Ardeep~Naina Re (3~Getting To Know The Truth)

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D: Aarohi plz just go to hospital because you’re injured.

A: OK fine

She drove towards the hospital and stopped the car. He saw that she had her head on the steering wheel.

D: Aarohi

She didn’t respond.

D: maybe she collapsed.

He got out of the car and went to her side of door and picked her in his arms and closed the door by his leg and went inside the hospital. Seeing him, the nurses came with a stretcher and he laid her on it.

D: nothing will happen to u Aarohi, not till you are in my shadow.

He left her hand as she was taken in the OT. After sometime, doctor came out and prescribed medicines and told that she’s OK and that he can meet her. He rushed inside.

D: you stopped me from being stabbed but couldn’t stop yourself, and you even stabbed her, how?

A: when it comes to me, I can handle it, but when it comes to u, u can’t handle all this, u have been getting wounds on your heart since childhood and now u have a wound near your heart because of me, how could I not do that?

D: why didn’t you come before in my life?

A: why didn’t you find me before?

D: OK leave it, mummy ji would be so happy to see us back.

A: in your dreams

D: what do u mean?

A: she never loved you

D: and how can u be so sure?

A: she always scolds u and blames u for everything, why don’t u have any hatred for that lady? And specially that Virat?

D: they’re with me since my childhood.

A: so do one thing for me

D: what?

A: choose between me and them

D: what r u saying?

A: get one thing straight in your head that no one can love you like I do, and no matter how many times I say this, its less.

D: I know I know

Doctor came in.

Dr: u should do these formalities for her discharge.

Deep went with him.

A: aaj to tumhe in sab k asli rang dikhanay hi hongay taakay tumhe pata chalay k kon tumhara shubhchintik hai or kon tum par peechhay se waar karta hai, is baar Deep Aarohi ki dhaal nahi banega, Deep ne Aarohi ko jitna bachana tha us ne bacha liya, ab Aarohi banegi Deep ki dhaal, ab humare beech koi nahi ayega.

(Today u will have to see their colors so that u know who’s your well wisher and who backstabs you, this time Deep won’t become Aarohi’s bait, Deep has saved her enough, now this Aarohi will become Deep’s bait, now no one will come between us)
She smiled happily.

Later Aarohi was discharged and Deep took her driving the car himself.

A: Deep, this time u won’t accompany me inside.

D: but why?

A: don’t ask too much, do as I say, we’re at a little distance so u stop the car and I will sit on driving seat, u go lay down in dikky, u need rest, and u need to hide, please for me. Do it.

He stopped the car and made her sit on driving seat. She waited till he settled in the dikky. As he sat, she adjusted the mirrors and drove off. As she reached, she stepped down after dripping glycerine in her eyes for fake tears. She ran inside the mansion shedding fake tears. She called Deep from her phone to make him hear everything.

A: mom! Virat bhaiya! Mom!

She shouted.

They all came.

Prithvi: why r u shouting?

R: yes why r u shouting?

A: mom, Aarohi killed my Deep, she shot him. Mom, my Deep is dead, my Deep!

R: what? Our Deep is dead?

She poured a glass of wine, everyone did the same and started drinking. Aarohi threw the glasses from their hands.

A: sharam nahi aati aap logon ko? Bilkul sharam nahi aati aap sab ko! Deep mar gaya or aaplog..

(Aren’t u all ashamed? You aren’t ashamed at all! Deep is dead and u all..)

V: yeah u r right, humein us k liye 2 second ka moun rakhna chahiye.

(We should keep silent for 2 seconds for him)

They all got quiet. Suddenly they all started laughing. Deep who was listening all this on phone got shocked.

A: aray aap log hass kiun rahay ho?

(Why are you all laughing?)

R: array beta its a good news, he never loved you, he loved Aarohi, he married u just to pay back my favors.

V: yeah right, aisay insaan se achha to sarak ka kachra hota hai.

(The litter on roads are better than a person like him)

A: Virat bhaiya!

V: oh, what the hell, look she’s shouting on her brother for that roadsider

A: brother my foot, how dare you talk like that about my Deep?

V: he was never yours.

A: that Aarohi will have to die by my hands, I will cut her into small pieces and throw her into the lake.

V: let her go, we did what we wanted to and she too did her work, the biggest work she had ever done in her whole life.

A: (gritting her teeth) Virat bhaiyaa!

V: han to kya karegi tu? Maaregi? Maar de

(So what will u do? U will kill me? OK kill me)

A: yes I will kill u instead of Aarohi

R: Tara! Talk with manners!

A: look who’s talking.

R: tumhe main..!

She said and raised her hand but Virat stopped her hand.

V: mom plz, bachi hai

A: sorry bhaiya

‘Sorry my foot’

Said a voice and they looked at the entrance and were shocked to see Deep.

D: I m alive, and I heard everything u said, kya baat hai, bara pyaar hai aap sab ko mujhse?

(Wow, you all love me a lot right?)

Aarohi ran and hugged him, he hugged her back.

V: yes we love u a lot

D: just shut up!

He broke the hug and walked inside with her.

D: have u thought of me as pet dog? You stupid mummy ji has a tummy ji which has given birth to murderers.

Virat punched him and threw him in her feet.

V: apologize

Aarohi boiled in anger.

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  1. Interesting episode deep came to know the truth know deep will not be a puppet. Superb ?

  2. Priyu

    Now deep knows the truth. He might be in trouble. Arohi will help deep now. Waiting for next part.

  3. Ardeep

    Reading these gives me old ardeep feels because now no ardeep is left first arohi hates deep and now Deep hates arohi I want old ardeep back

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