ArDeep Horror Ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot (Horrific Epilogue)

I was walking around our old house, the house which we burnt and we had left from there leaving it burning, I didn’t knew how I came here, I also left with them and boarded the flight. “Deep! Deepika! I m scared. Don’t joke with me, I know you’re around. You know I m scared of loneliness,” I said shouting loudly. I checked our room. I opened the cupboards and saw that there were no belongings left. I got tears in my eyes and ran to uncle and aunty’s room. There were no belongings of them as well. I ran.

I went to the balcony and saw someone with its back towards me. I assumed it to be Deep and ran to him. I kept my hand on his back and he turned to me and to my shock, he was Virat. He smiled and held my shoulders tightly. “What did you thought? We will let you go so easily? You have ruined my and Tara’s life and you wanted to go? Where will you go? And with who will you go? Now you can’t go anywhere, you’re trapped,” he said holding me so tight that my arms pained terribly.

“Virat it’s hurting,” I said in pain. “You think I care?” he asked and I tried to make him leave me but he pushed me on the floor. Someone held me from behind. I looked back and saw Tara. She held my arm and pulled me up. “Virat behave yourself, what’s this way of talking and making her fall?” Tara asked and I smiled as she cared about me and I hugged her. I had no idea that they both were together against me. “We should be more brutal with her, not even let her breathe,” Tara said laughing evilly.

I broke the hug in a shock. They dragged me back in the house and I kept struggling. They both pushed me on the floor. Tara pulled me up in the air. “Tara no, please,” I begged and she left me to fall on the floor. I yelped in pain. She again pulled me in the air and threw me with a force on the couch. She came to me and grasped my face. “Last time I made you sleep but this time I will paralyze you, baby,” she said and she touched my face, I felt my muscles begin to tighten.

I couldn’t move my face except for my eyes, then my neck too got paralyzed. Slowly my whole body tightened up and she laughed evilly. “Virat, now that she’s paralyzed, what to do of her? Should we kill her or leave her helpless like this?” Tara asked Virat eyeing Aarohi. “No no, we shouldn’t leave her helpless, she is my friend and your sister after all, she won’t be able to live becoming a living dead, we should take her with us to heaven, kill her in a peaceful way,” Virat said and came to me and Tara too came.

They made me sit up while I was falling again and again. They pulled my feet to the floor and made me stand and held me from both sides and they both walked further while my feet were just dragged on the floor, my head was on Virat’s bicep and as they turned to go in my room, my head fell on Tara’s shoulder and I lifted my eyes to look at her, she had no pity for me at the moment. They dragged me to the washroom and laid me in the bathtub, I knew what’s coming next.

They both turned on the faucets and I looked at them hoping that they will make me fine feeling pity but they stood there waiting for me to drown. Slowly the water reached my nose, I breathed heavily gasping for breathe forming bubbles in the water. Tara came to me and smiled caressing my hair. “Bas.. Bas.. Just some time more and you will come with us, to our world,” Tara said and I looked at her in disgust and suddenly I had no space of air in my lungs to breathe and so I felt everything blacking out.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was in the middle of the sky and my legs were hanging, I felt my hands were held by Tara and Virat, I was continuously struggling to make them leave me and an aeroplane passed from below us and I got successful in making them leave me and screamed as I was falling down and suddenly I woke up and saw that I was in the aeroplane only and that this was just a horrible dream. “Aarohi, you OK?” Deep asked and I nodded smilingly. “Was I screaming in my sleep?” I asked.

“No, you weren’t asleep, I saw you were drowning yourself in the bathtub here in aeroplane,” he told me and I got shocked. I recalled I went to washroom and then when I opened the door, instead of being in washroom, I saw that I was back to the house we left to burn and that whatever happened wasn’t a mere dream but reality. They had really tried to drown me and then tried taking me to heaven but when I (my soul) fell from the sky, it fell and took over my body, Deep must’ve brought me here pumping out water from me.

The aeroplane that passed from below us was the same aeroplane we have boarded to fly back to Mumbai. I looked out of the window and what I saw shook me to the core, Virat and Tara were there with their faces stuck on the window, they stared at me angrily, I was right, she will follow me everywhere. I passed out within sometime. I woke up by someone shaking me gently and saw that it was Deep. “Plane has landed,” he told me and we stood up. We took our suitcases and got down the plane.

We hired a taxi as we were out of the airport and sat inside. I felt a presence behind me and looked back but no one was there. I can still feel her around me. We arrived at our home sweet home and got down the car and went inside, for the time being, we kept the suitcases unpacked and laid to fall asleep. But on a serious note, I m really afraid to call asleep now. I just laid and sleep was far away from my eyes, I was feeling someone’s breathe close to me as I slept facing the wall.

I turned slowly on my back and there was a girl laying between me and Deep, she was of my age. She turned her head to me and her eyes were fully white. I sat up all of a sudden. “Past never leaves you, the more you run from it, the more it follows you, and your ghost of past which is me will always haunt you, Atheet ko tum baar baar yaad karogi lekin kuchh badal na paogi, meri aatma tumhe humesha sataegi, lekin tum kuchh na kar paogi, tum sab kuchh dekhogi, par kisi or ko dikha na paogi,” said the girl. “Tara?” Aarohi said in a shock widening her eyes.

The End.

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