ArDeep Horror Ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot Returns (6~Fun And Drunk)

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After Tara and Virat spent their first lonely night together, the next day she woke up and smiled recalling last night. She touched the bandaged cut she made for him and smiled recalling how he bandaged it very carefully. She was very much lost in her own thoughts and didn’t realize she was smiling all the while. Alisha woke up and sat up yawning silently and looked at Tara who was awake and was smiling like a mad person. She smiled seeing her smile as for Alisha, seeing her smile was very rare for her. She stood up.

She approached Tara quietly and snapped her fingers in front of her face which startled her a little and she looked up at her still smiling. “You’re smiling and shying both at the same time?” Alisha asked raising her eyebrows and Tara looked away still smiling. Alisha bent to match her height with hers and creased her eyebrows and then sat beside her placing her elbow on her shoulder and smiled mischievously. “Let me guess, koi mil gaya?” Alisha asked pouting cutely and Tara shook her head still smiling and hid her face in her palms. “Shahrukh kissed you in dream?”

Tara moved her hands from her face and looked at her laughingly. “Shahrukh? Who Shahrukh?” Tara asked totally surprised. “Shahrukh Khan, your favorite actor, idiot,” Alisha said and smacked her head lightly and Tara acted more mischievous after that. “Yes he did, you know what he said? Haaye Tara, I like your smile alot and your lips as well, because they’re just like strawberry but I love your eyes because they resembles that of a black cat, ha ha! And then I was shocked but then he kissed me and ran shying away, he’s naughty even in my dreams,” Tara said lying perfectly.

“Aww ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!” Alisha broke out into a fits of laughter along with Tara but then she stopped and pulled her ear. “Aahhh, Alisha leave, what are you doing?” Tara asked. “I think you forgot I know you in and out and I can easily catch your lie, and you also forgot that I am two minutes elder to you, that makes me your elder sister, right?” Alisha asked faking anger. “Yes yes it does, Alishu di now leave my ear, please,” Tara pleaded making a very cute puppy face enough to melt her.

Alisha left her ear and then cupped her face making her look at her. “Hmm so little sister, what has happened? Tell na, I m your elder sister ok? You can’t hide anything from me,” Alisha again faked anger. “Ok ok,” Tara agreed and they laughed a little as Tara could also tell very easily that when she’s really angry and when she is faking it. “Di, when I couldn’t get sleep last night, I went online and saw Virat was online as well..,” Tara said and told her everything. “Di, I am feeling something different for him.”

“Something different, you mean to say love?” Alisha asked. Tara shrugged. “Maybe yes maybe no,” she replied. “Ok fine, but why you cut yourself? Why?” Alisha asked. “Sorry di,” Tara said holding her ears and Alisha pulled her for a hug and rubbed her back. “Fine, you won’t do it again ha baby,” Alisha warned. “I promise I won’t di,” Tara said and Alisha smiled. Now that she knew that Tara was mentally unstable since birth, she had to take care of her very much. Alisha kissed her hair and broke the hug. “You were awake till late night, so if you want to sleep, you can,” Alisha said and made her lay.

“Wow, sisters should be like you, phoolon ka taaron ka, sab ka kehna hai, ek hazaaron mein meri behna hain, I love you di,” Tara sung and kissed her cheek. Alisha smiled. “Naughty girl, love you too, chal so ja,” Alisha said and kissed her forehead and caressed her hair till she slept. Alisha stood in front of the small idle on the bedside table. “Hey Bhagwaan, please keep my Tara happy always,” she prayed and went to freshen up. Later at afternoon, Tara went to temple wearing a beautiful saree.

Virat was also there and they were adjacent to each other but still didn’t saw each other. They stood before the Bhagwaan’s idol together joining their palms. “Bhagwaan ji, I know there’s a lot of noise here, but I know you might be hearing me, this new feeling I m getting, I want it to grow as I also want to give the same love to Virat, because he also deserves love, and if he gets his first love, he will also be happy,” she said with closed eyes. “Bhagwaan ji, please never let Tara go away from me,” Virat prayed.

They both opened their eyes and when they were turning to go, they saw each other and immediately shared a hug. A shiver went down her spine as his hand touched her bare back, she closed her eyes feeling his touch. His other arm was wrapped around her waist which was also a little bare and she was feeling butterflies in her stomach. He broke the hug and she looked down still feeling butterflies. “You look beautiful in this saree, angel I say,” he said and took a strand of her hair and tucked it behind her ear while his other arm was still wrapped around her waist.

They kept looking in each other’s eyes while her hands rested on his chest and his free hand travelled down to her shoulder down to her arm and finally he grabbed her hand and was bringing it close to his lips, she looked at her hand and then at his lips, her eyes travelled back to his eyes. He unwrapped his arm from around her waist and grabbed her other hand as well and she just looked on totally confused on his antics. He kissed the back of her palms and she blushed moving her eyes away.

He left her hands and she again kept them on his chest and looked on as he slowly came close and pulled her in a tight embrace and she was taken aback at first but then she too hugged him back. Her chin rested on his shoulder and his chin on her head. He realized what he was doing and broke the hug. She too broke the hug. “Virat, tum aisay..,” she was cut in between as he started leaving holding her wrist pulling her along. She walked beside him.

“What happen Virat?” she asked as he kept pulling her and he sat on his bike and she too sat behind him. He rode towards her house and she got down. She walked away with slow steps but he held her hand and she looked back at her hand and then at him. “Take care Tara, be happy,” he said looking in front and left her hand but she held her hand and he looked at her. “What about you Virat? You aren’t happy and I can see that, you can fool the whole world but not me,” she said.

“Why? Do you love me?” he asked. “No but soon I will, trust me, I came to temple to ask for this only, that I also start loving you like you do,” she said and he took her hand in which his hand was gripped and kept it on his head. “Swear on me, if you are my true friend, you will never swear falsely on me,” he said and she nodded. “I swear on you,” she said and took back her hand and smiled and walked away.

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi
Kismat pe aaye na yakeen

Utar ayi jheel mein
Jaise chand utarta hai kabhi
Haule-haule dheere se

Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se
Taranum mein tum
Chhuke mujhe guzri ho yoon

Dekhun tumhein ya main sunu
Tum ho sukoon, tum ho junoon
Kyun pehle na aayi tum?

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi
Kismat pe aye na yakeen

Later at night, Tara was awake and was using her laptop switching on the bedside lamp and she signed into her Facebook account and saw that Virat wasn’t online, she sighed and sadly looked the other side. “Maybe he might be asleep,” she said to herself and closed the laptop.

She stood up from her bed and stood by the window and looked at the moon. “Chanda Mamu, look what problem I m going through, he asked for one lonely night together and I want to spend this one also with him,” she said to the moon like a child and her gaze went down and she saw Virat looking up at her. “Virat,” she said in excitement and ran out of her room and towards the door and got out and shut the door very slowly and ran downstairs till she reached the exit and hugged Virat. He hugged her back.

“Were you waiting for me?” he asked. “Yes I was,” she replied and they sat on his bike after they wore their helmets.  “Tara, thank God you aren’t dressed up in your pyjamas, as today we will spend our lonely night somewhere else,” he said and smiled. She placed her hands on his back and rested her head on his back. “Why?” she asked. “We would be bored in our house, there’s no one in our house,” he said and started riding. The rest of the ride was quiet and he stopped at a bar. “Virat, this bar?”

“So what? I m there with you,” he said and they stepped down and held hands and walked inside. “Let’s have a drink,” he said and went towards the counter and took their drinks and stood in a corner having their drinks. They were quiet all the time until Tara got fully drunk in just one glass,Virat didn’t because he was habitual of it. She came closer to him and stood on her toes. “Am I hot?” she asked. He looked a little shocked. “What?” he asked. “Tum pyaar nahi karogay mujhe vishwaas hogaya,” she said totally confusing him.

“Hain, what?” he asked. “Sorry, maine ulta bol diya, tum vishwaas nahi karogay mujhe pyaar hogaya,” she said and he giggled. “Who do you love?” he asked and she whispered, “you.” He laughed. “How did your wish got fulfilled so soon?” he asked. “Leave it, I want to go home,” she said. “Ok but no one would be awake in your house so let’s go to my house,” he said and she agreed. They walked outside and she was stumbling every now and then. He made her wear the helmet and then he wore it on his head and they sat on the bike.

“Look now you should hold me tightly as you aren’t in your senses and if you don’t then you will fall,” he said and she agreed and held him tightly. He rode off towards his house and stopped. He helped her get down and he too got down and he unlocked his house and then they went inside and closed the door and then he lifted her in his arms. He took her upstairs and laid her on the bed. She had fallen asleep in his arms and he admired her sleeping face. He took off her sandals and placed them on the floor.

He placed the duvet over her and started leaving but she held his hand. He looked back at her and held her hand between both his palms and placed it carefully on her stomach and smiled and he laid on the couch and slept admiring her. Next morning she woke up holding her head and looked at her surroundings and realized she was at Virat’s place. She saw he wasn’t on the bed beside her but on the couch. “So cute, he is so well mannered, his parents would be so proud of him.”

She got off the bed and her eyes were on him all the time. She took the duvet from the bed and went to him and placed it on him. She caressed his hair and kissed his forehead. She took a paper and wrote something on it and kept it on the bedside table and went from his house. He woke up after some hours and looked around but didn’t found Tara. He saw that she had went after placing the duvet over him. He smiled and stood up and saw a chit on the bedside table folded neatly.

It said, “you’ve won my heart from all your antics, the girl who will marry you will be the luckiest girl ever.” He smiled. “And I will make sure that this luckiest girl would be you, only you,” he said. Tara entered her house from the window waking up Alisha and seeing her awake she pressed her tongue in between her teeth. Alisha sat up and got down the bed and came to her. “Again a lonely night spent with Virat, I know you didn’t do all that you know, but.. I see you drunk last night,” Alisha said.

“Aray Alishu di, this was the first and last time, please don’t scold me,” Tara said pleading like a child holding her ears and Alisha laughed. “Ok ok fine, you sit, I will bring lemon for you,” she said laughingly. “Di I will also come with you,” Tara said and they went together. Alisha took the lemon and was about to cut it but the lemon rolled down the slab and Tara laughed. “Alishu di, you freshen up, I will do it, and our final exams are also coming near, we have to prepare, no? So you go,” Tara said and she went.

She cut the lemon in half and squeezed it in her mouth and when she had freshened up and had breakfast, she sat to study and both Virat and Mayank had come to their house for combine study and they were having a lot of fun, Tara wore glasses during studying. “Chashmish,” Virat whispered and she smiled. One week later when it was the final night for them to study for the first paper, they decided to stay up all night to study. But all of them were very tired and they were sleeping in weird positions.

They all woke up and got ready for college and had breakfast and went. They entered the college and sat for revision and sometime later the exam started and all sat on their respective places. Virat was in the row beside Tara’s row and they were adjacent to each other. In middle of the exam, Tara’s glasses fell and broke, she bent down to take it and tried fixing it but it didn’t fixed. Virat got an idea and snatched her answer sheet and gave her his answer sheet. “Just pretend to write on my paper, I will do it, don’t worry.”

The exam ended and Tara and Virat exchanged their answer sheets and they kept them on teacher’s desk and Virat and Tara got out of the classroom together. “Why did you do this for me? What if we would’ve got caught?” she asked. “So what, look all four of us get high ranks in every exam and this time we all would’ve got it and you wouldn’t have got it so you would’ve become sad, that’s why,” he said. “And what about you?” she asked as his half paper was left incomplete because of her. “Don’t worry, I won’t fail,I wrote enough.”

These antics of Virat were slowly attracting Tara towards him. She was unknowingly falling in love with him.

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