Ardeep: Jiyein Kyun (7~Tara Shares About Her Past)

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Ishita woke up in the midnight and rubbed her eyes, she looked around and saw everyone sleeping and realized that sun hasn’t rose yet. She looked through the bars at her right to check on Tara and on seeing her asleep with her head near the door of the cell and her legs pointing towards the wall in front of her, she sighed in relief. But then she again looked through the bars and saw blood near her head. She sat on her knees to have a better look but couldn’t see clearly. She stood up and saw her bleeding.

‘Tara!’ she shouted in a shock almost waking up some people. ‘What is it? Why are you shouting? Sleep and let us also sleep,’ said one of them. ‘You just shut up! You sleep, jailor!’ she called out. Jailor came and stood outside her cell. ‘Now what?’ she asked. ‘Tara has been bleeding,’ Ishita told her. ‘Uffo,’ she said and sighed and opened Tara’s cell. She checked her breathe and came to open the door of Ishita’s cell. ‘She’s breathing, now help me to lift her, we’ll take her to police hospital, doctor will check her,’ she said and Ishita came out and made Tara stand taking her arm around her shoulders.

‘Till she gets fine and comes back here, can I stay with her?’ Ishita asked on the way. ‘Yes but you both will be under observation,’ she told her and Ishita thanked her. They reached the police hospital. ‘Nurse! Doctors! Please come! My baby sister needs help!’ Ishita said calling out for help shocking the jailor and the nurses came with a stretcher and the duo laid her on it and she was taken inside the emergency ward. ‘What’s all this? You both are sisters?’ asked the jailor.

‘Yes we are, why? Any problem?’ Ishita asked raising her eyebrows. ‘No, just asking,’ she said and went. ‘What might’ve happened to her? Why she has done this? I know all this is intentional, maybe she wanted to suicide, or maybe she might be wanting a bed to sleep, or maybe she wanted both,’ Ishita said to herself and rested her head on the wall behind the bench. Aarohi woke up the next morning and saw that Deep wasn’t there but a shopping bag was there that had a backless dress which he knew she loved but never wore. ‘Now where did he go? Oh that stupid Roma might’ve called him, no, I won’t let him do anything wrong, I fear that maybe he will speak up about Niku and bhabhi to her.’

She ran outside to the corridor and looked down to see him really talking to Roma. ‘What are they talking about?’ she said to herself and went downstairs. ‘My heart is panicking a lot, where is Tara? I feel she’s in danger,’ Roma said to Deep. Oh, so she’s tensed for Tara? Don’t worry, you will be with her soon. Aarohi thought to herself. She hugged Roma from behind.

‘Mom, I m here,’ she said and Roma took a sigh of relief. ‘My doll, I was so tenses for you, are you OK?’ she asked caressing her hair. ‘I m fine mom, I won’t ever go leaving you,’ Aarohi said and smirked at Deep. He looked here and there thinking of what she’s up to. ‘Me too,’ Roma said. ‘Mummy ji, now Tara came, so can I ask something?’ Deep said and Roma agreed. ‘Ask whatever you want to ask,’ she said. ‘I and Tara want to remarry as now Aarohi is dead,’ Deep said shocking Aarohi to the core and she unwrapped her arms that were wrapped around Roma from behind.

‘Mom, he’s mad, he thinks doing a fake marriage with someone will really separate us, explain him mom,’ Aarohi said angrily. ‘But you married him once so what’s the problem in marrying again?’ Roma asked her. Now how to tell what I feel. He can do anything on your saying, the day you get to know the truth, you will get me killed, Aarohi thought. ‘Mom it’s just that those heavy clothes irritate me a lot,’ she said. ‘So what? We’ll get you light clothes.’

Aarohi sighed. ‘OK mom. Done, we’ll remarry,’ she said and went upstairs. Deep too ran behind her. They entered the room together and she was really angry on him. ‘When you promised not to go away from me then what’s the problem if we marry again for real?’ Deep asked her. ‘My foot, I still don’t trust you, oh and thanks for these clothes, I just want we go away from this house for some hours and spend time alone in a hotel, what say? Because we really need to sort out our differences Mr.Deep Raj Singh, please?’ she asked politely.

‘Sure. Why not?’ he said. ‘I will reach before you and message you address and room number and there will be a surprise waiting for you,’ she told him. ‘OK,’ he said and hugged her. She hugged him back and grinned to herself. Ishita was waiting for so much time for doctor to come and tell her about Tara and finally he came out. ‘Is she OK?’ she asked. ‘Yes. She’s in her senses, you can meet her,’ he said and she rushed inside. She saw her laying with eyes closed and a bandage wrapped around her head.

Ishita went near her and caressed her hair, she opened her eyes feeling her soothing touch and touched her hand. ‘Shanaya di,’ she said smilingly and tried sitting up, she helped her sit up raising the bed. Tara hugged Ishita and tears rolled down her cheeks. ‘Why you saved me?’ she asked. ‘Why? Am I not your sister?’ Ishita asked. ‘No, you’re Ishita, you’re acting, I was never this angry and so monstrous twenty years ago, I was normal like everyone,’ she said cryingly. ‘I look like your sister so you may see her in me, right?’ Ishita asked and she nodded.

‘Then tell me why you hate blood? Why you do murders if you hate blood? How you became so violent when you yourself is saying you were never like this twenty years ago? Why do you always carry this photo with you?’ Ishita asked her lovingly. ‘I carry this photo because she’s my sister Shanaya who looked like you and she was my best friend, doctor chachu gave me wrong tablets to make me mad so I don’t tell anyone what he did with me so I became violent, doctor chachu was a cheater so whenever I saw a cheater I remembered him and killed the cheaters, and I hate blood because..because..,’ Tara’s voice trailed off as she collapsed in her lap.

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