Ardeep horror ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot Returns (8~Sneaking In From The Balcony)


Flashback Continues:
They all were tired after the slumber party and were awake all night so they went asleep at 6 in the morning. Alisha and Deep cuddling on one bed and Virat and Tara on Tara’s bed, she had placed her head on his arm but sleep was far away from her eyes. All she could think about Alisha’s words to her. ” Tara, it doesn’t takes much time to fall in love with someone who can heal all your inner wounds, now look just like you have started falling for him because you think he can heal you so I think it won’t take much time for you too and just like that if someone else comes in his life and he feels that she can heal him better than you, he will leave you and fall for her if he thinks you’re taking too much time, if you have feelings for him, tell him, he won’t wait for his entire life,” she had told Tara.

He woke up from his sleep and saw that she couldn’t sleep properly. “Tara, you were awake the whole time? I think I should sleep on floor so that you can sleep baby.”

She stopped him holding his hand and he laid back. “Virat you don’t need to go anywhere, please, I m ok,” she said. “Are you nervous for something?” he asked. “No, nothing at all,” she replied. “Are you hiding something from me?” he asked. “No, actually, I am sorry Virat, in my passion I lost my senses, I was so much mad in Mayank’s love that I kept hurting you, that was just infatuation, I m so near to you right now, it feels good, when you came close to me in temple, your perfume made me go crazy,” she told him.

“Hmm so you’re saying, I should wear this perfume more often as that ways you won’t go far from me?” he asked. “Hmm yes, and I m also saying that you shouldn’t go to your house right now as you also didn’t sleep properly, please stay, you can sleep here, I m fine,” she said and moved closer to him to adjust and he turned to his right to give her space and she could finally lay properly. “Thank you, but don’t fall,” she said and he smiled as she hid her face in his chest and slept.

He too slept. Later that day, at night, Tara kept waiting for Virat but he didn’t come. He thought that if he kept on spending night after night with her, his love will increase with time and if Tara doesn’t accepts his love, he will be totally shattered by that and he thought that it will be good if he turns selfish and thinks of himself as well while Tara thought that if they don’t spend enough time with each other and get to know each other, she will never know what’s true love and that her wish will never be fulfilled.

She opened her cupboard and took many scarves and tied their ends with each other one after another enough to make a long rope. She tied its end to her bed and threw it down her window so that she could go down and drive towards his house. She climbed the window and held her self made rope and jumped down holding it hanging from the window and got down carefully till she reached the floor. She took a sigh of relief and took her bicycle and rode it towards Virat’s house and when she arrived, she stopped and stepped down.

She went towards the side where there was his balcony. She smiled looking at the pipeline and climbed it carefully and reached upwards and jumped into her balcony. Virat was busy drinking and had her side towards her but he could make it that someone had broken into his house. She stood outside in the moonlight, somehow she knew he wasn’t in a good mood. He turned to the balcony and saw her silhouette. “Who’s it?” he asked and on hearing no reply, he stood up slowly approaching her. “I asked who’s it?” he asked and she gulped her saliva feeling a lump in her throat.

“Why are you standing quietly? Speak up, who are you?” he asked and when he fully approached her and saw that it was her, she stood pressing her back hard against the railing, he turned her back towards her still drinking from the glass in his hand and started leaving. She held his arm. “Virat,” she said but he made her leave him and walked further but she stood before him. “Why are you running away from me? I m the one you love,” she said and he held her shoulders.

“But I.. am not the one you love,” he said and walked past her and sat on the armchair and drank looking at her. She came to him and knelt beside him. “Now why are you sitting in my feet?” he asked. “Virat please tell what has happened? Today why you..?” she was cut in between. “Because I have to be selfish and think about myself too, if I keep spending night after night with you so I will be more attached to you and it will be difficult for me to get away from you, because I love you.”

“Virat, look yaar, who comes like this in middle of the night to console you when you’re alone? Only the ones who loves you come right? I can prove it right now,” she said and took the bottle of wine and drunk it fully. “Oye pagal, nikammi, what did you do?” he asked and she smiled. “Tere pyaar ne kar diya deewana,” she sung and he pulled her by her wrist and she ended up sitting in his lap and he held her waist. “Nice catch, baby,” she said and encircled her arms around his neck and leaned in for a kiss. He widened his eyes at her.

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