ArDeep Horror Ff: Atheet Ka Bhoot (27~Finally An Angel)

‘You do not worry, I will free her body. I will find out who is doing all this,’ I said and went from there to my house. The whole time, the story of Maya kept on repeating in my mind again and again, it was night and I went to sleep, I woke up and saw that it was 12 am and it was time to go to terrace and meet Virat. I went there with slow steps and a racing heart. I saw him standing with his back towards me. I called his name softly.

He turned around. ‘What happen Virat? You are still on the earth when Tara has returned to you? Don’t tell me her obsession with Deep is awakened all over again,’ I said. ‘Tara never came to me even after I warned her that day,’ he said and I gasped. ‘She never came to you? What do you mean? Why are you both after us? Leave us alone and stop playing these dirty games,’ I said and turned to go but he held my arm and I turned and looked at my arm and then at him. ‘What now?’ I asked.

‘No Alisha, I mean Aarohi, you are not understanding, I am not joking,’ he said. ‘No Virat, you are also with her in her dirty games, you blo*dy loved her so she is trapping you, she was born like this but why are you becoming like her? For God’s sake Virat, I love Deep, I will not leave him, you know what? I thought that my brain cancer was God’s sign of bringing Deep and Tara together, I made them marry each other to make her happy, I shouldn’t have done that, I should have died in his arms happily.’

‘It was not your fault, more than Deep, you of course loved Tara, for her you did that, after death I could meet her and be with her but again she left me, not lying Aarohi. Be careful, that sister in law of yours was telling you that whatever is hidden from you will be revealed to you, so I revealed it, and she also told you that whatever or whoever you have lost will return to you, the most important thing you lost was Tara right?’ he asked and I nodded. ‘She has returned, be careful Aarohi,’ he said and vanished.

I went back to my room and sat on the bed cryingly. ‘Tara, I really loved you, if I never had brain cancer, I wouldn’t have made you marry Deep, nor let you be away from Virat,’ I said cryingly and laid down to sleep. I woke up taped to the wall, the cello tapes completely covered my body excluding my neck, face, hands and feet, my mouth was also covered by it. I struggled to speak but only muffled voices came out. I looked at my surroundings and realized it as Maya’s house, she appeared in front of me all of a sudden.

She came to me slowly and smilingly and untaped my mouth. ‘Aarohi, aww, I feel sad to do all this to you, now that you know my truth, tata bye, you will have to go to the same place where I should’ve gone long ago, tera Mujhse Hai pehle Ka naata koi, yoon hi nahi dil lubhaata koi, jaane tu ya jaane Na, maane tu ya maane na,‘ she sung and placed the knife on my neck. ‘Who are you? You aren’t Maya, are you? Then who are you?’ I asked with shivering voice. ‘Who do you think?’

I was sweating a lot, I just hoped Deep will come and save me but he didn’t come. ‘I will show you,’ she said and she closed her eyes and when she opened them they were blood red and suddenly they turned to pure white. I woke up with a jolt and screamed loudly. Deep woke up switching on the light and calmed me. ‘What happen?’ He asked and I got scared as he came close to me. ‘Ugh, Maya,’ I said in fear. ‘Relax, she’s not here, why are you scared of her by the way?’ he asked laughing at my fear suddenly.

‘Shut up! You’re laughing at me? Oh sorry I forgot she is your new love interest and if I say anything about her then you will feel bad,’ I said turning away my face. ‘It is nothing like that,’ he said. ‘Yes it is, she was trying to kill me in my dream, her eyes, blood red and then pure white,’ I said still shivering. ‘She can never kill you,’ he said. ‘Why? Defending her? Oh yeah you don’t believe me,’ I said looked down. ‘Do you have something else to tell me?’ he asked me.

‘Maya is one from the undead, that day when glass went inside her hands, no blood at all came out, she told a scary poem to Deepika to scare her, she told me she doesn’t need you to call at her house as you live in her heart, I met Virat today, he said that Tara never returned to him, what if Tara has possessed Maya’s body?’ I said. ‘And what if Virat and Tara are together in all this?’ Deep asked. ‘Why would Virat come to warn me then? I met Maya’s husband Arjun also today only,’ I said.

‘Let’s just sleep for now and then discuss all this tomorrow,’ he said and we laid down to sleep again. Next day, I went to drop Deepika at school and I saw a lady come to me. ‘Hi, I am Rashi, I know everything about your problem, I have come to help you, heaven sent me down, yoon samjho, light ne mujhe bheja hai tumhari life se darkness hatanay k liye,’ she told me and smiled. I smiled back at her. ‘Can you really help me?’ I asked. ‘Yes I can, let’s go at your place and talk,’ she said.

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  1. Priyu

    I hope this story will get revealed soon. So interesting. ? I would love to read the next part sooner. ?

  2. Nice episode dear?

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