Ardeep/Ishra: Jiyein Kyun? (11~The Birthdays)

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It was still night and Ishita was still with Tara, she was unable to sleep after she told all the events that happened in her life and today, all her wounds had been made fresh, she felt the same pain once again. ‘Tara, what has happened? Are you still tensed as your doctor chachu has come back?’ Ishita asked and instead of replying, she sat up suddenly and hugged her. ‘Tara, please be strong, everything will be fine, I never told you but I have three children, Ruhi, Adi and Pihu and only Pihu is my daughter by blood but I never treated Ruhi and Adi as if they are adopted.’

‘Wow, you have three children? Means I am an aunt now? Will you make me meet them?’ Tara asked getting excited all of a sudden so Ishita decided not to continue about her children as that may sadden her mood. ‘Yes you’re an aunt, and you have very cute nephew and nieces, you know that in the house in which I was living for all these years, I even had two sisters, one was elder to me, she pampered me just like I do to you, and other one who was little was very much like you.’

‘So make me meet them, now you will say you had an other family, right?’ she asked and Ishita laughed. ‘Yes, I have,’ Ishita replied. ‘So many secrets,’ Tara said frowning at her. ‘I will tell everything, but don’t you think that it’s time for you to sleep? If you won’t sleep then how will you get fine? How will you meet everyone?’ Ishita said sweetly. ‘Oh yes, I have to meet everyone so I will have to sleep. Good night di,’ Tara said and kissed her cheek, she laid down to sleep.

‘Di, do you remember you used to sing a lullaby for me?’ she asked and Ishita got confused on what to reply. ‘Which lullaby?’ she asked. ‘Aasman se utri hai ye nanhee pari, di please sing? Please?’ Tara insisted. Ishita thought to make it up by her own words. ‘Aasman se utri hai ye nanhee pari, aankhein jis ki hain taaro’n jaisi, hassti khelti pyaari si gurria, pyaari pyaari jaadu ki purriya, laakho’n mein ek hai meri behna, dukh isko kabhi na parray sehna, pyaaray se baagichay mein iklauta gulaab, sapnay jiskay sabz aur shadaab, so ja meethi nindiya mein tu, kyun ke mera tara hi tu.’

She saw Tara was asleep and kissed her forehead. ‘I pray that the pain from which you’ve been through, no one ever gets that pain and you too overcome your fears and become strong, even if we’re not real sisters, but now I have started thinking of you like I think of Mihika, I will always be there with you,’ she said painfully and just then her phone rang and she received it without seeing who’s it as Tara would wake up by the loud tune. ‘Hallo,’ she spoke and went outside the ward.

‘Hallo Ishita, you aren’t coming home?’ said the person and she recognized it to be Raman. ‘No. Actually someone needed me, I have been staying in Raichand mansion for some time,’ she told him. ‘So what will happen of Pihu?’ he asked. ‘You make her sleep, protect her, or else I could have taken her to Raichand mansion but they’re very cruel,’ she said. ‘At least speak to her over the phone,’ he said and gave Pihu the phone. ‘Ishi maa,’ she said and Ishita smiled. ‘Pihu. Baby sleep, Ishi maa will meet you soon,’ she told her.

‘Promise?’ Pihu asked. ‘Promise,’ Ishita said. ‘Bye Ishi maa, love you,’ Pihu said. ‘Bye baby,’ she said and Raman took the phone from Pihu. ‘Oye Jhansi ki Rani, where is my good night?’ he said and she laughed. ‘Good night Raavan Kumar, I miss you, I so want to come to you but don’t worry, I will come tomorrow, why don’t you come with Pihu tomorrow at Raichand Mansion? Its Aarohi’s birthday, same girl about who I told you, you are coming, OK? Bye,’ she said. ‘Bye, sleep well, no hard feelings, only soft feelings, koochikoo, have only my dreams,’ he said and she smiled. ‘Of course,’ she said and disconnected the call. ‘Huh, Raavan Kumar is koochikoo, haha,’ she said to herself.

Next morning, Aarohi woke up and saw her room decorated. She saw a card beside the vase and picked it. It said, Today is the best day because today a fairy took birth and came in this world, she was really a fairy, she became my angel, she gave me sunshine when I only felt rain and she gave me happiness when I only felt pain, and that girl is smiling right now, her hazel eyes, her sweet smile compliments her beauty, she is none other than you, my dear Aarohi. I have kept a dress for you in cupboard, this time its not backless else you will beat me up, ha ha ha! Wear that dress and come downstairs. Love, Deep.’

‘So sweet of him, I love him so much, I will see the dress he has kept for me,’ she said and stood up from the bed and went to her cupboard. Well it was Tara’s cupboard and not hers. She saw there was a red saree and black blouse. ‘Deep is mad. It’s a saree and not a dress,’ she said and chuckled and went to change, she came out within some time and combed her hair perfectly and applied natural make up.

She went to the corridor and saw everyone waiting for her. Deep came upstairs and picked her in his arms and brought her downstairs. ‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Tara, happy birthday to you, may you have many more, may you have many more, happy birthday dear Tara, happy birthday to you,’ they sung and she cut the cake and fed it to Deep, then Roma, then Ishita, then she went to Maya and was about to feed her but then she smeared the cake on her face and did the same to Dr.Bhandari.

‘What did you do Tara? Are you mad?’ Maya said angrily and Aarohi gave them tissues. ‘Wipe your faces so that while pretending, you both don’t forget your own faces,’ she said in a low voice. ‘Beta Tara, they are your elders, have some respect,’ Roma said to her. ‘Mom, can’t I do this much mischief with my aunt and uncle? I love them a lot that’s why I did that. You love my childishness, right? At least I m not murderous like before,’ Aarohi said and smiled boldly at Roma. ‘I love your childishness beta, but don’t do again.’

‘Don’t worry mom, you won’t ever get any opportunity of complain from me,’ she said and stared at Maya and Dr.Bhandari. Deep went onstage. ‘Guys this party is incomplete without a dance,’ he said and came down while singing.
Chand Aasmano Se Laapata Ho Gaya
Chal Ke Mere Ghar Mein Aa Gaya, Aa Gaya
Main Khush-Kismat Hoon Bakhuda Iss Tarah
Ho Jaaye Poori Ik Duaa Jis Tarah
(Deep sat on one knee and asked for her hand, she gave him her hand and he took her over the stage and the duo danced)
Tere Bin Meri Jaana Kabhi
Ik Pal Bhi Guzaara Nahi
Teri Aarzoo Ne Khud Se Begana Kar Diya
Chaand Aasmano Se Laapata Ho Gaya
Chal Ke Mere Ghar Mein Aa Gaya, Aa Gaya
(He hugged her from behind while dancing)
Maine Tujhe Tohfe Mein Ye Dil Diya
Tune Mujhe Badle Mein Ye Jahaan Diya…
Main Hi Jaanu, Tu Hi Jaane Jo Hai Darmiyaan
Tujh Se Hai Meri Jaana Ghar Ye Aashiyaan..
(He kissed her cheek)
Tere Bin Meri Jaana Kabhi
Ik Pal Bhi Guzaara Nahi
Teri Aarzoo Ne Khud Se Begana Kar Diya
Chand Aasmano Se Laapata Ho Gaya
Chal Ke Mere Ghar Mein Aa Gaya, Aa Gaya
(He then kissed her hand)
Tune Mere Raaston Ko Manzil Kiya
Tujhe Paake Zindagi Ko Haasil Kiya
Tere Liye Hai Ye Saansein, Tay Kar Liya
Tu Hai Toh Hai Ye Kahaani, Mere Saathiya
(He joint his forehead with hers)
Tere Bin Meri Jaana Kabhi
Ik Pal Bhi Guzaara Nahi
Teri Aarzoo Ne Khud Se Begana Kar Diya
Chand Aasmano Se Laapata Ho Gaya
Chal Ke Mere Ghar Mein Aa Gaya, Aa Gaya.
(He picked her in his arms)

Everyone clapped for them. Ishita came onstage. ‘I have two special guests, my husband Raman and my daughter Pihu, sorry maa I never told you about them but I hope you will let me dance him,’ she said. ‘Sure,’ Roman said and Ishita and Raman sang for each other and Pihu.

Haan aa.. o..

Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe
Beinteha pyaar doon (Repeat once)
(She danced with Raman and they smiled)
Saari hadein maine meri
Ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa
Awaargi ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

Haan aa.. o..

Kya khoob rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko khuda (Repeat once)
(Ishita picked up Pihu and danced with her remembering the day she was born)
Hasratein ab meri
Tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri
Aakhiri ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

Oo.. aa..
Aa.. aa.. oo..
(The trio had a group hug)

Meanwhile in the hospital, Tara was getting disturbed in her sleep. ‘No Doctor chachu please,’ she said and turned to her side in her sleep grabbing the bedsheet. ‘No Maya mausi, don’t kill di,’ she spoke in her sleep and was sweating badly. ‘No no don’t beat me,’ she said and fell from the bed and woke up getting scared. She laid down hiding herself under the bed sheet. She was crying to herself. As she recalled the past, she screamed on the top of her lungs. She saw Maya and doctor chachu coming to her and shut her eyes tightly.

A doctor came running to her room. He was about to check her but she kept pushing him away. ‘Move!’ she shouted. ‘No. Move!’ she shouted and he called on Ishita’s number. Ishita received the call going to a side. As she heard, what doctor was saying, she ran away excusing herself. She took her car and went driving really fast. As she reached, she was going to her room but was stopped.

‘Be prepared, she isn’t recognizing anyone,’ the doctor told her. ‘But she will recognize me,’ she said and opened the door slowly, she saw she wasn’t on her bed, she heard her sobs and followed the voice. ‘Shanaya di,’ said her crying voice. ‘Yes? I have come to you, now you don’t worry, I m enough to protect you,’ she said and Tara smiled through the tears laying on the floor hiding under the bed sheet. She stood up from the floor and hugged her. ‘Shanaya di, they both came here, they were looking at me with their evil eyes and evil intentions.’

‘Look around, no one is here, only I am here, you are here, they aren’t here, they won’t come, I promise, they won’t,’ Ishita said hugging her. ‘But if someday they get to know, then?’ she asked. ‘No, they won’t, for them Aarohi is dead but Aarohi is there with them, and you’re safe over here, so how will they come? Aarohi has taught them a small lesson today, don’t worry, I am a wall between you and that evil aunt and uncle of yours, sit, I will tell what happened,’ Ishita told her and made her sit on the bed.

‘So Aarohi smeared their whole face with cake, and it was as if a bomb had fell over them, as if their face had been blackened,’ Ishita told her and she laughed wiping her tears. She too laughed with her. Every nurse and doctor came in her room. ‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Tara, happy birthday to you, may you have many more, may you have many more, happy birthday dear Tara, happy birthday to you,’ they sung for her surprising her. ‘Today is my birthday?’ Tara asked excitedly.

‘Yes,’ Ishita replied and showed her the cake, it was the same cake which was brought on her every birthday. ‘Shanaya di, I mean Ishita di, you’re Ishita then how do you know?’ she asked. ‘Only for the world I m Ishita, I m Shanaya for you,’ Ishita said and cut the cake along with her and fed her, she too fed her and everyone else. ‘Ma’am, you both are so inspiring sisters for the world, today Tara has also planned a surprise for you,’ said the nurse. ‘Really? My baby sister planned for me? What is the surprise?’

‘You will know, so are you ready Tara?’ asked the doctor. ‘Yes,’ Tara replied and opened the drawer of the bedside table and took out a small box and gave it to her. Ishita opened it and saw a keychain which had words inscribed on it World’s Best Sister.’ ‘You’re world’s best sister, everyone should’ve a sister like you, one more thing, I accept Aarohi as my sister,’ Tara told her and they had a hug. Someone opened the door of the ward and they broke the hug to see who’s it. It was Aarohi and Deep, they had come to see where did Ishita go all of a sudden.

‘Oh. So here you are,’ Aarohi said coming to her. ‘Yes, actually she got an attack,’ Ishita told her. ‘Aarohi, please forgive me for what I did, if I must’ve known that you’re my sister then I would’ve brought you to my house long ago,’ Tara told her and stood up to hug her. Aarohi looked on and hugged her by herself. ‘You and I both have gone through tortures, if I knew you have gone through so much, I would’ve helped you before itself,’ she said to her in the hug.

‘Thanks for forgiving, but I can’t bring back your dead family, I m a loser,’ Tara said. ‘My family is alive, and that’s you all, Raichands,’ Aarohi said. ‘Mom will be so happy,’ Tara said. ‘But first let’s confirm about it later, right now it’s time to celebrate our birthdays together,’ Aarohi said and cut the cake making her eat and she too made her eat and she was about to make Deep eat it but stopped as she recalled him saying that rejected ones are always thrown away. The girl who’s mother gave him a house to live, he called her rejected.

‘What happen Tara? Make him eat, he’s really good,’ Aarohi said. ‘I know how good he is,’ Tara said sarcastically. ‘But he cares for you,’ Ishita said. ‘Yes. I m wrong, I can’t even hear one word against him, but you all aren’t understanding, Deep toh bohat achha hai, bohat achha hai, bohat achha hai, bohat achha hai, bohat achha hai!’ she said smearing cake on his face every time she called him good in sarcasm. ‘Tara I m sorry,’ he said. ‘Now what’s the use of it? Get lost from here you blo*dy playboy!’ she shouted on him and he went away with a broken heart.

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    Awsomee ? good Ishitha cares for her. Deep ? Tara’s surprise is awesome ?
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