ArDeep Poem: Long Lost Love

A dark night, the stars shine bright,
A thunder came with a bright
The rainy night, the sound of the rain,
Gave him a great amount of pain.

It was the night like the night long time ago,
When he had love and never felt low,
He had held him by his side not letting her go,
But all go away one or the other
day, no?

He feared the rain, he feared the thunder,
He still felt her or is it a blunder?
Does the dead come back and wonder?
Or is this also just another blunder?

Hallucinations, Reality, Mixed Feelings and Emotions,
Love, he thought, is a great potion,
He laid to sleep without emotion,
Else, he knew, he could cry an ocean.

Her touch, her whisper, her nearness, and devotion,
Only she, he knew, gave him such emotions,
He felt her hands touch him in slow motion,
He too touched her in the same

She was for real, he opened his eyes,
Not blinking for once and face hardest byes,
He wished the past things to be lies,
Looking at her, he only cries.
Those eyes, that smile, the sight in front of him,
In his eyes, of happiness, he could feel tears brim,
He held her from her waist so slim,
His face, she caressed it by her limb.

He felt her lips touch her skin,
Her voice as if music of violin,
Blinking his eyes became a sin,
She disappeared in the air so thin.

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  1. I have always loved ur poems. thanks for this one. absolutely one of the best

  2. again one awesome poem loved it keep writting more poems di😙

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