ArDeep Horror Ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot Returns (11~Photo Session)

Flashback Continues:

Morning arrived, now they both were sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms. He woke up after some time and saw her asleep and smiled getting her out of his arms. He was about to get up from the bed when she held his hand. “Tara, I m going to freshen up, to have a shower,” he said. “Together?” she asked and he laughed. “Naughty girl,” he said and lifted her in his arms and took her with him to the washroom. “Aray leave I was joking,” she said shaking her legs continuously and he put her down carefully.

“I just thought to drop you to your house,” he said and she nodded. “You take shower, I will take a nap till then,” she said, he nodded and went to take a shower and she threw herself on his bed and looked at his photo frame and took it. She clutched it close to her chest and drifted into deep slumber. He came out after sometime and saw the cutest scenario in front of him. She was laying on her stomach with the photo frame in front of her, she was smiling at it and caressing it again and again.

“Baby,” he said sitting next to her. “Hmmm?” she asked sleepily. “Did you want to sleep or admire my photo?” he asked. “Baby this photo is so cool, I love this one,” she said smilingly and turned on her back taking the photo frame in her hands and hugged it. He caressed her face. “Hmm, but I will give you better photo than this,” he said and she smiled and sat up. “Sachi?” she asked excitedly. “Muchi,” he said and she hugged him tightly. “We’ll click many photos in evening, right now, I should drop you at your house.”

He said and they got down the bed and got out of the house hand in hand. They sat on the bike together and he rode off from there. As they came to Tara’s house, she got down and kissed his cheek. “What about neighbors?” he asked. “Which neighbors? Which neighbors? Which society? The one who comes between us, we will finish him by our own hands,” she said and he smiled and they had a hug. She bid him bye and went to her house and she went upstairs and took her hairpin and unlocked the door and went straight to her room.

As she saw the scenario in her room, she stopped at the entrance. “Tara is spending time with Virat and has started loving him, that’s good that she’s over the little crush she had on Mayank earlier, but because of that, she’s spending every night over there, that’s not good at all Alisha, don’t let her go, don’t know what happens there,” she heard her mother Sushma said to Alisha and entered inside to clarify. “Mumma, we just talk all night that’s it, why do you think I will do such a thing? I am insane?”

“Beta you..,” she was cut in between by Alisha. “Mumma, I trust her, she won’t do anything like that, but Tara, go at day time only,” Alisha said. “Di just like you and Mayank, I can also have a love life, right now we’re friends, can’t friends spend time alone?” Tara asked. “Tara you can but what’s the need to be there the whole night?” Alisha asked. “He’s all alone,” I said. “But he can have meetings with you at day time, and he isn’t the one to call you, right? You go to him every night? Am I right?”

“Di please, fine I won’t be there till late night anymore,” she said crossing her fingers hiding them from her. Alisha stood up and gave her a tight hug, she too hugged her back. Later that day, in evening, Tara and Virat met somewhere in some garden with a camera man to click their photos together. “Tara smile,” he said pulling the sides of her lips upwards and smiled as the camera man clicked the photo. “Let’s hug each other for the pose,” he said and she wrapped her arms around his waist and he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. They smiled.

The camera man clicked another photo. “Now kissie,” he said and kissed her cheek with her blushing to the darkest shade of red. The camera man clicked the third picture. “Your turn,” he said and she kissed his cheek standing on her tip toes and he smiled. The camera man clicked the fourth picture. Now, Virat picked her in his arms and they just kept looking in each other’s eyes and the camera man clicked the fifth picture. Tara sat beside Virat’s leg and took his hand on her head, he laughed. “What’s this Tara?” he asked. She too laughed.

“Virat baba ki Jai,” she said and camera man clicked the sixth picture. She stood up and kept her arm on his shoulder, he folded her hands, the camera man adjusted the camera and clicked the pic. They ended their photo session and they paid him together. They walked for sometime and then sat down together. “Tara, you remember that the college farewell is day after today that’s Friday, so will you be my dance partner?” he asked. “Yes of course and why only dance? Now I m your partner everywhere,” she said and they smiled cheerfully.

They laid on the grass. “Virat, Alisha said not to stay at your house the whole night,” she said and pouted. “So what? She didn’t said to never meet at all, right? So what’s the problem? We’ll meet only at day time, I will adjust,” he said. “Sure?” she asked turning on her elbow. “Yes sure,” he said and she smiled. “Why don’t you shout on me for your right? Why?” she asked. “The ones who know their right, they don’t need to claim, I know what’s my right, so I won’t ever shout on you,” he said and kissed her forehead, they smiled at each other.

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