Ardeep/Ishra ff: Jiyein Kyun (12~Scared Maya)

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~Meri manzil, meri hadh,
Bas tum se tum takk,
Fakhar yeh ke tum mere ho,
Fikar yeh ke kab tak?~

Tara sat on the bed as Deep went and was really angry. Aarohi placed her hand on her shoulder. ‘Tara why you did that?’ she asked and Tara threw a pillow on her shocking Ishita and stood up and held her arms. ‘Shut up! For you, for you all this happened! For you he called me rejected, he loved me before you came damn it! You’ve created this rift between us, you go away, you should die, I m not mad to accept you as my sister,’ Tara said and Aarohi jerked away her hands.

‘Fine! I am also not mad! What did you think? The girl who shed the blood of my brother, I will forgive her? No ways!’ Aarohi said angrily. ‘Now you both stop fighting, Tara is trying to change, please don’t reverse her actions, and Tara, please you too don’t talk like that, she also went through pain by the same people who gave you pain,’ Ishita told them. ‘What’s the use to make her understand? I m not taking revenge for her but for my own self, if she wants revenge, she should stand on her own feet for that, I was ready to do this for her but she.. blo*dy fool,’ Aarohi said.

‘Anyways, I will be here tonight, you go to Raichand Mansion and take your first step as well because I have already taken my step. Its your turn,’ she said. ‘But she’s not in a condition to go there,’ Ishita said. ‘Why?Because she’s scared of Maya and Dr. Bhandari? You’re there so what to worry about? I can also come with you both,’ Aarohi said and they planned on what to do next. Aarohi came back to Raichand mansion and went to her room. She saw Deep sitting lost in thoughts and found him sad.

She sat by his side and kept her head on his shoulder. ‘Deep, she is like that, she will be fine, you don’t worry, now I won’t be here tonight, she’s coming here for her first step towards her revenge,’ she told him. ‘Really? Then I will explain her everything that I have loved only one person and that’s you, I have only thought of her as a friend,’ he said and she lifted her head from his shoulder. ‘No. This is not the right time, we have to wait. She should get fine first, already she has been in trauma.’

‘Hmm. By the way, I will make you meet your bhaiya tomorrow, then after we remarry, we will go to Manali for honeymoon, then we’ll meet inspector Lakshya too, he’s there in Manali,’ he told her. ‘Really? Why aren’t you hot just like him?’ she asked and he glared at her. ‘Oh you always met him because you had a sort of crush on him?’ he asked burning in jealousy and she laughed. ‘Yes, I had a crush on him. How cool minded is he, that sweet way of talking, heart winning actions, I mean wow, where did you go baby?’

‘You shut up! I won’t leave you,’ he said and picked a pillow and started hitting her. ‘Don’t do this ha, it’s cheating,’ she said and she too picked a pillow hitting him. He had got on top of her while hitting her, she was laughing the whole time. While fighting, they rolled off the bed falling on the floor.

Oo ishq mein marjawan
Tu Jo kahe vo kar jawan
Iss ishq mein marjawan
Tu Jo kahe vo kar jawan ooo

They had an eyelock. ‘Deep, if Tara wouldn’t have been in your life, you would have still left me?’ she asked in a husky voice tracing her hands on his arms upwards to his neck and brought them on his face cupping it perfectly in her tiny hands. ‘No, never, I wouldn’t have left you then, but what if you were already in love with inspector Lakshya and I proposed you, would you’ve left him for me? I mean if Vishal wasn’t there but he was there,’ he asked and she recalled Vishal’s death who she had loved before Deep but he was killed when she was waiting for him in the marriage hall and was all set to marry him.

Aarohi smiled tracing her finger on his face. ‘If you’ve kept my bhabhi and Niku and bhaiya alive, it can be possible that Vishal is alive as well, no?’ she asked shocking him and he moved from top of her. ‘What are you asking? First I asked so you should answer,’ he replied. ‘Oh, so you are trying to act smart? Tell else I will not leave you,’ she said angrily. ‘Yes he is alive, so? Will you leave me for him or for inspector Lakshya?’ he asked making her laugh and she ruffled his hair.

He got confused. ‘Oh my cutie pie, I never had a crush on inspector Lakshya, I had love with Vishal and he too loved me, you were married to Tara but still you married me, achaar daalo mujh par or apnay sapno’n par,’ she said and stood up from the floor and stood near the window looking out. ‘Now If he’s alive, I will go with him but you stay with your Tara, we have same faces so adjust,’ she said and he hugged her from behind. ‘No dear. He’s not alive but I was never the killer, I don’t know who is.’

She jerked away his arms and sat on the bed. ‘So ask you dear wife Tara when she comes tonight,’ she said and turned her face away. Ishita came to Bhalla house after she had calmed Tara. She saw Raman and they had a hug. ‘I missed you,’ she said. ‘I missed you too, come inside the room. I want to talk,’ he said and they went to their room. ‘We’ve been hiding a truth from our family since long that who you are, so please be careful,’ he said. ‘Relax, I won’t ever tell anyone,’ she said.

‘Thank you for handling my family, you’re an angel and I wanted to say, I m in love with this angel, thanks for everything, thanks for loving Pihu, Adi and Ruhi and never letting them feel a mother’s emptiness,’ he said getting emotional. ‘They’re my children too.’

‘How is Tara?’ he asked. ‘Better,’ she replied. ‘You weren’t in a good condition, your mind was disturbed so I never asked what had happened?’ he said and she sighed. ‘No I can’t tell, please, I will tell when I feel like,’ she said. ‘Its OK,’ he said and hugged her.

‘Raman, I m living in Raichand Mansion to get justice for those sisters, don’t worry but I will make it out alive, take care of Pihu, I will come back soon,’ she said breaking the hug. He went to his cupboard and brought two small boxes. He opened one of them and it had two watches, he made her wear one of them and wore another. ‘These are alerting watches, if you ever feel like you’re in danger, press this button, an alarm will be there on my watch and I will reach you,’ he said and she smiled and hugged him.

Ishita along with Tara and Aarohi entered Raichand Mansion. Aarohi and Tara had same dress up. ‘All the best,’ Ishita whispered to both of them and the duo went upstairs towards Maya’s room. ‘You go inside by the door and I will go by window,’ Aarohi said and opened the window jumping inside. Tara hid outside behind a wall according to the plan. Aarohi kept both her hands on Maya’s neck and she woke up by the sudden fear and got shocked seeing her. ‘Tara? What are you doing with me? Please forgive me?’

‘I m not Tara, I m your daughter in law, Aarohi, hahaha, why? Got scared that I will kill you? You did so wrong with me, you tried burning me alive, showed me fake motherly love, none of you will be left,’ she said angrily and got a fake knife from which fake blood oozed out on stabbing someone but it doesn’t really stabs someone, knife goes in by spring and fake blood oozes out. She raised it above her head and was about to attack her but she ran out of the room. Tara appeared in front of her in her same dress up.

‘Where are you going? You won’t be saved, you will have to die,’ she said and held her neck by both her hands and she pushed her away. She moved back and collided with someone and turned to see Aarohi who laughed in a ghostly way towards her. ‘Mom, I am here too, hahaha,’ she said and laughed with Tara. She got scared and moved another way backwards and saw third Aarohi/Ishita with Aarohi’s mask on her face. ‘I won’t ever leave you!’ she said and the trio circled around her and laughed while she went unconscious.

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