Ardeep horror TS: Happy Birthday To You (shot 3 of 3)

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Flashback Continues:
Tara got angry on seeing just Aarohi’s sketch. ‘Yeh sab kya hai? Mujhe wahan pagalon ki tarha bithaya, or tasveer banai sirf tumhari? blo*dy fool,‘ (what’s all this? He made me sit there like a mad person and made only your sketch) she said and took the sketch from her hands and Aarohi widened her eyes as she saw that Tara was about to tear it off. ‘Tara.. Kya kar rahi ho? Please is tasveer ko mat phaaro,’ (what are you doing? Please don’t tear this sketch) Aarohi said on the verge of crying. ‘Kiun? Tumhe kya lagta hai is ne kyun sirf tumhari tasveer banai? Kiun k ye tumhara aashiq hai na isliye, humesha is se pyaar kiya lekin tumhare liye ye pyaar daba diya lekin tum dono meri maujoodgi mein apni baaton k gulchharay uratay ho, mera kitna dil dukhta hai tumhe kya pata?’ (Why? What do you think why he has made only your sketch? That’s because he is your lover, I have always loved him but I repressed this love for you but you people used to flutter your words when I was there, do you even know how much my heart aches?) Tara said enraged and hurt both at the same time.

‘Tara, main kya karoon mujhe pyaar hogaya, pata nahi kab kahan kaise bas hogaya, is mein meri kya galti hai?’ (What can I do I fell in love, don’t know when where and how it just happened, what’s my fault in all this?) Aarohi said shedding tears. ‘Tum theek keh rahi ho? Galti tumhari nahi, tumhare dil ki hai jisne usi se pyaar kiya jis se mujhe pyaar tha,’ (you are right, it’s not your fault but your heart’s fault who loved the same person who I loved) Tara said tearing the sketch fully and threw it. ‘Tara, yeh tumne kya kiya? Aisa kiun kiya tumne Tara? Tumne meri poori zindagi barbaad kar di,’ (what did you do? Why did you do this? You ruined my whole life) Aarohi said cryingly and Tara looked here and there sighing. ‘Main tumse nafrat karti hoon, tum mujh par ek bhoj ho, tum chali jao, mujhse alag hojao, alag hojao mujhse!’ (I hate you, you are a burden on me, you go away, get separate from me, get yourself separated from me!) Aarohi said angrily and Tara got teary eyed and looked at her.

Tara recalled their childhood moment where she said that they won’t ever separate from each other, she recalled Aarohi kissing her cheek after she said that and got deeply heartbroken. She held her neck pinning her to the railing. ‘Kya kaha? Main tujhpe ek bhoj hoon? Tujhse alag hojaun? Chali jaun main? 20 din k pyaar ki khatir tujhpe 20 saal ki behen ka pyaar bhaari par gaya? Han? Bhool gayi k bachpan se tumhara koi ek apna is dunia mein hai to vo hoon main, hum dono ka hi sirf khoon ka rishta hai, baaki sab to humari selected family hai.’ (What did you say? I m a burden on you? I should get separated from you? I should go? The love of 20 year old sister became a burden for the sake of 20 days of love? Hmm? You forgot that since childhood if you have anyone in this world so that’s me, only we two have a blood relationship, everyone else is our selected family)

Aarohi’s neck was still in her grip. ‘Yeh baat to main kabhi nahi bhool sakti, lekin Virat, Vedhika, Pankti, Vishal bhi sab humare apnay hi hain,’ (I can never forget all this, but Virat, Vedhika, Pankti, Vishal are also our family) Aarohi replied trying to make her leave her neck. ‘Yeah right including Deep jiske liye main ek bhoj ban k reh gai, bachpan se tumhare liye vo kiya hai jo ek maa bhi nahi karti apnay bachay k liye, tumhari saari injections main ne lagwayi, isliye nahi k mujhe shauk tha, isliye k tumhe dard hoga, tumhari saari dawaiyan bhi main ne pi, isliye nahi k mujhe pasand thi? Isliye k tumhe achha nahi lagta tha,’ (yeah right including Deep for who I became a burden on you, I have done such things for you since childhood which not even a mother does for her child, I got all your injections injected inside me, not because I wanted to but because you will feel pain, I also took all your medicines, not because I liked them, but because you didn’t felt good) Tara said with tears rolling down her cheek.

‘Or abhi jo mera dil dukhaya uska kya?’ (And what about the heartache you gave me right now?) Aarohi said pushing her hand away and Tara’s foot slipped off the stair and they fell rolling down the stairs and landed on the floor. Aarohi lifted her head still laying on the floor and saw that Tara’s eyes were closed. ‘Tara,’ she called her name tapping her face but she didn’t respond so Aarohi checked her breathe and she was breathing really slow. ‘Shomi aunty! Aunty please jaldi aaiye, meri Tara ko kuchh hogaya hai aunty,’ (aunty please come fast, something has happened to my Tara) she called out for Sharmishtha who was the caretaker of the house and also loved them as their own daughters.

Sharmishtha even had her own two daughters Swara and Ragini, because she was poor, she took care of the orphan twins to give her daughters a good life. Sharmishtha came running and got shocked seeing the scenario. ‘What happened Aaru? How did you both fell?’ Sharmishtha asked helping both of them to their feet and it was much difficult for Aarohi to stand with a conjoined unconscious twin. She took them to hospital by keeping Tara in middle and both of them held her.

They walked until they were out of the graveyard and hired a car to reach the hospital. Soon they reached hospital and were taken on stretcher. It came out as a conclusion that Tara is near death. Their bodies were immediately separated after Aarohi had seen her for the last time conjoined to her. Tara was breathing her last and was conscious and was calling Aarohi in a weak voice again and again. Aarohi came inside. ‘Please get well soon,’ she pleaded. ‘I can’t, I m breathing my last, forgive me, you were the one to say all that I m a burden on you and that I should go, but don’t worry, itna plead kar rahi ho to main wapis aaungi.’ (If you are pleading too much then I will come back)

Aarohi smiled. ‘Lekin aatma ban k,’ (but by becoming a soul) Tara said and her chest rose up and she breathed her last. ‘Tara!’ Aarohi screamed cryingly.

Flashback end.

‘I didn’t do it intentionally, that was an accident, I didn’t mean it, but Deep, nothing will happen to me in your presence, but Deep remember one thing, Tara used to love you a lot,’ Aarohi told him. ‘And I love you,’ Deep said. ‘I love you too Deep, please be with me only, don’t go anywhere leaving me,’ Aarohi said and hugged him, he hugged her back. ‘But now she has come back,’ he said. ‘Our love will win, we will win, she won’t as good wins over bad, since you came you never even asked for food, I made your favorite food, mac and cheese, I will come with it,’ she said and went to bring. He felt a chill go down his spine and looked around. He saw a window opening on its own.

He looked at it as it grabbed his attention. It was getting dark outside, he saw a girl with a candle looking inside. ‘Who’s there?’ he asked. The girl moved the candle upwards to make her face visible, to his shock, it was Tara. Aarohi came with a food plate. ‘What are you looking at?’ she asked startling him. ‘Tara, she’s outside,’ he told her. She came and stood beside him looking out of the window. ‘No one is there Deep. You’re imagining things, have food,’ she said and went to close the window. Deep saw Tara about to strangle Aarohi and got paralyzed on his place.

‘Aarohi!’ Deep screamed and pulled her back just when she was about to close the window. ‘What happen Deep?’ she asked turning her face to him and he kept on looking at the window only to see Tara’s angry face. ‘Deeeep,’ Aarohi said a little louder. He came to his senses and looked at her. ‘She would’ve killed you Aaru,’ he said and hugged her tightly. She was shocked on seeing him scared. She hugged him back. ‘Deep, nothing has happened to me, don’t worry, but why you pulled me away?’ she asked still in the hug and he broke the hug looking at the window.

‘First things first, I should close the window first,’ he said and passed by her and closed the window with a thud. ‘You know Tara was there outside the window and she was about to kill you so I pulled you away, I don’t know how to get rid of her,’ he told her. ‘Maybe any pundit can help us, we should talk to some pundit as soon as we can,’ she suggested. ‘Yeah right, but remember don’t ever vanish from my sight, not even for one second as it’s dangerous,’ he said possessively.

‘OK daddy I won’t,’ she said and he sighed. ‘So I became daddy from monster, haha,’ he said. ‘Yes, and when this monster is so careless, a fairy is always there to care for him. Eat your food Deep,’ she said and they ate together. Aarohi laid down to sleep and he laid beside her and kept his arm around her, she smiled and cuddled more into him while sleeping. Later, he was awaken by anklet sound. He turned his face to Aarohi to see her asleep and he sat up and was shocked. Who could it be at this hour?

He pushed the duvet off himself and went outside but little did he know that it was just a trap for him. As soon as he went, black smoke went towards Aarohi really fast and she woke up with a jolt. She was no more Aarohi but Tara. She got up and walked outside to find Deep. She saw him roaming around and ran to him and jumped onto him wrapping her legs around his waist and burying her face in the crook of his neck and her arms encircled around his neck tighter than ever totally shocking him.

‘What happened? Why you woke up? Did you got scared?’ he asked but she didn’t reply and he wrapped his arms around his waist and took her to bed. He laid her and saw several wounds taking place on her body. ‘Why? Why do you always to go leaving me?’ she asked in her thick voice. ‘Where did your necklace go?’ he said and searched for it and found it fallen on the floor. He kept the sacred necklace on her forehead and he heard her ear piercing scream and just then all the wounds disappeared from her body completely.

She went unconscious. ‘Pundit jee will have to tell one solution once and for all, I can’t see my Aaru like this,’ he said and couldn’t sleep the whole night. When the sun shone, he left Aarohi at Pankti’s house and went to meet pundit jee. ‘To save Aarohi, you will have to marry her once again, once with reverse rounds and once with normal rounds, I think you should do it now itself, because at night, evil spirits are much more powerful,’ he said. ‘Why not Pundit jee? I can do anything to save my Aaru, you follow me.’

He took Pundit jee to Pankti’s house and the havan kund was set up. Seeing all this, Tara possessed Aarohi once again and came to Deep and strangled him with full force. Pundit showered holy water on her chanting some mantras. Deep somehow dragged her towards the fire and with Pundit chanting marriage mantra as they took reverse rounds. ‘Deeep, I won’t leave you, because of you we both are separated from each other!’ she said and dug her nails in his wrist and he held both her wrists to prevent her from harming him. He kept on taking rounds with her shouting continuously.

As the rounds were completed, dark shadow escaped from her body and Pundit captured her in a jar and now Aarohi had lost her senses. He picked her in his arms and they took normal rounds around the fire and she gained her senses. ‘Deep, what happened?’ she asked. ‘Nothing, just that Tara went forever. Our love won, none can separate us,’ he said smilingly and she too smiled and hugged him tightly. ‘Seriously Deep, you’ve become my everything, my mom dad left me and Tara in dustbin to die but you guys saved me, I m thankful to all of you.’

‘No, we’re thankful to you for coming in our lives,’ he said and she broke the hug and hugged everyone else. Everything was finally fine.

1 year later:

‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Aarohi, happy birthday to you, may you have many more, may you have many more, happy birthday dear Aarohi, happy birthday to you,’ the crowd sang for Aarohi and cut the cake for her. She fed the cake to everyone and the party was going on with much fun and enjoyment. Just then the phone rung and Aarohi received it.

Gumnaam hai koi, badnaam hai koi, kisko khabar, kon hai vo, anjaan hai koi.’

(Will bring up an epilogue for a proper ending)

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    Oooo so Tara’s problem is over. Hope she won’t return again. But feeling sad for her too. ?? Waiting for the epilogue ?

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