where is he?)

A: vo jahan hai safe hai
(Wherever he is, he’s safe)

Someone looked at them from the door.

‘Achha to yahan chhup k baithi hai or Niku to zinda hai lekin saath hi uski maa bhi zinda hai, ab dekh kya hota hai.’
(Oh so she’s hidden over here and Niku is alive and his mother is also alive, on see what happens)

Aarohi went from there with Deep. Riddhi felt someone palm her mouth just then and she fainted. The person took her with him. Someone followed Aarohi and Deep, they were going to the place where there was Niku along with Chawani and others. The person saw the duo playing with the kids. The person smirked and hid himself. Aarohi and Deep went from there and the person fainted all the kids and dragged them outside to the car and drove off. The person took her in a vacant house and tied the five of them i.e, bhabhi, Niku, Chawani, Ranger and Chintu. The person went outside and called a random man roaming there and bribed him some money asking him to call on a number.

‘Hallo, Deep Raj Singh bol rahay ho?’
(Deep Raj Singh speaking?)

D: haan, tum kon?
(Yes who’s this?)

‘Vo aurat or bachay mere qabzay mein hain, xyz road pe ek makaam hai, wahan ajao or 50 crore letay ana, nahi to us aurat or bachon ki gardanein tohfay mein milengi.’

(That woman and kids are in my captivation, there’s a house on xyz road. Come there, and also take 50 crores with u, else u will get chopped off heads of those kids and the woman)

D: nahi unko kuchh mat karna
(No don’t do anything to them)

Call disconnected.

D: oh God shoot, ye kya hogaya, nahi unko to bachana hi hoga
(What did this happen? I will have to save them)

He got the cash out of his bank account and Aarohi too came with him. They saw the person with a hoodie hiding her face and had her back turned to them.

‘Woh log ab tak aaye nahi, jala k raakh kardo is aurat ko or in bachon ko.’
(They didn’t come till now, burn this woman and these kids to ashes)

And that was it, the person threw a lit matchstick on the house.

A: Nahi! (No!)

Riddhi and the kids came to their senses.

Rid: aag! Aray koi hai yahan par? Bachao! (Fire! Is anyone there? Help!)

Aarohi headed to the house but Deep held her back.

D: ruko Aarohi, pehle isko distract to karne do
(stop Aarohi, first let me distract the person)

He went to the person and moved the hoodie and was shocked to see Tara.

D: tum phir agai apnay cheap plans le kar? Tumhe to phooti korrhi bhi nahi milni chahiye.
(U came again with your cheap plans? U shouldn’t even get a penny)

They got into a cat fight and he saw Aarohi running inside the burning house. Deep pushed Tara and her head hit the stone and she fainted. Deep too ran inside the burning house.

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  1. This Tara always irritating. Hope deep saves Arohi and kids. superb episode? post soon.

  2. Priyu

    Now Arohi is with Deep. But that Tara knows the truth . Virat thinks too much. Don’t know what Tara will do next time. Arohi will have much troubles.

  3. Ardeep

    Loved it plz update soon
    Ardeep reunion in a burning house wah hope nothing happens to them

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