Ardeep TS: Happy Birthday To You (shot 2 of 3)

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Deep entered his house with Aarohi in his arms and closed the door with his leg. He went to his room and laid her on the bed. ‘Don’t know what’s happening to you, first you cut the cake in star shape. Then you’re unconscious in the room, then you said you’re waiting for me since long. Then you walk in the graveyard all alone even when you have fear of it. You walk inside your old house when you yourself never wanted to even think of it, you sucked your own blood, what to do for you?’ Deep said to sleeping Aarohi.

He covered her with the duvet, bandaged her wound and slept thinking that he will talk to her in the morning. The next morning, Aarohi woke up with sharp pain in her head. She saw that her wrist was bandaged, she wondered what had happened and removed it to see and saw a fang. She saw teeth marks on her wrist as if a vampire had come the last night. Her eyes widened. ‘Vampire? Like seriously? I don’t remember anything, what has happened? Should I ask Deep? No, he’s asleep,’ she talked to herself and walked to the washroom lazily.

As she came in front of the mirror, she recalled what happened last time she came in front of the mirror. She held her head and ran out of there. She sat on the bed and recalled her strange dream she had of falling from window but nothing happened to her, her walking to graveyard and singing, then sucking her own blood. ‘This wasn’t a dream, this was reality,’ she said realizing what had happened. She laid down thinking about the recent happenings. ‘Deep would know what really happened, I will ask him,’ Aarohi said to herself thoughtfully.

Later that day, Aarohi was doing some work in the kitchen when she felt Deep hug her from behind, she was startled but got relieved feeling his touch. ‘You came early?’ she asked smiling at him. ‘Yes. Only for you,’ he said and broke the hug turning her around. ‘I have something to show you, so come,’ he said and as she took a step forward, he sat down and took her foot in her palm before she placed it on the floor. She widened her eyes at him. ‘When your husband is alive, then don’t you dare to let your feet touch the floor.’

She smiled at him and he stood up lifting her in his arms and took her to their room. ‘So Aarohi, whatever I am doing is for you,’ he said and she nodded. He made her wear a cross necklace. ‘This? OK I will wear it always, I know you were going to say this only, actually Deep, I had a strange dream,’ she said narrating everything to him. ‘Even I was about to ask the same that why you went in graveyard when you have a fear of it?’ he replied questioningly. She got deep in thoughts.

‘This wasn’t a dream right? This was reality?’ she asked. ‘Exactly, and I want to know how did Tara die?’ Deep asked her.

Deep, Tara, Aarohi, Virat, Vedhika, Vishal and Pankti all were friends since childhood. Infact Virat’s family had adopted Taraand Aarohi, the conjoined twins, when they were just babies and so the trio were siblings. Aarohi was conjoined to Tara by her stomach. Everyone had a good bonding since childhood, when almost everyone were in their adolescents, still they had the same friendly attraction towards each other except for Deep, Tara and Aarohi.

The love triangle had formed between the trio. Deep was in love with Aarohi and she was also in love with him but she wasn’t aware of Tara’s love for him. Tara used to get jealous from insidebut never said anything due to her reserved nature but till when a person can be quiet? Everyone has their breaking point. She always broke from inside seeing the eye to eye talk of Aarohi and Deep. All of them even joined violin class. They all wanted tolearn how to play it. When the teacher saw Aarohi and Tara, he refused to give them admission because for advances tunes, they will have to play fast and if they do that, something unusual may happen that while playing they may cut each other’s throat.‘No sir, we will try our best,’ Aarohi said. ‘Yes sir, we can do anything by our trials and passion,’ Tara too said. They took their violin and played a tune they play since childhood. ‘ This was really good but when you will play advanced, no no, I don’t want anything unusual to happen,’ he refused and they left getting disappointed. Next day, the sir was teaching the advanced music.

He was about to play his violin when he heard that tune play somewhere outside. He went outside with the students. They found Tara and Aarohi play the advanced music and smiled as they finished successfully and received a round of applause from all of them. ‘Sorry for refusing earlier, you can join now as you’ve proved your talent,’ said the teacher. ‘As we said before, we can do anything by our trials and passion,’ Tara said raising her eyebrows. ‘You both also proved that you both are one and not two,’ he complimented them and they went inside smilingly.

Deep too joined the class for Aarohi and the twins practiced the new tune over and over again along with their eye to eye talk. Aarohi stopped playing the violin and Tara noticed her lost somewhere looking at someone. She looked in the direction in which she was looking at and saw Deep and her lost in each other. She took the violin stick and moved it towards Aarohi’s neck and slit it from the side and she hissed in pain. Deep came to her. ‘What happened Aarohi? Nothing will happen,’ he said making Tara burn in jealousy.

Next day, they were sitting when they noticed Deep staring at them. ‘Look at him Aarohi, he’s staring at us,’ Tara said. ‘No he’s not,’ Aarohi said. ‘Come na let’s see,’ Tara said. ‘I don’t want tocome,’ Aarohi said. ‘Oh c’mon,’ Tara said and they lifted their bodies together and went there where he was standing, he was gone till then but they saw their sketch made on the paper stuck to drawing board. Aarohi smiled resting her head on Tara’s shoulder. Deep came and cleared his throat, she lifted her head and smiled at him, he raised his eyebrows questioningly and her smile faded and he smiled at her. She smiled looking away blushingly.

Next day, he did the same thing but drew only Aarohi’s sketchon it and knocked on their door, he just kept the paper and went from there. They came together and saw a folded piece of paper and went upstairs to open it. Tara kept insisting on opening it right there so they stopped in the middle of the stairs and untied the ribbon from it and unfolded it. Aarohi smiled seeing her sketch but her smile dropped seeing her anger. She looked away.

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  1. Nice one

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    Pictures are beautiful. Nice part. Now Tara is jealous of arohi. I’m curious to know how Tara died. Waiting for the next part

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