Ardeep/Ishra ff: Jiyein Kyun (20~Electroshocked)

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Shanaya ran and hugged Tara. ‘Please get me out of here Shanaya di,’ Tara said cryingly while she rubbed her back. ‘I am here for that only,’ Shanaya said and broke the hug and turned to the nurses who were giving her electroshocks before. ‘What were you doing to her? Do you have a human side to yourself? You’re not roadside goons, think about her, she is also someone’s daughter, someone’s sister,’ Shanaya scolded them and what they did next shook her body. They electroshocked her also and she fell on the floor due to weakness and somehow moved her hand.

‘Shanaya di!’ Tara screamed. Shanaya pressed a button on her watch to alert Raman that she’s in danger. ‘I won’t leave you all,’ Tara said and got shocked once again and fell on the bed due to pain. Raman went out of office as soon as he got to know about Shanay in danger. He went to the jail after breakfast as he knew she went there to meet her sister. As he went there, he got to know about Tara being in mental asylum. ‘What? And you put her in mental asylum? Idiot people, you should thank God you’re a woman else you don’t know me.’

He went from there to mental asylum driving fast. He stepped down the car and ran inside. Shanaya was in the nurse’s grip. They were continuously pulling her out and she was trying to go to Tara. Raman came and made them leave her. ‘Raman, look what they’re doing, they’re giving shocks to me and Tara,’ Shanaya said. ‘I will see what they do,’ he said and picked Tara in his arms and they went from there. Raman drove off to some other place, it was a hospital, Khurana College and Hospital.

‘One doctor here is a very good friend of mine, Dr.Tanuja Bedi she has looked after many patients like Tara, one patient is very attached to her, she’s a little girl and she got mentally unstable when her family left her, so I think Tanuja will be good for that, come,’ he said and got out and took Tara. She too got out and went inside the hospital. They asked receptionist for a private room of Rehab. Tara was immediately laid on bed and taken to her room, they waited for Tanuja to come. Aarohi came to Maya’s room and pulled her outside very fast.

‘What Tara? Where are you taking me?’ she asked. ‘To hell,’ Aarohi said angrily and kept pulling her till they were out of the house, she pushed her on the passenger seat and drove off. ‘Please do it slowly, accident might happen, leave your anger behind else I will jump out of the car,’ Maya said scared of her and Aarohi smiled at her and caressed her face, Maya was surprised by her action. She kept on increasing the speed every time Maya begged to slow down. ‘When did you hear when I told you not to beat me in childhood?’

Maya looked away and was about to jump out of car but Aarohi held her hair and increased the speed more and more. ‘Maya mausi, if you haven’t realized yet, I m kidnapping you,’ Aarohi said and finally stopped outside the farmhouse in which Vedhika was living. She got out of the car and pulled Maya out. ‘What are you doing? Leave me,’ Maya said and Aarohi rung the doorbell of the farmhouse. Vedhika opened the door. ‘Hello Vedhika, this is your not so good mom and mausi, she’s your sweet and innocent daughter who was dead till now but came out of blue and for who you’ve tortured me till now.’

‘What? She tortured you for me?’ Vedhika asked. ‘Yes, that accident was done by me and you were declared dead when actually you weren’t dead,’ Aarohi said. ‘I m sorry..,’ Vedhika said. ‘I am Tara by the way, your mom’s sister’s daughter and your cousin sister,’ Aarohi said. ‘Nice to meet you but I am sorry,’ Vedhika said and Aarohi hugged her. ‘I am Aarohi Kashyap and not Tara but don’t tell her, we are friends since childhood if you remember,’ Aarohi whispered hugging her. Vedhika smiled.

‘Have you come to take me home?’ she asked. ‘Of course, why not? Pack your bags,’ Aarohi said and she went happily. Aarohi called Deep. ‘Hallo Deep, ask mom to get ready to welcome my cousin sister home, I will tell the rest later,’ she said in a go not giving him a chance to speak and disconnected the call. Vedhika came with her bags. ‘I m ready,’ she said and the trio went from there. Maya didn’t even talk to Vedhika for once, did she even want her when she was born? Or there was no mother’s love in her fate?

They arrived and got down the car. Deep hugged Aarohi as she came. Roma too hugged her. ‘So who’s your cousin sister?’ Roma asked. ‘She’s the one mom, she’s the one for who Maya mausi tortured me, when she was alive, why she tortured me?’ Aarohi said angrily. ‘Yes, why you tortured her? Tell, tell else your daughter will lose you forever,’ Roma said angrily to Maya. ‘I never had her, so the question doesn’t arises on me losing her but on Tara losing her childhood and me also, I never had a life, she left me like an orphan, only papa was there, I hate my mom.’

Vedhika stormed off to a room and closed the door. ‘Did you both married secretly?’ Roma asked Maya. ‘No we never married, we just made love and this mistake happened,’Maya replied. Roma slapped her across the face as she called her daughter a mistake. ‘If you don’t want her, at least don’t call her a mistake, I will adopt her and give her the love she never got,’ Roma said and Maya laughed sarcastically. ‘Aww, one more child? First Deep, the trash you got from the road and now Vedhika, how surprising that you have humanity but your daughter is so inhuman, you’re a mother India and she, murderer India.’

‘Mausi!’ Aarohi said and turned her harshly towards her. ‘I don’t care whatever you call me but I do care when you say anything about my husband, he’s not a trash, he’s a diamond who is only mine, oh, how will you know what’s love? Tera toh character tere janam se hi dheela hai.’

Roma giggled as Aarohi stood by Deep’s side. ‘You tried to burn my sister in front of me, you tried to murder my another sister too, dare you to talk like that again.’

She walked upstairs with Deep holding her hand. They went to their room and closed the door. ‘Diamond?’ he said and she smiled. ‘You’re a diamond only Deep, who’s only mine,’ she said and hugged him. ‘I felt it good to hear,’ he said and she smiled.

I wish time goes back and we live like before with no avenging intentions, how will I send you to jail for supporting Tara and forget you when you’ve given me so much to remember? Aarohi thought to herself and a lone tear escaped her eye.

Later, Aarohi and Vedhika went to a restaurant searching for someone by her eyes. ‘Aarohi!’ she heard someone say and looked around, a girl waved at her, it was Mayuri (the girl she saw in hotel the day she gave Deep a punishment and got him beaten up). She waved at her, Mayuri was sitting with two more girls. The duo went to that table and sat with them. ‘Hi Gopi, hi Raashi, hi Mayuri, this is Vedhika,’ Aarohi greeted them with a handshake and introduced Vedhika. ‘Hi,’ the trio greeted her. She smiled.

‘So what’s the plan?’ Aarohi asked them. They told her the plan and she smiled and they had a group hug. Tanuja came to Tara’s ward. ‘Hello people,’ she greeted them. ‘Hello. Actually someone gave her electric shocks and she is unconscious since then,’ Shanaya told her. Tanuja checked her. ‘She will be conscious within sometime, I have injected her, take care,’ she said and they thanked her and she went to another ward. She saw a little girl sitting by the bed and was sad. ‘Tanya,’ Tanuja called her and she got a tight hug in return, she hugged her back.

‘What happened?’ Tanuja asked. ‘How is Natasha?’ Tanya asked. ‘She will be fine,’ she said patting her back and broke the hug. ‘Wait,’ Tanuja said and went. She came within sometime and had two glasses in her hand. They had milkshake. Natasha too woke up. ‘You two have this,’ Tanuja said and they refused. ‘OK, fine, we will play a game,’ Tanuja said and their faces lit up. ‘What game?’ they asked in unison. ‘The one who drink it first will get the biggest dairy milk,’ Tanuja said and both of them drunk it fast. ‘I finished first,’ Natasha said.

‘No I finished first,’ Tanya argued. ‘OK OK both finished quickly, wait ha,’ Tanuja said and went again. She came back with chocolates as promised and gave to them. She went smilingly seeing the happy kids. A tear slipped down her cheek. ‘How to tell you kids that whenever I was pregnant with you guys, I had problems so I gave you both for adoption, I didn’t had money for myself so how would I have done your upbringing and take care of you both?’ she said to herself looking at them through the glass in the door.

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  1. Nice yar?

  2. Priyu

    ?I didn’t think that those people will do that to Shanaya too! Thank go she called Raman or else don’t know what could have happened ? Hope Tara gets fine soon. Aarohi did the correct thing. now what will Maya do next ?

  3. Ardeep

    I hope that arohi will forgive deep loved it and adding new characters love it

  4. NaIrA_KhAn

    fabulous dear !! update asap !!

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