ArDeep/IshRa/Tanshi : Jiyein Kyun (32~Sadness, Worry And Unknowingly Married)

Tara and Lakshya came back to Raichand mansion and saw that Mihika and Ishita were about to go and so Lakshya knowingly hid with Tara as he knew that now she won’t like to meet them till she knows the whole truth. As they went, Lakshya took Tara inside the mansion. “Oh my baby, you came? Bring her to me,” Roma said and Lakshya brought her forward and she cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead and hugged her. Tara shut her eyes tightly in anger and sadness. Roma broke the hug and saw Tara sitting with a blank face.

“What happen? Are you OK?” she asked. “I should be the one to ask that, mom,” she replied. “What do you mean?” Roma asked. “Why you hid such a big truth from me? Where is my real Shanaya Di? I know the one who is living with us is just a lookalike, tell me mom,” Tara asked and Roma looked down and got teary eyed and nodded her head in positive. “Your real Shanaya di was never here, she died in her childhood itself, she had asthma and her attacks were very severe and so she died, then one day..,”

“Wow, and you never found it necessary to tell me?” Tara said cutting her off. “It’s not like that, one day we went for summer camp and so we found a lookalike and so she started living with us,” Roma said and told her everything. Tara smiled sarcastically and lowered her eyelids which had tears. “First, you lied about Shanaya di that Ishita is Shanaya, OK fine I understand that I was very sensitive, but you never felt necessary to tell me about my long lost twin sister with who we all did so bad? You knew everything mom, everything!”

Tara started crying, Lakshya patted her hair. “Mom, you didn’t do good by doing this with Aarohi, my only real sister, you did wrong, it was your blo*dy idea right? She was alive the whole time but you never felt any connection with her? Such empty relationships? I sent her to jail, I got her tortured, I wish I could change the past, she might be having the same hatred for me somewhere deep inside her heart, wounds like that aren’t so easily filled,” Tara said and looked back at Lakshya as she wanted him to drop her till room.

He picked her up and took her from there to her room and made her sit on the bed. “Sit with me for some time, I feel alone,” Tara said and he sat on the other end of the bed. “Lakshya, everyone betrays me yaar, I feel so angry at this time,” she said. “Tara, koi tumharay saath rahay na rahay, main tumhare saath humesha rahoonga,” he said holding her hand between her palms. She smiled still teary eyed and hugged him. He hugged her back. Deep showed Aarohi a broken tile in their room. “Deep, what’s hidden in here?”

“Everything which I never wanted to throw away and destroy,” he replied and sat down removing the tile and showed her all the photographs he had saved of hers along with him. “I knew it that you will save them,” she said sitting beside him on the floor and smiled at him cupping his cheek, he did the same and they drew their faces closer to each other tilting them to opposite directions and their lips touched together, he chewed her upper lip and she chewed his lower lip kissing back, he pulled her close by her waist and she encircled her arms around his neck.

You hoo… Wou wou wo.. Wou wou wo.. ho o ho..

Tumko toh aana hi tha zindagi mein
Der hui aane mein kyun
Jeena mujhe hai bas tere liye
Jo bhi karoon its only for you
Because I love you, I Love You
Because I love you I love you till the end…


“We should kiss more often now as that’s how our children will learn to love,” Deep said and she hit his shoulder laughingly. “Deepuu,” she said on his naughty antics. She got a call from her bhabhi. She received it.

“Hallo bhabhi,” she said. “Is Deep near you?” she asked. “Yes, should I make you talk to him?” she asked. “Oye pagli, get away from him, I need to tell you something,” Ridhi said. “Bhabhi, you tell like that only,” she said. “Ishita, I mean Shanaya and Tara are together, they were together in sending you to jail,” Ridhi said. “Bhabhi, you are tensed for nothing, she’s Ishita, she was just acting of becoming Shanaya, she became Shanaya for Tara since childhood, but she was against her deeds, she helped me in jail, she just wanted to make Tara fine.”

“Really? She isn’t her real sister?” Ridhi asked. “No,” Aarohi replied. “I was very tensed for you, take care, don’t forget us ha, we are still your relatives,” Ridhi said. “Bhabhi, you, bhaiya and Niku are my first priority, I love you all, you people are so sweet that I will get diabetes if I talk more,” Aarohi said making Ridhi laugh. “OK bye, take care,” Ridhi said and the call got disconnected. Ishita and Raman had a talk later that day. “I saw Lakshya brought Tara but they hid seeing us,” Ishita said worriedly. “Don’t be so tensed.”

“How? She’s also my sister,” Ishita said. “I don’t think that she might be having any value for you after she got back her twin,” Raman said. “No no, she isn’t like that,” Ishita said. “Then you talk to her when you meet her,” Raman suggested. “Hmm, I will,” Ishita said. Ahaana gave a water bottle to Natasha to give it to Tanuja and make her drink as the water had fainting pill. Natasha went and made her drink the water. Tanuja fainted and Ahaana ran to hold her before she fell completely. She held her and took her inside the temple.

Rishi came dressed as a groom and sat in the temple and Ahaana made Tanuja sit beside him. “She is unconscious so hold her,” Ahaana said and he held her. The rituals were completed, rounds were taken by Rishi lifting Tanuja in his arms, Natasha, Tanya and Ahana threw flower petals on them.

Chaahe dukh ho, chaahe sukh ho
Dil ne tujhko hi pukaara
Tune humko hai banaaya
Tune humko hai sanwaara
Jahaan ko to rab ka hai, humein tera hai sahaara
Bas tera saath ho, chaahe jo baat ho
Bas tera saath ho, chaahe jo baat ho
Tere kehne se kar jaayenge
Hum mar jaayenge ho o.. Hum mar jaayenge

Mere yaara tere gham agar paayenge
Humein teri hai kasam, hum sanwar jaayenge

Mere yaara tere gham agar paayenge
Humein teri hai qasam hum sanwar jaayenge

Rishi made her wear vermala and Ahana made her hold the vermala and made Rishi wear it by Tanuja’s hands. He made her wear the nuptial chain as they sat down and Rishi filled her hairline. Tanuja got conscious and was shocked to see herself married to Rishi.

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