ArDeep/TanShi/IshRa Ff: Jiyein Kyun (36~Aarohi Pregnant)

(hey guys I said in previous update that Raman said there will be a pooja, skipping the pooja scene as I m a Muslim and I don’t know anything about pooja)

Everyone comes home after pooja and it was evening. Aarohi felt very tired and was resting. Deep came from washroom and sat in front of her and took her feet in his lap. “Body pain and tiredness, the two most common symptoms of pregnancy,” he said and chuckled. She smiled slightly. “But no worries, I will give you a soothing massage, when Deep is here then whats the fear?”

She smiled brightly as he cared for her, he massaged her feet. “Now they’re fine, thank you Deep,” she said and he blinked his eyes at her assuringly. “Deep, if you already had children with Tara and after that you would’ve realized your mistake, what would you’ve done? You couldn’t have been leaving Tara for me then or your children,” she asked. “But nothing such happened and you and I are together now,” he said. “What if it would’ve happened?” she asked. “I would’ve never told you about my love for you and would’ve tried to find you in Tara,” he said.

“That’s why I love you, because you are a gentleman and you know how to adjust with your situation,” she said and smiled at him. They had a hug. Lakshay was talking to someone on phone. “Yes di, when are you coming?” he asked pacing here and there in his and Tara’s room as now they were living in same room. “Tonight is your flight? Ok so I will tell everyone that you will come here by morning, ok bye di,” he said and disconnected the call and sat near Tara. “Shagun di is coming tomorrow morning,” he said.

“Oh, she is nice, isn’t she? Elder sisters are like that,” she said and smiled. “Hmm she’s a little strict, you know what, Ishita’s kids which are Ruhi and Adi, they are of her only, she was first wife of Raman bhaiya, she got divorced and then she became surrogate mother of Pihu,” he told her and she gasped. “Oh, no problem, everyone has a past, if she is coming tomorrow, we will need to separate our room,” she said. “No no you’re endangered, I don’t care what others say, I don’t want something to happen to you this time.”

“Awwww cutie pie, you care and respect so much for me? I m so lucky, come closer,” she said and he got confused. “Aray aao to,” she said and he came close, she kissed on his cheek. “Sochta Hoon ke vo kitne masoom thay, Kya se Kya hogaye dekhte dekhte,” he sung dramatically looking at her and she smacked his head. “By the way, tonight we will have a little pyjama party all by ourselves, only two of us, and what will we do, you know very well,” he said and she smiled and hugged her tightly smiling brightly.

Rishi cooked the food and served Tanuja on the bed only. “Aray wah, bana bhi liya, khushbu to bari mazay ki arahi hai, let me taste,” she said and tasted the pasta made by him. “Umm yummy, you’re a chef,” she praised him. “And this chef wants a bite from your hands,” he said and she smirked. “Ladies first,” she said. “That’s what I m saying, that you should give me a bite first,” he said. “Oops, no, I should be given first,” she said. “From where did the sun rise today? Well if that’s what you want, it’s good.”

He made her eat. “Well I thought to give you a chance,” she told him and the spoon fell loose from his hands. “Oh really?” he asked. “Yes,” she said and he hugged her excitedly. He hugged her back. Aarohi and Deep went to the doctor and got their results. They gasped seeing the results. “Yayy, positive,” she said and hugged him. “Let’s go and tell everyone,” he said and they drove home. They reached and came inside. “Mumma, papa,” Aarohi called out and Roma and Raghav came downstairs. “What happened?” Roma asked worriedly. “Mumma, good news,” she said happily.

“The new member of this family is about to come,” Deep said and she hugged both of them. Tara and Virat too came downstairs. Aarohi went to Tara. “Meri baby ki mausi,” she teased Tara. “Haww, I m going to become a mausi?” she said and hugged her. “Yes you’re going to be a mausi,” Aarohi said hugging her back. They had a family group hug. Later at night, Aarohi was sitting by herself looking at the stars. “Mumma baba, I miss you, but I m not unhappy, I know you’re looking down upon me wherever you are, love you.”

“Yes they’re looking down upon you, but if you will cry like this, will they be happy? No right?” Deep asked coming with milk. “I know, but still missing them, don’t tell bhaiya, bhabhi or Niku, I will surprise them and Ishita di by myself,” she said smiling at him. “Hmm, now have this milk,” he said and made her have it by his own hands and suddenly some of it fell on her clothes. “Dekha? Doodh gira diya na?” he said in a stern way. “Aww, now you will scold me, look baby, papa is scolding me,” she said faking to be crying.

“Aray no no when am I scolding? I m just saying that this milk will make you and our baby strong, taakay phir baad mein jab mera pyaala pyaala baby aanay wala ho meri pyaali pyaali Aaru ke paitu se to dono ko koi masla na ho,” he said pulling her cheeks and she smiled and they slept in each other’s arms. He kept his knee hand on her tummy and one hand around her. Someone caressed Tara’s hair but then suddenly pulled her by her foot awaking her from her beauty sleep making her scared.

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