Ardeep: Naina Re (5~Niku Meets Riddhi)

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Aarohi and Deep ran inside the burning house not caring about their own selves. They untied bhabhi and the kids, she hugged all of them and saw Niku had fainted because of fear. She asked everyone to go outside and not worry about her. She picked Niku in her arms and was running when she saw that the roof was about to fall. She ran as fast as she could and successfully got outside before it fell on her and Niku. She kissed him as she got outside. She tried waking him up.

A: Niku, bacha get up, look mumma too came to take u

She got a call and gave Niku to Deep. After seeing Roma’s name flashing on the screen, she got angry.

A: why the hell is this daughter of a b*t*h calling me?

D: pick it else she will doubt you.

She received it.

A: hallo mom

R: beta tum log kahan gayab ho? (Where have you both disappeared?)

A: (rolling her eyes) bas abhi aa hi rahay hain (we are on our way)

R: OK come soon

Call disconnected.

A: vo beti jis ne sab se pehle maa ban’ne ka sapna poora kiya tha, uski jaan le kar ab achhi kya banti hai? Dikhaway ki machine, the master of manipulation (the daughter who fulfilled her dream of becoming mother, after taking her life, why do you become good? The machine of show off)

D: vo maa boli janay k layak hi nahi hai (she’s not capable of being called as a mother) Maa ho to tum jaisi jisne apnay bhai k bachay or in gair bachon ki apnay aap se ziada fikar ki or apni jan ki bilkul parwah nahi ki, unko maa ka pyaar diya, tumharay humshakal is dunia mein laakhon hongay par tum jaisa koi kahan hoga (a mother should be like u who worries for her brother’s son and these stranger kids and didn’t care of yourself, you gave them mother’s love, there would be your lookalikes in lac amount but none of them would be like you)

A: Deep, as I said before that u r such a kid just like Mayuri

She got a flashback of her.

Flashback: (Ardeep first meeting)

Mayuri and Aarohi were sitting together in a restaurant and the waiter served the pudding in a big bowl as it was of two people.

M: wow how delicious, but I will be the first one to jump in it

A: is pudding mein hai na pehle main jump karungi

And they both took the spoon in their hands and Aarohi jumped in it first getting the first bite for herself, Mayuri creased her eyebrows and tried to take it in her spoon by her spoon while Aarohi kept laughing on her. They kept fighting childishly and the pudding from her spoon jumped on Deep’s coat who was sitting beside their table only. He looked up to see who was it. She smiled sheepishly and held her ears and rushed to clean his clothes and that’s how they met.

Flashback End.

Deep snapped his fingers in front of her face as they sat in car.

D: kahan kho gai? (Where are you lost?)

A: kahin nahi, tumhe yaad hai hum kaisay milay thay? (Nowhere, do you remember how we met?)

D: very clearly. It was like yesterday we met.

A: same here

Rid: (excitingly) how did u both met?

A: I and Mayuri went to a restaurant and as the waiter served us the pudding, we were fighting on who will jump in it first. Well I jumped in it and she was fighting for it, she was trying to take it in her spoon

D: and she was struggling to keep it with her and it didn’t go anywhere but jumped on my clothes

A: and then I rushed to clean it

D: I was staring at her like a crazy person

A: bas bas, hogaya, ab yahan bachay bhi to hain na, bhabhi, I hope u got your answer (enough, kids are also present here)

She winked at her.

C: didi, sharmanay ki konsi baat hai? Hum aapke apnay nahi hain kya? (What is there to be shy about, aren’t we your dear ones?)

He faked to be crying.

A: achha achha batati hoon (OK I will tell) Deep, please continue

D: then what? I don’t want to continue remembering those memories which were a big fat lie except for our love moments.

A: yes u r right, hey you forgot to take Tara, now she will tell everyone

D: nope I called police, let her rot behind the bars, we should enjoy here

He kissed her hand and she blushed. He stopped outside the same hotel and stepped outside.

D: don’t open the doors no matter what and be careful. I will come back with all your belongings.

He went locking the car.

A: bhabhi, Niku jaag gaya kya? (Did Niku wake up?)

Rid: no. Don’t know why he isn’t waking up

They tried splashing water on his eyes but he didn’t wake up.

Rid: oh God, please save him if u r listening

A: bhabhi relax. He will be fine

Deep came back and put all the belongings in the diggy. He sat beside Aarohi.

D: why are u so tensed?

A: Niku isn’t waking up

D: oh, no worries, I will take him to hospital

They drove towards hospital and the doctor took him in an emergency ward. He came out after sometime. Riddhi rushed to him.

Rid: doctor..Niku.. How’s he?

Dr: he just went unconscious due to a shock and smoke.. I gave him an injection, he will be fine

She looked at him through the glass, Aarohi came from behind placing a hand on her shoulder and she instantly hugged her as the old pain revived inside her.

A: bhabhi, don’t worry, he will be fine.

They went inside and Riddhi caressed his hair and he woke up.

N: (in a broken voice) aap ho? aap.ko bo.hat miss kiya, main jab akela hota tha mujhe bohat yaad aati thi, mujhe laga aap bhi mujhe chhor k chali gai (mumma how’s you, I missed u so much, whenever I was alone, I used to miss u a lot, I thought u too left me)

Riddhi hugged him.

Rid: what happened to his voice?

A: they gave him injections and made him like this, but he will be fine.

D: Aarohi, bhabhi, Niku, there’s one more surprise waiting for u all, u will be angry after u see that, but plz forgive me

A: one more surprise?

D: yes, I hope u all won’t mind

A: we won’t unless it’s a good one.

D: OK. So I will do the formalities of discharging Niku, then u all can come with me

A: but everyone might be waiting

D: leave them, they’re no one to us, we both are enough for each other

A: OK done

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  1. Ardeep

    I think the surprise is arohi’s brother

  2. Priyu

    Awsome ??I wonder what deep ha to show them ?hope it won’t be a bad surprise,?

  3. Awesome episode finally Niku got his mother.waiting for next part .tc?

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