ArDeep Horror Ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot Returns (2~Counselling

When I was laying beside Aarohi, I saw a girl come inside and I was shocked as she could see me when no one could besides Aarohi. She strangled me, it was strange as I felt pain. Because when Aarohi strangled me I didn’t feel pain but when she did I felt so much pain I thought I will be finished right there. Only a soul can do that to other soul. I vanished when she did that and thought to return later from heaven. When I went there, I only sat by the waterfall listening to the water.

After a lot of time, Virat came to me and kissed my cheek and sat beside me. You see in heaven no one interferes in others work, everyone has their partners over there. “What are you thinking? What to do next?” he asked. “Nothing, I want a rebirth but being her twin and that ain’t possible,” I told him. “If you love her so much, why you don’t let her live her life?” he asked. “I just went to check on her, oh God, I feel like someone from earth wants to meet me, I will have to go Virat.”

“Come soon ha,” he said and I nodded. I vanished and appeared in Aarohi’s room. She was asleep. I looked around and saw Deepika was sitting near Deep’s side of bed on the floor. I went to her slowly as she had her back towards me, I palmed her eyes and she immediately recognized me, I moved my hands from her eyes and kept my hands on her shoulders and kissed both her cheeks from behind. She smiled at me. “Tara maasi, I want to ask for something, will you agree to whatever I say?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied.

I was sitting waiting for aunt Tara when suddenly my eyes were palmed and I recognized it to be her only and she kissed my cheeks. “Tara maasi, I want to ask for something, will you agree to whatever I say?” I asked. “Yes,” she replied. “Please go to where you belong, in heaven, you don’t belong here, you are dead, so stop troubling my mumma, please, I love you but today I want you to go away from all of us,” I said innocently and felt her grip loosen on me, she stood up and rolled her eyes.

I too stood up and looked up to her as she towered above me. “What happen maasi? Please go,” I said and she looked at me and bent down to match my height and held my shoulders. “Oh, so I should go, right?” she said and stood back rolling her eyes smiling slightly. “You know what Deepika? In your first birth, your father wasn’t your real father, but Virat uncle was your father, will you like to meet your ex-father if not your mother? Hmm? Speak up baby doll, will you do that or not?” she asked. I gasped and didn’t notice mumma had woken up.

I was woken up by Tara’s loud voice and saw Deepika talking to her. I got shocked as I heard Tara tell her the truth. I pushed the duvet and stood up and went near Deepika wrapping my arm around her. She looked up at me. “Mumma, is this the truth?” she asked and I kissed her forehead. “Beta, you know what? Your aunt Tara has gone mad that’s why saying rubbish things, you go outside and play, when two elders are talking so a child shouldn’t be standing there, go play.”

I saw Deepika rub away, I could sense her crying. I grasped Tara’s face angrily. “Don’t you understand? Why you keep coming back?” I asked and she pushed me. “Your daughter called me dear, and she said to go away when I decided to tell her the truth,” she said. “Oh so you’ve made me see a wrong past too,” I said. “I will tell everything about that,” she said and sat on the bed. “But please go for now,” I said and she pulled my hand and made me sit on bed. She pulled me in a tight hug.

I could feel my muscles tighten up and I started to fight back and finally succeeded. I saw Rashi on the door. Her presence has some magic. She stood there only signing me to be quiet. I looked at Tara. “Why you want to paralyze me? You want to kill me? OK do it,” I said and took both her hands and kept on my neck. “Kill me Tara, do it, I am a bad sister right? Do it, why you stopped now? Did you forget how I always took care of you? You forgot you were born mentally unstable?”

She took her hands away and looked away. “You loved Mayank, I made you marry him and died, you were unstable but I never let you feel it and took care of you, what do you want?” I said angrily. “Nothing,” she said and vanished. I ran outside to the garden and saw Deepika sitting on the swing in deep thoughts. I went to her and sat beside her. “Mumma, what was Tara maasi saying? Was it the truth?” she asked and I changed the topic. “Baby come inside, we will play video games, come na let’s go, cutie pie.”

I held her hand and she got down the swing and we went inside and played FIFA soccer game and many games and I always let her win to make her happy. “I love you mumma,” she said and kissed my cheek. “Mumma loves you too, and papa will take you for school admission tomorrow,” I told her. “Thank you,” she said and smiled. “Mumma I m going to play,” she told me and ran outside. Deep came to me. “Aarohi, I want to take you somewhere,” he said and I stood up to go with him. We walked outside and sat in the car.

He drove me somewhere and I saw it was a clinic. “Deep why you brought me here?” I asked. “You just come, it’s important,” he said and I saw that we were going to psychiatrist’s clinic. We went inside and greeted the doctor. She asked Deep to go outside and I remained inside. “I know your whole problem, so tell about your childhood of this birth,” she said and I smiled turning my face slightly.

[BG Song:
Mere seeney ki khala,
Jaise janamo ki bala,
Kyun na saason sey mitey,
Hai ye tanhaiyaan

Koi andha sa kuann,
Mere ander hai chupa,
Mujhe milti hii nahi.. Meri gehraiyaan…] (VikramBhatt Web Series… Gehraiyaan)

  1. AyeshaMuniya

    Who is Deepika in the show?

    1. Salley145

      Actually she isn’t in the show, I have taken her character from the serial Kasam… She plays the role of Natasha in Kasam n her real name is Shivika Rishi

    2. AyeshaMuniya

      How she is related to this ff?

    3. Salley145

      She is related..she plays the role of Aarohi and Deep’a daughter, everyone takes some child actress as the couple’s son or daughter even if they aren’t related to the ff

    4. AyeshaMuniya

      Ohk I didn’t know she was a child actress.

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