Ardeep horror ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot Returns (9~First Kiss)

Flashback Continues:

“Virat, look yaar, who comes like this in middle of the night to console you when you’re alone? Only the ones who loves you come right? I can prove it right now,” she said and took the bottle of wine and drunk it fully. “Oye pagal, nikammi, what did you do?” he asked and she smiled. “Tere pyaar ne kar diya deewana,” she sung and he pulled her by her wrist and she ended up sitting in his lap and he held her waist. “Nice catch, baby,” she said and encircled her arms around his neck and leaned in for a kiss. He widened his eyes at her.

His hands moved to her arms and he pushed her away. “Tara!” he shouted angrily all of a sudden and she fell on the floor because of his sudden push. She looked at him creasing her eyebrows at him at his reaction. He stood up and walked towards her and she started to move back as he towered above her. She continued to move back and he laughed at her as she was getting scared of him for no reason. She looked at him in shock and moved back till she was trapped between him and the wall.

He gave her his hand but she shielded her face and he slapped his forehead at her antics. He held her hands and lowered them from the front of her face and sat in front of her. “Hatto chhoro main ne bas galti se kar diya,” she said looking down. “Yaar it was you who was trying to kiss me sometime ago, I was coming to help you up,” he clarified and she nodded sarcastically. “You pushed me damn it!” she said angrily and stood up. “Sorry,” he said cupping her cheek. “Just shut up!” she shouted. “Sorry meri lorry,” he said and she chuckled.

“By the way it was you who tried to kiss me right? Sorry that I got angry, laga to nahi?” he asked and she looked down not meeting her eyes with him. “Achha batao kahan laga? Yahan?” he asked holding her neck lightly and she laughed by the tickling sensation and shook her head. His hands then moved under her armpits and he tickled her there. “Toh phir yahan?” he asked and she laughed pushing away his hands. “Umm zaroor yahan laga hoga haina?” he asked moving his hands to her stomach and tickled her there.

She laughed even more and turned her back towards him to stop her but he wrapped his arms around her and tickled her from behind and she laughed more resting the back of her head on his chest. “Enough.. enough.. enough yaar,” she said panting and tried to make him leave her but he hugged her more tightly and she looked back at him and they had an eyelock. Suddenly Tara started to lose her senses and she started to get drunk. She made him leave her and turned to him.

She looked at him emotionally and hugged him, she hugged her back. “When you threw me away na, it didn’t hurt me physically, but emotionally it did,” she said and broke the hug and pointed at her heart. “It hurt me here,” she said and turned wiping the lone tear that fell from her eye. “Achha sorry na baby,” he said cupping her cheeks. “Pehli baar kisi apnay ne mere saath aisa kia hai,” she said sadly and tearily and he held her face emotionally. “Itnay waqt baad mujhe kisi ne apna kaha hai,” he said and got tears in his eyes.

Main zindagi jeeney laga,
Tu jo mila,
Ooo hamnava…
Mujhko mili hai roshni,
Taara tha main,
Duuba hua…

She too held his face and drew their faces closer joining their foreheads together. He ran his fingers in her hair from the sides. Tears fell from their eyes as they felt real love for the first time. Unknowingly their heads tilted in opposite directions and their lips met each other and they shared a small kiss as they ran their hands in each other’s hair and parted their lips away looking at each other with tiny smiles on their faces. It wasn’t lust, it wasn’t pleasure, it was true love. Their heads again tilted in opposite directions and once again their lips met each other passionately.

Jaise mila hu mein kudh sey hi pakey tujhe,
Tu hai toh main hu main itna bata du tujhe,
Main kuch nahi tere bin nahi koi mera,
Tu hii dua hai meri,
Tu khuda hai mera…

Main zindagi jeeney laga,
Tu jo mila,
Ooo hamnava…

He chewed her lower lip and she chewed his upper lip and they again parted away panting heavily with their foreheads still joined together, they still had a smile on their faces. “Last time?” she asked innocently and he chuckled. “Okay,” he said and their lips met once again passionately but they again parted away but their foreheads didn’t parted. He held her waist and she ran her fingers in his hair. “Virat, today those feelings have finally taken place in my heart, God has fulfilled my wish, Virat I love you,” she said huskily.

Tere sahara mila hai,
Jaise kinara mila hai,
Mein banjar zameen,
Tu baarish ghani
Bheega dey mujhe

Khamosh lamho ko thaamey,
Khali deewaro sa tha main,
Tujhe thaam k fana main hua,
Bata dun tujhe..
Aawara khwabo ko dey-dey thikaney zaara,
Deewani saanson ko dey-dey panahey zara,
Main kuch nahi tere bin nahi koi mera,
Tu hii dua hai meri,
Tu khuda hai mera…

Main zindagi jeeney laga,
Tu jo mila,
Ooo humnava

“Really?” he asked and she smiled at him nodding her head. He pulled her in a tight hug such that his arms were wrapped around her shoulders and her hands were on his back. “Tara you have no idea how much my ears have craved to hear these four magical words from you, Virat I love you, wow,” he said and she laughed. “Very dramatic you are,” she said and suddenly she started to lose her senses more and more until she passed out on his shoulder and he felt her grip loosen on him.

Her weight was totally on him and he broke the hug a little to see her face. Her eyes were closed and he picked her in his arms and admired her cute sleeping face while her head rested on his chest. He smiled and climbed upstairs to his room and he laid her on the bed and removed her slippers and caressed her hair. She pulled his hand such that her face was very close to her. She lifted her head and pecked his cheek. “Love you,” she said in a drunk and weak voice and her head fell back on the pillow.

He pecked her forehead. “Love you too,” he whispered and she smiled a little in her sleep as he covered her with the duvet. He too laid on the other side of the bed and slept instantly. Next morning, they were sleeping peacefully cuddling to each other. The curtains were open and sun rays disturbed their beauty sleep. Virat caressed her back a little to wake her up. “Baby,” he whispered. “Hmm?” she replied clutching his tee-shirt. “Don’t you want to wake up? Everyone will know you were gone the whole night,” he said. She opened her eyes.

“Jab pyaar kiya to darrna kya?” she asked and he chuckled. “Badi badi baatein karnay lagi ho haan,” he said and now she chuckled as he sat up and pulled her in a tight but passionate hug. They smiled. Mayank entered Alisha’s room by climbing the scarf rope Tara had made and tied down the window to climb down to go to Virat’s house. “Hi aalu,” he greeted her, she was playing on computer. “Hi Maayu, how you came here?” she asked. “You yourself tied a scarf rope for me down the window,” he told her shocking her totally.

“What? Oh God, I didn’t, all this have been done by Tara,” she told him. “What? But why?” he asked. “She has started to go to Virat’s house every night and stays there for the nights,” she told him and untied the scarf rope from the window. “Thank God that she is over from the little crush she had on me,” he said and they smiled. “I have a crush on a boy,” he said and she gasped. “What?” she shouted all of a sudden. “Hmm, you are a boy na, you wear tomboyish clothes,” he said resting his palm on her collar bone.

“Hmm?” she asked raising her eyebrows and he nodded. “Achha? I m a boy? Okay,” she said nodding sarcastically and started unbuttoning her shirt buttons. “Aeyy badtameez, what the hell are you doing?” he asked squeezing his eyes shut. “Why what happen? Boys are like this only na, nangay patangay types,” she said and he started running away as she ran after him with her top buttons open a little. “Dekho dekho sharma kiun rahay ho? Main to larka hoon na,” she said and he kept running here and there in the room with his eyes closed.

She saw Tara at the entrance and she quickly buttoned her shirt and Mayank too stood up from the bed and stood beside her. “Baby, Tara has come so now at least button your shirt,” he said teasingly. “Haww my shirt is buttoned up, okay,” she said and went to Tara. “Where were you?” she asked and then she smelt wine in her breathe. “You drank again?” Alisha asked creasing her eyebrows and Tara held her ears. “Sorry,” she said. “Shut up,” Alisha said. “Oh c’mon bechari sorry to bol rahi hai, and what about the scarf rope?” Mayank said.

Alisha glared at him, he took the scarf rope and put it on her back with the ends in his hands and he pulled her towards him and tied a knot on his waist. He pecked her cheek. “Love you baby,” he said and she blushed. “Love you too,” Alisha said. They had a laugh and Tara thanked Mayank by signing him as he saved her. He blinked her eyes.

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