Ardeep/Ishra ff: Jiyein Kyun (21~Meeting Lakshya)

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Tara woke up in the ward with a jolt and Shanaya came to her and rubbed her back. ‘Shanaya di, thank God you saved me, I got really scared,’ Tara said in a panic. ‘Now I came, don’t worry,’ Shanaya said still in the hug and when she broke the hug, she mistakenly hit her leg. ‘Oh sorry Tara,’ Shanaya said massaging her leg. ‘Di,’ she said with her eyes widened. ‘What happen?’ Shanaya asked getting concerned. ‘Di I..I can’t feel my legs,’ Tara said in a shock and tears brimmed in her eyes. ‘What?’ Shanaya asked getting shocked.

‘Yes I can’t feel them,’ Tara said cryingly and she touched her feet. ‘I don’t feel your hand,’ she told her wiping her wet cheek. ‘It will be okay, don’t worry,’ Shanaya said hugging her again. ‘I m getting the punishment of my deeds,’ Tara said crying vigorously. Shanaya tried her best to make her quiet. ‘Why every bad thing happens to me?’ Tara said almost shouting. ‘Nothing has happened to you. Please don’t break down like this,’ Shanaya said to her. ‘Shanaya di, you know so many things had happened in my past that they’re uncountable, I went through a lot.’

‘I know bacha, don’t be upset,’ Shanaya said. ‘No, not only that torture and molestation happened but much more happened besides that,’ Tara told her. ‘And what was that?’ Shanaya asked. ‘She created misunderstandings between me and Deep,’ Tara told her and Shanaya immediately got a flashback.

What were you doing with that man in the hotel? Kissing and all, you even sipped that juice with him from same glass,’ Deep asked Tara. ‘That wasn’t me, that girl just had my get up, did you see her face? Are you even sure that it was me? Don’t you know I hate cheaters?’

Deep got speechless. ‘Speaking without knowing? This was your love?’ Tara asked and nodded in disbelief and went breaking a vase. Shanaya went after her but she shut the door before she could come. She got upset. Next day, Shanaya spied well to know the whole matter and got to know it was all a planning by Maya to separate them but then she wrote sorry cards to each other to unite them once again. Deep and Tara came face to face and asked about the sorry cards to each other and thus they united.

Flashback end.

‘I know you’re Ishita that’s why you don’t remember, my Shanaya di toh died,’ Tara said sadly. ‘No please, don’t say that, I have loved you always, now tell what happened further?’ Shanaya asked. ‘When I got pregnant, she pushed me from the stairs telling me that I don’t deserve to become a mother as I crushed an innocent live, the baby died, Deep too broke down hearing the miscarriage news, after some days everything was back to normal and after one year when I again got pregnant, I was alone in the house, don’t know when she came, I didn’t even sense someone coming, I was sleeping on couch, so she sat beside me and pressed my stomach so hard that my child died.’

Tara came out of her room holding her bulging tummy and Maya was standing near the stairs. She held her arm and pulled her close. ‘Very happy ha? You think I will let you be happy after you crushed an innocent life? Never, you don’t deserve to be a mother,’ Maya said and pushed her down the stairs grinning evilly. She went from there. Everyone gathered there hearing Tara’s screams. Deep picked her and took her immediately to hospital.

‘Sorry to say but your baby died,’ doctor informed Deep. He went to Tara and couldn’t help but cry. ‘What happen Deep? Why are you crying?’ she asked but he just caressed her hair.  ‘Our child, no! No this can’t happen, I want my child back, I want my child back!’ Tara shouted and hugged him and cried loudly. Later Maya came to her when Deep wasn’t there. ‘Get lost you b*t*h!’ Tara shouted. She caressed her hair. ‘Move your filthy hands off me, you had enmity with my innocent child, right? What did my innocent child do to you? What?’

Maya went smirking at her. After one year, Tara was once again pregnant, she was alone at house sleeping on couch. Maya entered the house and sat next to her. ‘Forgive me, I didn’t wanted to kill you like this but can’t kill Tara, if I kill you, she will itself die daily,’ Maya murmured and pressed her stomach hard making her scream loudly and her child died inside. She fainted. Maya went from the house leaving her like that and smirked. After that day, she became infertile and couldn’t have kids. Maya hid a tape recorder in the wooden floor which had a recording of a crying baby. She used to hear it whenever she was alone at home. ‘No, my baby,’ Tara said touching the wall. Deep came and the voices stopped. ‘What happen Tara?’ he asked worriedly. ‘My baby, it was calling me, I heard it,’ Tara said and he just hugged her.

One day, no one came and while hearing the voices, she became mad. ‘No! Stop these voices! Stop it!’ Tara shouted messing up the whole house and fainted. It went on happening for couple of days and one day, she was alone at house but none knew that Shanaya was hiding in the house to know what’s making her mad and who’s doing this. She observed Tara hiding at one place. She got shocked when suddenly a crying baby voice was heard and Tara started screaming. Shanaya ran to her rescue to make her quiet.

‘Tara, I m here, these crying voices are making you mad right?’ Shanaya asked. ‘You can also hear them?’ Tara asked in a shock. ‘Yes I can, you just keep quiet OK? I will find out what’s making these noises,’ Shanaya said and Tara followed her as she tried to track the voices. Finally she tracked them. She pressed her ear against the wooden floor. ‘They’re coming from here,’ Shanaya said and got a screw driver and opened the screws of it and got the tape recorder out of it and switched it off immediately. Tara hugged her.

‘You’re world’s best sister, you’re my savior,’ Tara said smilingly. ‘I m always there for you,’ Shanaya promised hugging her tight. Next day, they scared Maya from ghostly voices which were recorded in tape recorder and she too faced what Tara faced.

Flashback end.

‘So much happened and you never told me?’ Shanaya asked. ‘Didn’t got chance, we were happy so didn’t want to ruin the present,’ Tara told her. Shanaya made her rest and called Tanuja. ‘Its all because of those electric shocks,’ Tanuja said. ‘When will she be fine?’ Shanaya asked. ‘Soon, just massage, medicines and exercise will make her fine,’ Tanuja said and prescribed medicines and went. Aarohi was sitting in her room thinking. Deep came and palmed her eyes. ‘Who’s it?’ She asked. He kissed her cheek. ‘Deepu, that must be you only,’ she said knowingly. He smiled.

‘What did you call me? Deepu? Nice name ha, I got something for you,’ he told her and gave her a long envelope. ‘Manali tickets of one month, haha, like seriously,’ she said chuckling at him. ‘One month is enough to woo you,’ he told her. ‘Oh, so that’s why, when is the flight?’ she asked. ‘Day after tomorrow,’ he told her and she hugged him. ‘Woah, let’s go tell Tara and Ishita di too,’ she suggested and they went from there. So after telling them, they went to have ice cream. ‘Today’s day is heaven,’ she said and forwarded one ice cream towards him.

You hoo…
Wou wou wo..
Wou wou wo.. ho o ho..

Tumko toh aana hi tha zindagi mein
Der hui aane mein kyun
Jeena mujhe hai bas tere liye
Jo bhi karoon its only for you
Because I love you, I Love You
Because I love you
I love you till the end…

Aa… aa…

He was about to eat but she put the ice cream on his nose and laughed. ‘You naughty,’ he said and rubbed the ice cream on her whole face. ‘You’re naughtier than me,’ she said and rubbed the whole ice cream on his face as well and laughed. Now they looked like jokers. ‘Aey dotal (joker), teli(Teri) ite cleam (ice cream) toh tatam(khatam)  hodai(hogai) (hey joker, your ice cream got finished),’ he said imitating Taalu totla in phir Hera pheri. She laughed hilariously. ‘You’re so cute Deepu,’ Aarohi said laughing at him.

Meri toh har ek subah hoti tere sath hi
Teri hi baaton mein beete din mera..

Duniya ki har ek khushi
Main chhod doon only for you
Because I love you
O.. I love you
Because I love you
I love you till the end..

‘Tab(jab) bhi Aalohi(Aarohi) or Deepu taat(saath) hotay hain na, to aita(aisa) hi hota hai,’ he again imitated Taalu totla. ‘Haha Deepu totla,’ Aarohi joked on him and they both laughed and drove off. One day passed like this and finally the day came for their honeymoon. The flight was of night. So they all went to airport to board the flight. Aarohi teased Tara about inspector Lakshya. ‘Tara, I see you’re smiling, I think you’re excited to meet Lakshya, no?’ Aarohi said. ‘No, not at all,’ Tara replied. Aarohi’s bhaiya, bhabhi and Niku were also present there.

Niku was asleep. Bhabhi and bhaiya glared at her for talking to Tara. It was finally revealed to Tara that they’re alive as now she was harmless. Aarohi got quiet after receiving their glare. They all went in the plane and settled inside. Niku, bhaiya and bhabhi sat on one seat, Aarohi, Deep and Tara on one seat with Aarohi in between. Shanaya was sitting behind them. They had a lot of fun and the twins had wine. Tara had very little and Aarohi was drinking one after another. Till the flight landed, he picked her in his arms along with the bags, Tara was brought out in wheelchair.

So they took two cabs and rode off. Deep directed the drivers to a hotel for the night and decided to meet Lakshya in morning. So everyone retiree to their rooms, Tara and Shanaya in one room, Deep and Aarohi in other room, bhaiya bhabhi and Niku in other room. They all slept as all were tired. In morning, Tara, Deep, Aarohi and Shanaya went to meet Lakshya. He greeted Deep by hugging him and shook hands with Aarohi. Shanaya greeted him saying namaste. She was standing in front of Tara so she was invisible to him.

Suddenly she moved as he greeted her, as he saw Tara, his heart broke seeing her on wheelchair. He greeted her and shook hands with her. He knelt down to her and whispered, ‘the girl of my imaginations.’ She smiled blushingly. He took her hand in his hand but she was uncomfortable due to her miserable past and moved back her hand, he stood up and invited them to his house. They all came inside and were engrossed in their own talks. Lakshya brought some papers and kept them in Tara’s lap. She was amazed.

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  1. This part is emotional and superb. ?

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    Maya I want to kill her

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    Awsome ???I loved it??? hope Tara gets fine soon. And Lakshya likes her ?

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